Fringe: FOX TV Series Renewed for Season Three

FringeFans of the sci-fi drama Fringe can relax. Despite struggling on Thursday nights, the FOX series has been renewed for a third season.

Fringe follows a unique team that investigates unexplained and often horrific occurrences around the world. Performers include Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown, Mark Valley, Michael Cerveris, and Kirk Acevedo.

The series has been struggling since the move to Thursday nights. It’s averaged a 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 6.58 million viewers.

Though that’s an admirable performance when considering the competitive timeslot, a renewal from FOX wasn’t a sure thing. The third season order surely comes as a relief to the Fringe cast and crew that they’ll indeed be back next season for 22 episodes. The remainder of season two will start running on April 1st.

Are you glad that Fringe has been renewed?

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What about the rest of FOX’s shows? Dollhouse and Past Life are cancelled and gone already. American Dad, Bones, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, Glee, Hell’s Kitchen, The Simpsons, and So You Think You Can Dance have already been renewed. Now that Fringe has gotten a new season order, there are eight FOX series whose fate is still unknown.

American Idol and House are guaranteed pickups. Things are still up in the air however for 24, Human Target, Kitchen Nightmares, and Lie to Me.

Brothers is assumed to be cancelled. If ‘Til Death returns it will only be because either FOX has leftover episodes or the studio has once again made a great deal to keep making episodes for the syndication package.

What do you think? Are you glad that Fringe will be returning next season? Surprised?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Rina says

    I am so relieved that this show will continue, I am glued to the tv when its on, the stories are absolutely incredible written, the actors are fantastic. Also, at the end of the show, I am just asking for more more more.

    Keep up the good work, its a fantastic show, please dont can it. Believe me you have millions of fans out there in the world.


  2. Tom says

    While we were glad to hear the third season was renewed, now that its started, we’re very disappointed this seasons direction. We miss the unique stories each week and miss the humor in the show. It’s become too dark (as of October 2010) and uninteresting. The writers have completely strayed from the winning formula that made Fringe the best SciFi on TV. After 3 episodes, my wife and I are nearly ready to drop it as there are so many other great shows on.

  3. Bill says

    Not Since X-Files, have I or my wife waited in anticipation for the next episode to see what happens. Those were the days! Now, this is easily one of the best series shows out there. A 3rd season is pretty much a no-brainer. FOX is right in keeping this show going.

    Hey, why not see if Chris Carter will get involved……NO SERIOUSLY why not!

  4. says

    This is the only sci-fi show that my wife doesn’t just put up with but asks about — as in— is it back yet? When does it start again? etc. The new method of showing 8 episodes of a show and then waiting 44 weeks, show 8 more and ask…”Why doesn’t it seem to develop an audience” makes as much sense as serving beer with an eye dropper and wondering why the frat boys don’t come to your bar. DUH – UM with a capital DUH

  5. Catherine says

    Yes, I’m glad that FOX picked up Fringe for season 3. I just got engrossed in the show this past April (2010). Before then, I just caught an episode here or there when I was channel surfing. Waiting eagerly now for Thursday, September 23, at 9 pm. on FOX.

  6. Gerard says

    Fringe is one of my favorite shows, and I want it to go on for as long as the writers can keep my attention. So please, your job is on the line here , keep on doing the great job that you do, and I promise to keep watching.

  7. says

    To Whom,
    Thank you and would you please let me know when I can purchase the Second Season of Fringe?. I have the First Season , I enjoy this program and I am very happy you have decided to give us the Third Season.

    C. E. Hawk

  8. SJVA says

    Yes!!! I’m so glad that they are keeping Fringe! It’s my favorite show and it would have broken my heart to have this canceled.
    Thanks FOX, you did a good thing!

  9. Chris says

    Hands down the BEST show currently on TV. Thanks to all us loyal supporters. Congrats to FOX for a NO BRAINER decision, and to it’s great cast, writers(J.J. Abrams), and crew. All the Fringe fans love you all. Keep up the FANTASTIC work! Back on in 3 weeks, 4/1.

  10. says

    I’m thrilled that Fringe is coming back! As a sci-fi geek I love the attention to detail this show has, and the way it has embraced some of the more exotic laws of physics really tickles my geek bone! Lastly, I think John Noble an amazing actor! His portrayal of Walter Bishop, in my opinion, is definitely Emmy worthy!!!

  11. TheEndBegins says

    I’m glad that Fringe was given a Third Season, on the poll above I voted “Yes, Absolutely” which is currently at 87% so I can’t believe this show was even considered for the C word.

  12. OrangeCrush says

    This was a given! Fringe is hands down the best sci-fi show on all of TV and like Lost, Fringe has been able to pull in a significant number of viewers that usually don’t watch Sci-Fi. I absolutely love this show so I am definitely glad it will be around for another season especially when you consider the fact that we should be getting into really juicy territory with this show just as season 2 will be ending. Could you imagine this show being canceled before the war actually started. In regards to story and timing, it would have been hands down one of the most disappointing cancellations ever. Thankfully that wont be happening.

    Now only if they would stop with all of these mid season breaks. What happened to just letting a season of TV air without a huge break in the middle. 24 is one of the only shows left that airs from beginning to end without some 2 month hiatus thrown in.

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