Mom, The Crazy Ones, The Millers: CBS Gives New Sitcoms Full Seasons

CBS sitcomsCBS has ordered full seasons of their three remaining new sitcoms — Mom, The Crazy Ones, and The Millers. (The network’s other new comedy, We Are Men, has already been cancelled.)

While all three shows are doing relatively well, I don’t think any of them can be considered hits.

On Monday nights, Mom’s demo numbers have fallen each week since its premiere. It’s currently the network’s lowest-rated sitcom. However, the show comes from Chuck Lorre and stars Anna Faris and Alison Janney so they’re naturally inclined to be patient. Next month, Mike & Molly will start airing in the 9pm timeslot so they’re hoping Mom’s ratings will improve with another Lorre lead-in.

On Thursdays, The Crazy Ones started out very strong with a 3.9 demo rating (in part thanks to being slotted after Big Bang Theory). In week two, Crazy Ones moved to its regular 9pm timeslot and dropped 25% to a 2.9 rating. Week three brought a decline of another 17% with a 2.4 in the demo. Last night saw a slight uptick to a 2.5 rating which may or may not adjust in the finals.

At 8:30pm, The Millers has been on the air for three weeks. It’s performing the best of the three but also has had television’s highest-rated comedy, Big Bang Theory, as a lead-in. Millers has remained fairly consistent in its ratings which is a positive sign. It will be interesting to see what happens when Big Bang is a rerun or if the network decides to shuffle things around.

What do you think? Do you like any or all of these new comedies? Which do you think is the best of the three?

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  1. Nancy says

    My family abosolutely LOVES…… “MOM”…… it is the BEST….. smart, funny, relevant… Gets our (5 votes) any day of the week!!!!!!

  2. HSP says

    For the way they decide ratings, do they consider those that watch on demand after its already aired? I only watch shows at my convenience. Im dissappointed Mom quit airing, I had found it to be hilarious and reminded me of the future for a friend of mine and her daughter. The millers i also find humorous other than his dad lossing his marbles too soon, I can almost see that happening with my family. As for the crazy ones – have no desire as I work away from my home town, family and friends. I deal with office drama all day, the last thing I want to think about. America’s life balance between work an home is so out of whack, which is why many end up like MOM and the Millers.

  3. Person says

    I think “Mom” tries way to hard; “The Millers” I refused to watch because I couldn’t get passed the previews although, The Crazy Ones isn’t half bad considering the other TV shows in the world .

  4. Sandy says

    Love Mom! Its a comedy not supposed to be reality. I just Laugh & laugh! Did not like The Crazy One I did not like & The Millers is a little much for that time of night. Masterbating talk @ 8:30?

  5. DianeB says

    I cannot believe they are continuing with Mom or even worse, The Millers. Are there no decent comedy writers left in Hollywood? The Crazy Ones at least has an occasional fresh line that elicits a smile if not a laugh. I still predict The Millers is on its way out soon, at least I hope so.

  6. Maggie says

    All three are garbage. I couldn’t watch any of them past the 2nd episodes. The Millers are disgusting as is Mom. Robin Williams is horrible! It is so unbearably uncomfortable to watch him. Always has been.

    • dianeb says

      If you’ve never liked Robin Williams then it wouldn’t matter how good the show is. It still has Robin Williams. I’m fine with Williams, neither like nor dislike. The writers for this show I find clever and fresh. They don’t repeat the same old joke line that every other show is doing. However, if it’s not your sense of humor it never will be. I can’t figure out why everyone is laughing at The Budapest Hotel. Slapstick and farce are not my thing but I recognize many people love that movie.

  7. says

    I tape Y&R on CBS, otherwise I have not watched a program on there for, at least 20 years, & I see the ads for these above mentioned shows & they look like garbage! When I saw the ad for that We Are Men, I thought, give that 2 or 3 shows! Such junk on TV but a quality series like COPPER gets cancelled after just 2 seasons!

  8. Michael Milton says

    The crazy ones is hilarious while Mom try’s to down play the true reality of being a single parent and also makes light of true famil values.

  9. Sue says

    Of the three, I like MOM the best. The comedy is scathing rather than silly and it is a fast half hour, just like Two and a Half Men pre-Ashton Kutcher.

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