How’d You Get So Rich?: Joan Rivers TV Series Renewed for Season Two

How'd You Get So Rich?TV Land has announced that they’re picking up their original series, How’d You Get So Rich? for a second season of six episodes.

Hosted by comic Joan Rivers, How’d You Get So Rich? focuses on wealthy people who’ve made their mega-bucks in out of the ordinary ways. Rivers asks questions that no one else will, in her own distinctive style.

Of the renewal, TV Land president Larry W. Jones said, “It’s so exciting for us to work with our friend, the incomparable Joan Rivers and bring How’d You Get So Rich? back to TV Land. Viewers were very inspired last season by the stories of these millionaires who went from rags to riches some of whom were mowing lawns and are now collecting Bentleys! It is truly the American Dream, proving anyone can do it, and there is no one other than Joan who can do a better job of finding out how in the world these people got that rich!”

Rivers joked, “I’m thrilled to be back on How’d You Get So Rich?. It’s so much better than hosting How’d You Get So Poor?… and when I say Rich, I mean RICH. People that Oprah will borrow money from. People that will use Dr. Ruth as a paperweight and people that when their computer breaks Bill Gates comes by to fix it.”

Season two will debut on Wednesday, May 5th on TV Land.

What do you think? Is the Joan Rivers show worth watching? Better or worse than typical reality show fare?

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  1. Anonymous says

    As a 19 year old that grew up in a somewhat depressing working-class neighborhood, I find that this show really helps me to remember that I never have to settle for less. I have done research on some of the people on this program and their stories are in fact very real. As long as you are dedicated, you can have anything you want. I am currently trying to implement this philosophy in my life. I know that one day, I will be rich in every sense. I pray that the same will occur for anyone else that is aiming for more in life. It really can happen for anyone reguardless of who they are or where they come from. You just have to want it. I look foward to another season of this show and it’s deceivingly powerful message.

  2. Anonymous says

    This show is a fabulous reminder of , “It’s STILL America !” and that anything can happen here. NOBODY gets to give up on themselves in America ! …and isn’t this the PERFECT time to offer hope and remind people of the potential we tend to forget about when we get overwhelmed . This show is not only a good idea, it’s a necessary one

  3. Sandi says

    All heck yea ! I would be lifted ,sucked, pulled and puffed , and I would’nt care if i looked like mannequin when I’m in my 60s or 70 s all yea baby bring it all on and i hope my sex life is with my man is still Hot and wild ! thats what I “m talking about enjoy life these people worked hard to they just found away to make there life better and yes I like shows like this it gives me hope inspirations and u can call it what ever u like I think the show continue its great Joan don’t gice a crap what any bodies says she does what she wants to and she’ll tell that to you get over and watch something else. goota love Joan for tha personality she has Cus I have the same darn one LOL Hahahahaha !

  4. Jim says

    Love the show, instead of trying to find negative things, look at the positive things. I live in south Florida and I have met people just like Joan interviews. Peaole that have made fortunes out of nothing, it does happen. To me it is inspiring to see what people can do if they put their heart and soul into something. I for one believe these peoples stories because I have met people like them.

  5. TOM says

    Since when is a season six weeks???
    How about 22 or 39? Not like Joan needs the work, but the show is cute and six weeks does not do any series justice. Just when you start getting into it, it’s gone.

  6. says

    Hello Miss joan, I’m a no body but i just like to say i love your show and please keep up your good work.. And that MR. Stewart Roc i think he was you best guess on the show he seem’s to have a HEART of gold .. He spoke about giveing back for haveing all his BLESSING and i think that is great i do belive that’s how he got what he’s got because that show he and his FAMILY belive’s in GOD… Mrs. Joan like i said i’m a no body just a country lady that live’s in a small town in CHILDERSBURG, AL that take care of my handy cap brother and older mother so i just like to say thank you so very much for showing us what i think a little HEAVEN will look like when we get there. Thank You and GOD BLESS you and your staff. Shelia akin from Alabama… I really don’t think you will ever read this but just in case Thank you..

  7. JOHN says

    this is an awesome show.. I am glad there are others out there who enjoy it and enjoy the positivity of it. I think at this point in time its one of my favorites if you not my favorite one on. I had to post because i got tired of reading dumb*** debbies posts a thousand times she obviously has to see the negative side of everything and have the last word hence all her stupid mindless posts. Great show im sure it wont get cancelled because of how awesome it is and how many viewers its attracting. WAAAA to all you crybabys who believe you can never achieve wealth

    • Debbie says

      No John, all I’m saying is how do we know the stories are real. And thank you for making me feel more important then I think I am by commenting on my posts. Bless your heart.

  8. Debbie says

    EXACTLY Mary. That was my point. Just talking about what they are famous for or how their childhood was isn’t of any interest because that could be made up. I want details and then I’d like to find out how legit it is. People lie to gain fame so that’s why I have a hard time believing any of the stories.

  9. Mary says

    She needs to tell people how they marketed their idea. It is great to see some of the gaudy things rich people buy, however tell the story of how they marketed the product, who did they talk to? Did they license their product? Did they manufacture it themselves?

    That is what people need to know!

  10. Debbie says

    The thing is I believe most people are very gullible. How do we know these stories are real? We don’t so we have no choice but to take these people at their word. I prefer to be inspired by people I actually know and have seen how great their lives have turned out. People I do not know I question. Usually money comes from money so I truly wonder about the stories I hear.

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