Fringe: A Recap of the Last Episode, “An Enemy of Fate”

Fringe last episodeTonight, FOX aired the 100th and final episode of Fringe, titled, “An Enemy of Fate.” It was written and directed by executive producer J. H. Wyman. Here’s what happened:

September goes to the home of one of his old Observer friends, December, and asks for help. He has the initiating reactor, the device needed to start the wormhole. The plan is to reset time.

Broyles calls Olivia to tell her that he’s stopped at his office to get some things but the Observers catch on. On his way to meet the team, he realizes he’s being followed and calls Olivia to tell her that, once caught, he’ll keep their location a secret as long as he can. She wants to help him but he hangs up.

The team starts clearing out the lab of what they need. Peter finds the tape that Walter had made for him in 2015 and comes clean about his plan, what he knows he must do — that he will take Michael to the future where they’ll have to stay.

Fringe last episodeWalter tells Peter that he must do this so that he and Olivia can have their future and daughter, Etta. They embrace and Walter tearfully tells his son that, “You are my favorite thing, Pete. My very favorite thing.”

Olivia and Astrid discover that the Observers have killed December and have taken the initiating reactor. The Observers know the plan and now, the team doesn’t have a way to trigger the wormhole.

Back at the lab, Olivia asks Michael for help and Astrid suggests they could use a shipping lane instead. Walter calls her a genius and they figure out that the next shipment will be in the morning.

As they finish up and begin the final stages of their mission, Astrid shows Walter “Gene the cow” in the amber and they share a moment. As she leaves, he tells her that Astrid is a beautiful name.

Fringe series finalePeter tells Olivia that they will see their daughter again soon and the two embrace. September tells Walter that he has used the extra viol of serum and plans to take Michael to the future instead. Walter ultimately understands and agrees.

Broyles has been captured and is being tortured by Windmark. In the same building, Olivia and Peter don gas masks and release the bio-hazardous material that causes bugs to grow in humans into the building’s air system. It’s not long before the building is thrown into chaos and people are bursting and dying left and right.

Olivia and Peter get the device they need to utilize the shipping lane and happen to find Broyles and rescue him too. As they give him a gas mask, Peter quips, “You don’t know how lucky you are that this room has no ventilation.”

The team gathers to attack the time travel shipment and there’s a lot of bullets. The wormhole is created and Windmark appears and tries to snatch Michael. Peter stops him and then gets his butt kicked. Olivia and Astrid come to the rescue and Windmark is ultimately crushed between two vehicles.

Fringe last episodeSeptember and Michael run to the wormhole but September is hit by a stray bullet and dies. Walter takes Michael by the hand and they enter the wormhole as the others look on with tears in their eyes.

Everything goes white and we see Olivia and Peter in the park on a warm sunny day in 2015. It’s the day that the Observers originally invaded but they don’t come this time. Young Eta is there with her parents, playing and giggling. It’s clear they are a very happy family without a care in the world.

They go to their home and Peter finds a piece of mail addressed to him from Cambridge, MA. Inside, he finds a simple drawing of a white tulip (sent by Walter before he disappeared to the future). Peter stares at it and then smiles.

The screen fades to black. End of series.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the series finale of Fringe? Was it a fitting ending? What were your favorite or least favorite moments?

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  1. Isaura says

    I wish the show did not have to end, but I am very very very happy it had a final episode. And what an ending. Thank you FOX for not leaving us hanging.

    One of my favorite scenes was not from the final episode, but from The Boy Must Live. Where the observer is in September’s apartment. That whole scene reminds me of Equilibrium. Maybe they did it on purpose.

    I will miss Fringe.

  2. Why Watch says

    I was fearful of another ‘Lost’ conclusion, but that was not to be. The final ending was very touching – and while I knew there was a letter waiting for Peter since Walter alluded to it on the tape, I did not know what it would contain. Words couldn’t have said it better. I will miss Walter, Astrid and the crew. But they are not gone, having obtained the DVDs, I can watch them all again.

  3. arocketsa says

    It was one of the best finales ever and was one of my favorite shows definateky Fox’s best! Only 100 shows they were getting better what a shame it has to end!

  4. David Jones says

    Sorry to see the last episode. The good shows fold after a few seasons. The crap shows hang around forever. I hope Anna Torv gets another show. I will miss that gorgeous ponytail!

  5. says

    I was really afraid that we were in for another attempt at a deep ending, but failing, somewhat miserably, like “LOST”. I was very, very pleased with the ending, with the tulip just taking it over the edge, from a great ending to an ending that was fittingly emotional. Bravo to the writers for taking “Fringe” – a fantastic series, it was – out in a classy, easy-to-follow-yet-not-so-cliché ending. I will miss the series, but at least we were given a beautifully wonderful finale.

    • Kozman says

      That was a different time line. Peter was never saved in this time line, he just re-appeared after the observers deleted him and reset the time line the first time.

      • Anonymous says

        thank you for that, i had the same thoughts that peter would of never existed but forgot that the time line was reset in the first place where peter was never from that time line in the first place

  6. ToneUK78 says

    What a awesome end to a fantastic TV show, Bravo to everyone involved.
    It didn’t fade out like most shows do, but went with a fantastic bang!

  7. Nosgoth1979 says

    What a way to finish off the series! I just don’t think any of us fans could have asked for much more. And that last shot of the white tulip drawing… I just watched it last night and I’m already looking forward to watching it again.

  8. Jon says

    What an awesome last episode. This show was one of my favorites on TV, and I’m going to miss it. I wish it wasn’t over, but all good things come to an end.

  9. chasingveronica says

    …”likely sent by Walter”? The envelope was from Walter and the tulip was explained in last week’s episode.

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