Glory Daze

Glory DazeNetwork: TBS
Episodes: 10 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: November 16, 2010 — January 18, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Kelly Blatz, Julianna Guill, Callard Harris, Matt Bush, Drew Seeley, Hartley Sawyer, Callard Harris, Julianna Guill, Hartley Sawyer, James Earl, Tim Jo, Chris D’Elia, Josh Brener, and Tim Meadows.

glory daze past TV show

TV show description:
Set in the 1980s, this sitcom follows the misadventures of four awkward freshmen who navigate through college life, trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be.

Joel Harrington (Kelly Blatz) is is a typical guy next door and is as handsome and clean-cut as they come. He’s determined to focus on his pre-med studies, but fraternity life and a crush on class beauty Christie (Julianna Guill) threatens to derail his plans. Burdened by Catholic guilt and always known for doing what his parents want him to do, Joel is starting to find his own path.

Reno (Callard Harris) is the quintessential fraternity guy. His focus is less on his studies and more on keeping the party alive at the Omega Sig house. The first one to greet the freshmen pledges, he loves welcoming newcomers into his fold and serves as Joel’s guide through the fraternity experience. But life for Reno isn’t always as carefree as it seems.

Eli Feldman (Matt Bush) is a Jewish freshman who sees college as the perfect opportunity to reinvent himself. He boasts as if he’s a big-time ladies man, but truth be told, he’s still a virgin. Despite his raging hormones and a penchant for getting caught in compromising positions, Eli has an endearing personality that quickly wins people over.

Jason Wilson (Drew Seeley) is a rich, buttoned-downed conservative who idolizes Ronald Reagan almost as much as he idolizes his preppy girlfriend. At first, Jason plans to pledge the fraternity to which his father belonged, a fraternity that produced six U.S. Senators. But, for the sake of his friendship with the other guys, he decides to give Omega Sig a try.

Brian Sommers (Hartley Sawyer) is a handsome baseball player trying to live up to the legacy of his father, who played the game professionally. Unlike his teammates, Brian doesn’t allow his life to revolve around baseball. Even though he’s attending college on a baseball scholarship, his heart isn’t always in the game. Brian is a loyal friend who defies the stereotypical jock image.

Christie DeWitt (Julianna Guill) is the beautiful, blonde object of Joel’s affection, not to mention the affection of every other guy on campus. Unfortunately for Joel, her boyfriend is the Omega Sig president. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy spending time with him as a friend.

Tom “Turbo” Turley (James Earl) is a large, imposing figure who acts as the pledge drill sergeant. Whether barking orders or introducing newbies to the chugging machine known as “The Beast,” he is a force to be reckoned with. But he’s also a really nice guy with a wonderfully jovial sense of humor.

Chang (Tim Jo) is Eli’s roommate. He doesn’t want to be the stereotypical brainy student and is more interested in partying than studying. Chang reluctantly follows his father’s wishes that he check out the Asian fraternity, but he’d really rather hang out with his friends instead.

Stankowski (Chris D’Elia) is Omega Sig’s perpetual student. Known as The Oracle, he has been a resident of the fraternity house for more than 10 years, which he says feels like 30,000 years… or sometimes just a moment. His room has a constant haze because of the numerous water pipes in use (including one made out of a mannequin’s leg). It is from here that he expounds on the meaning of life and provides bits of wisdom to the younger brothers.

Zack Miller (Josh Brener) is Joel’s roommate. They were supposedly matched through a personality profile. In fact, the two couldn’t be more different, even though Zack is convinced they are exactly alike. A socially inept nudnik, Zack sleeps with a whistle and tin-foil sword, builds volcanoes out of mashed potatoes and fogs up the dorm room with athlete’s foot spray.

Professor Haines (Tim Meadows) is an ultra-liberal professor with a chip on his shoulder and a streak of paranoia about the military-industrial complex. He frequently veers off topic during his lectures, using every opportunity he can to deliver a soapbox rant. He never hesitates to take a verbal jab at his students. Currently going through a messy divorce, Professor Haines is not very good with the ladies.

Series Finale:     
Episode 10 — Some Like It Hot Tub
The Omega Sigs host a hot tub party at the house. Christie begins to question her feelings for Joel who feels the same way. Jason feels inadequate when Julie has her first real orgasm while sitting on top of a laundry machine. Professor Haines and Brother Jerrold form an unlikely friendship.
First aired: January 18, 2011.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jim Vouzas says

    Please don’t cancel the show,… Seriously The Way you guys do Ratings sucks & is incorrect & does not give a accurate description of the ratings the show gets or its popularity,…
    Jump online and go on any torrent site and you’ll see 1,000’s of people downloading or streaming the shows,… & it’s like that on every site,… 1,000’s of sites with 1,000’s of people downloading or streaming,… So you really need to update the way you use your technology to get more accurate ratings on shows,…
    You guys keep canceling extremely popular shows without a clue on their popularity,… You put shows on long breaks and then wonder why ppl loose interest or stop watching,…
    This is the reason why most ppl grab whole seasons and watch them right through,… or like myself download each ep live from the usa each week,…
    I hope this helps you understand and perhaps look to better more precise methods in determining the accuracy of rating and stop canceling popular shows in future,…
    Kindest Regards,…
    Jimy V.

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