GCB: Is the New TV Show Worth Watching?

GCB TV showWell, Pan Am is gone (and likely cancelled) so ABC is trying another series at 10pm, GCB. It’s the newest TV show that’s co-produced by Darren Star, the man best known for creating Melrose Place, Sex and the City, and Beverly Hills, 90210. Will this show find success like those or not last as long as Pan Am did?

GCB follows a former high-school “Queen Bitch” (Leslie Bibb) named Amanda Vaughn. She’s become a widow with two children and she returns to Plano, Texas. Once back in her old hometown, Amanda comes face to face with the former schoolmates that she used to mock. Other castmembers include Jennifer Aspen, Marisol Nichols, Miriam Shor, David James Elliott, Mark Deklin, Brad Beyer, Annie Potts, and Kristin Chenoweth.

Is GCB worth watching? Well, here’s what some of the critics think:

Boston Herald: “The comedy is broad, though some Christians will be offended that so many here are depicted as hypocrites. But the March 11 episode, ‘Hell Hath No Fury,’ squanders the show’s promise with a story about high school bullying, the generation gap and how daughters repeat their mother’s mistakes or not. Oh, there’s hugging. And life lessons learned. Ugh. Please, not on a Sunday night. Makes me want to watch a marathon of Starz’ bloody Spartacus: Vengeance On Demand to wash the treacle out of my eyes. If GCB wants to soar to heavenly numbers, it better let the devil out to play.”

LA Times: “ABC has been touting its new comedy GCB as a cross between Steel Magnolias and Desperate Housewives. While it does have Steel Magnolia screenwriter Robert Harling as its creator, we regret to inform you that GCB owes more to the Real Housewives than it does the desperate ones.”

SF Chronicle: “The trouble is that GCB may be someone’s idea of Christian but it’s not really good – just so-so – and one reason it’s not good is that it’s not really very bitchy – just annoying… GCB will follow Desperate Housewives for now, which potentially gives it a nice ratings boost as it tries to get off the ground. On the other hand, the show’s scheduling proximity will draw inevitable comparisons to Housewives and, truth to tell, Wisteria Lane beats bougainvillea every time.”

Boston Globe: “The pilot is well sketched out, but low on laughs… If there is a way to deepen these character sketches, add some warmth, and perfect the balance of comic inanity, humanity, and Christianity, then there’s some hope for GCB. Right now these women just seem mean. And while that may hew to ‘reality’ for churchgoers who recognize these types from a few pews back, it’s not much fun – good, Christian or otherwise.”

NY Daily News: “ABC has invoked both those things in hyping GCB. Now it must slide them both aside. The Christian ‘issue’ should fade, soon, since nothing in the show mocks religion — just religious people with feet of clay. Ironically, the characters here spend more time in church than characters on any dozen other prime-time shows combined.”

Salt Lake Tribune: “Recently, Entertainment Tonight referred to ABC’s GCB as a show that ‘makes fun of religion.’ But that’s not true. The soap/comedy/drama makes fun of people who don’t live their faith. And there’s a big difference… GCB is hilarious and over-the-top, while at the same time reflecting the real world of the rich and often self-righteous. And those people go to church.”

What do you think? Do you think GCB is worth watching? If you’ve watched the first episode, will you be back for more?

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  1. says

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before ending I am reading this impressive piece of writing to increase my experience.

  2. Linda says

    Loved this show! the biggest hypocrits are the one s that are in the pews every sunday! So funny that this show hit that right on! Yes it made fun of Christians, but if you cannot laugh at yourself – then you need to reassess your live – if you are too serious you are not very christian in the true sense. Very sad that the network cannot think outside the box

  3. terri says

    family guy has broke every moral rule in the world insulted every race religion person living and dead but it is a number one show. GCB takes on what really goes on behind the scenes in a good old church and its taboo, the people who are allowed to rate shows need to stick to one guide line for all shows. Its on late and if it offends you change the channel and watch the 700 club instead.I am a christian but people you need to lighten up and put on some big girls panties.This show is funny witty silly and an escape from a hard day of work kids, tragic news,killings ect. Please bring my show back!!!!This is why there are a choice of hundreds of differant shows unlike the 50s when we got 2 channels 3 if your little brother stood in the right place with his arms held high.So some of us like having differant choices, nobody removes what offends me such as teens doing drugs and hooking on street corners and serial killers that make movies and write books and make more money than the average person. Just my feelings .

  4. April Starr says

    My family Loved the show, we laughed together from start to finish. Its the Only Show that had us all together laughing, and waiting for the next one…………..The cast “Super Great!”! I work alot and do not care to take time away from my family to watch the assorted crap tv has to offer… GCB got my attention! I did not have to take away from my family as we were together enjoying good humor, great cast and laughing. Cancelling the show? WHY???

  5. Marianna says

    My husband & I never laughed so hard. Don’t care what day of the week. The Salt Lake Tribune got it right. GCB is over-the-top – not about religion – but about the people who are self-righteous. They don’t have to be rich, either. We’re not going to be happy if the show is cancelled. Probably a little too Texan conservative for ABC.

  6. Frances says

    I am a conservative christian and I love this show. Maybe those who find it offensive should look at the fun side of the show. I know of churches just like the one in the show and I love the way they bring out the “fake bake” christians lives and attitudes with laughter and fun!!! ABC IS MAKING A BIG MISTAKE TAKING IT OFF THE AIR!

  7. Tabatha Mercer Scherrer says


  8. Tammie Anderson says

    Im from Texas and that show was spot on. The problem is they can’t laugh at themselves. I thought the show was wonderful it was my desperate housewives Replacement, now what to do. People need to learn to quit being so serious about shows on TV for God sakes. I am a good Christian ***** and I can tell you the show was awesome.
    That was why I moved out of Texas there is no sense of humor!!!

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