Happy Town: Final Episodes to Be Released Online Only?

Happy TownLast week, ABC revised their primetime schedule and the final two episodes of Happy Town were bumped. The move didn’t come as a big surprise since the ratings have continued to drop lower and lower.

It was speculated that the episodes might air on a Saturday night in July, following in the footsteps of fellow cancelled shows the forgotten (July 3rd) and Eastwick (July 10th).

Now, the unofficial word is that the last two episodes of Happy Town won’t even be shown on TV. Instead, they’ll be burned off on ABC’s website. The show’s official network representative couldn’t offer us any details but confirmed that ABC doesn’t have plans to air the final episodes in the foreseeable future.

The writers and producers of Happy Town have been told that they’ll be released online but haven’t been able to find out when that will happen either. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

UPDATE: The last episodes have been posted. You can watch “Dallas Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” and “Blame it on Rio Bravo” here.

What do you think? Does it upset you that the last two episodes will be released on the Internet? Does it matter?

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  1. victoria says

    i just dont get it!! the show was great! my boyfriend and a group of our friends watched it together every week. then it was gone. what the hell happen? is there any way we can get it back on if so lets make it happen. all i know is if they can bring family guy back 2 times after being cancelled this show should get another chance!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    well this is odd.. and comes as no surprise either. as are media loves to do this. anything that shocks. frightens. or is deemed socially not acceptable is cast out or put in a bad light.

    with that said

    i started watching it on hulu and damn right it pisses s me off that they are not going to finish this story. i feel that story plot and acting although quirky at times does make up for what u know is coming to be. And like the magic man – we will never know now – until the episode tie up -mish mash. via the internet

  3. says

    Srry, for the double post, but honestly… Whos going to pay $22.49 for a Canceled show on Amazon…

    I would buy the show on DVD, but because it was never finished, & got Canceled, it would just be a waste of money… Forget that…

  4. says

    Sadly I watched the Show wanting more, & this is what I get… Cancelation, WTF… I actually loved the fact the show included the mind… We had to put a puzzle togeather in order to solve a mystery… Which later would reward us with a Prize, i’m sad to hear that prize was never given out, because of the show’s cancelation… :(

    There was a piece to the puzzle on each episode… Plus, the show was really interesting, & I dunno, I just got into it, you can’t honestly say that no one liked this show… Seriously?

    There’s not even enough episodes to give your show a chance… Even if you just finished the series off on DVD, i’d be gladly willing to buy it, but just cancel it all together, geeze, I i’d much rather finish it on DVD, then canceling the show, :(

    I’m so disapointed in ABC & very, very much well fed up with their T. V. Shows being Canceled with only like up to 5 Episodes total, or even 1st season, or whatever, we need more then just 5 episodes to consider a good show, or not, geeze… Give it time…

    Either give us our shows (we very much so like) back, or give us our life back, lOlz…

    This happens to every single solitary show put on ABC / ABC Family…

    If I didn’t like what I watched, i’d completely ignore the channel all together, these channels are so overated, & a waste of time watching… Cause everything you watch is canceled almost right after they air… :(

    Thats BS!!!


    ABC / ABC Family is a Major Let Down…

    Just one question still lies… & that is…

    What show are they going to throw at us, & then just cancel right after airing it next…

  5. Hope Thompson says

    Why would you air this much of ashow and not finish it. At least make them available on HULU so we can see how things end. This is ridiculous. So stupid. Some of us thought the show was quite good. Obviously.

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