Monday Mornings: TNT Show Cancelled, No Second Season

Monday Mornings canceled, no season twoIn addition to dropping Southland, TNT has also cancelled Monday Mornings. There won’t be a second season for the freshman medical drama.

Monday Mornings follows the lives of the talented yet flawed doctors at the Chelsea General Hospital in Portland, Oregon. The title refers to the tough peer review meetings that are run by the hospital’s sarcastic Chief of Staff. The cast includes Ving Rhames, Jamie Bamber, Jennifer Finnigan, Bill Irwin, Keong Sim, Sarayu Rao, Emily Swallow, and Alfred Molina.

The show started off the season with just 1.36 million viewers and a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That was less than half of what the Dallas premiere lead-in drew with 2.98 million and a 0.8 demo rating.

The numbers for Monday Mornings didn’t get much better as the weeks wore on. The season ended up averaging just 1.39 million viewers and a 0.3 in the demo.

That just wasn’t enough for TNT to want to order a second season and they’ve now officially cancelled it.

What do you think? Are you sorry that TNT has pulled the plug on Monday Mornings? Why do you think it didn’t catch on with a bigger audience?

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  1. steve says

    cant blame the network for bad ratings. You know as well as i do , bad ratings=less sponsorship= less money. I liked the show, and i’m sorry it’s gone but business is business!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Unfortunately, there is nothing left on TNT that I want to watch! Monday Mornings was such an intelligent show. TNT did not give it a chance. The acting, with a couple of exceptions, was first rate. The fact that shows like this one are replaced with “Reality” and violence is indicative of the brain set of TNT execs. It seems all they want watching their network are imbeciles.

  3. Nick Cook says

    I’m sorry for the rather generalistic comment coming up but an American TV network wouldn’t know a good series if it slapped them in the face. FFS this series was bloody good. The numbers are low because there was clearly sod all advertising done for it to whet the appetite of the public.

    This was well received in the UK, and had more going for it than most other medical dramas.

  4. Anonymous says

    I Loved this show. I wish the network would reconsider. This was one of the best shows on tv. I loved watching Dallas and then Monday Mornings. What a great Line up. I am going to miss this show.

  5. says

    I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT TNT NOT AIRING A SEASON 2 OF MONDAY MORNINGS. I think it is a shame the you only want to air trash. You take off all the great shows or cancel them. You are showing reruns of things like Charmed & Castle. Why would you only give this show one season of only 10 episodes. My goodness you aren’t even giving it a chance, but I thank 1.3 million viewers is pretty good for only one season. At least I think it got off the ground. Why don’t you try airing it another season or so & give it a chance before you cancel it. I TRULY HOPE YOU WILL LISTEN TO THE COMMENTS OF YOUR VIEWS & PUT MONDAY MORNINGS BACK ON!!!!!!!! THIS WAS AN AWESOME SHOW!!!!!! I GUESS THAT IF THE PRODUCERS AREN’T INTERESTED IN THE SHOW, THAT YOU CANCEL IT!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PUT MONDAY MORNINGS BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Anonymous says

    I am not happy about TNT dropping Monday Mornings. This was a very interesting show. It is sad that you cancel a great show like this & also show the same episodes of Charmed. And you are showing old episodes of Castle. I think you are affiliated with TBS, ABC, & maybe FX, it looks like you could put Monday Mornings back on TNT. I am so displeased with this that I don’t think I am going to get involved in another show that is on TNT. Please listen to all these comments from you viewers & PUT MONDAY MORNINGS BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may be wrong about some of the networks but THE POINT IS YOU SHOULD PUT MONDAY MORNINGS BACK ON. ANY DECENT SHOW YOU WON’T CARRY, YOU JUST WANT TO AIR TRASH!!!!!!

  7. Tammy says

    I am saddened to hear that Monday Mornings has been cancelled. I thought it was an excellent drama with a nice balance of comedy. The cast was superb. I’m disappointed in TNT.

  8. Cheryl says

    I guess TNT doesn’t know quality television programming when they have it. if they feel the show did not meet their percentages, it is because TNT failed; not the show. Perhaps a more aggressive advertising campaign is in order. Bring back the show and do a better job of advertising it and people will watch.

  9. Lonnie Gordy says

    I think that was a great show. I was tuned in every time it appeared on TNT. So sad it had to end so soon. I wish another network would pick up the show Like O Network or Aspire Network. Please Bring it Back!

  10. Steven says

    Monday mornings was a great show. Better advertising and a second chance with the same cast. It deserves another season. It was far better than most of the garbage they have out now!!!!!

  11. Rusty Sullivan says

    Monday Mornings is/was one of the only drama shows on tv worth watching. Well written, great characters and fantastic acting. Instead of canceling the show why not try to promote it. All you thirty-something network talking heads did this one in. Who wants to watch a new show on a network that’s going to cancel it if it doesn’t haul in 15 million viewers in it ‘s first season? Not me. I’ll never get involved in another TNT series again!

  12. Lauren Myers says

    I am extremely upset about TNT not renewing this program. It was excellent. I do not understand why TNT did not market this series better. The actors were wonderful and it was very well written.

  13. Kevin Cronin says

    I was absolutely stunned to learn that the idiots — I mean — powers that be at TNT canceled this phenomenal show after 10 episodes. What a shame. It was extremely well-written, acted, and directed, and the story lines were always riveting. Its cancellation is even more shocking considering all the garbage that survives each season. The reason they say it was canceled was ratings, when in reality it is TNT’s own fault that the ratings weren’t what they expected. My wife and I were loyal viewers but didn’t know anyone else who even heard of the show. Great marketing job, TNT.

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