Eleventh Hour: CBS Cancels Paranormal TV Show, No Season Two

Eleventh HourTime has run out for CBS’ science-based drama. Based on a British series of the same name, the network has cancelled Eleventh Hour after 18 episodes.

Eleventh Hour revolves around a team of scientists and FBI agents who work to solve strange crimes that involve science and possible paranormal activity. The drama stars Rufus Sewell, Marley Shelton, and Omar B. Miller.

Debuting on October 9, 2008, the show started out with an audience of 11.37 million viewers and a 3.2/9 rating/share of the 18-49 demographic. The season ended up averaging about 12 million. While that looks fine on its own, the series consistently lost a large percentage of its CSI lead-in.

The show’s been “on the bubble” for awhile and now, the network has decided to cancel it. All of the show’s episodes have aired and there’s been no word on a DVD release.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Maggie says

    I really loved Eleventh Hour so much I bought the series. I’m not sure but I think one of the reasons it was cancelled was because of all the “too close to the truth” that Dr. Hood said in his theories and maybe the public didn’t really want to know that some colors came from bugs in some foreign land or that some organic foods are really not safe to eat as much as we think.

  2. says

    I enjoyed this show and I hated that CBS canceled it.
    This show had intersting characters, the scientist team with the FBI agent.
    solving paranormal crimes.
    Pease CBS. bring this show back.

  3. Eli says

    The science was a little bit cheesy, but I loved the way Dr. Hood explained the scientific processes to ordinary people. Have to say I learned a lot from his examples and methods of teaching.

  4. Marius says

    I was watching it now in 2013 because i didn’t know about the show but i really really liked it and i must say that it was one of the best and it’s very sad that they canceled it . Shame , all good things come to an end quick ! :(

  5. APRIL says


  6. Kiran says

    I absolutely adored this show; it’s such a shame it’s been cancelled. People who want to watch quality TV are deprived of it which seems almost unbearable but that’s life I guess. SO NOT FAIR!

  7. Morris says

    I was really upset to see Eleventh Hour cancel, both CSI and Eleventh Hour were my shows that I ALWAYS recorded. I was a huge fan of both, I wish they would re-consider.

  8. scorpgal says

    This was the best new show of the 2008 – 2009 season! It wasn’t just a new show – it was a new genre, more science fact than science fiction. They turned the crime procedural upside down, by investigating crimes of a scientific nature, rather than using science to investigate everyday crimes.
    This was probably the lesson of the century when it comes to relying on a lead-in timeslot for promotion. They just stuck it on after CSI and never really did anything to promote the show. Millions of viewers were lost because it didn’t occur to CBS that Eleventh Hour might appeal to a different audience than CSI, an audience that was never made aware of the show.
    Of course, CBS found plenty of money to promote NCIS Los Angeles, so I suppose they did learn their lesson about not relying on a lead-in. Too bad it’s an action show masquerading as a crime procedural maquerading as a decent spinoff.

  9. Jean says

    Why do they cancel the shows where you are required to use your brain and actually have something to think about instead of mindless rubbish such as Big Brother and those endless reality tv shows? This was one of mine and my family’s favourite shows and I’m devastated that there won’t be any more.

  10. Kristin says

    I LOVED this show. I thought it was very well put together. The characters and plots kept me wanting more. I was excited to see how the relationship between the two main characters would grow…This was probably my favorite show…I can’t believe it was cancelled!!!

  11. Killergirll says

    Well, it was a real good show… I get angry because it’s not the first time a good show – one that makes you use your brain instead of reviving high school dramas – is canceled… What is wrong with the producers/networks????
    Someone please saver the good shows!!!

  12. becky says

    I really miss Eleventh Hour and was very shocked that it did not come back! It was a breadth of fresh air! All of the CSI shows are yesterdays news … they have run their course and gone dry for me! I hope some network picks up Eleventh Hour!

  13. Danny Crawley says

    Agree with above, this was quite a good show. One of the few that made you think. Is that the problem, most people don’t want to think, they just want more flash and glitter that panders to the insatiable hedonism of our culture? “We don’t need no stinkin’ brain, give us more Cougar Town and 90210!”

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