Person of Interest: Premiere Ratings

Person of Interest ratingsOn Person of Interest, Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson work to track down potential criminals and victims. It’s too bad that they couldn’t track down a few more viewers for the first episode.

Per the fast affiliate numbers, Person of Interest registered a 3.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 13.22 million viewers. It was in fourth place for the timeslot, and only beat The CW’s Secret Circle.

Compared to last year’s CSI season premiere in the same timeslot, Person of Interest underperformed in the demo by 9% (3.4) and in total viewers by 10% (14.69 million).

While this wasn’t a bad premiere, especially considering the stiff competition, CBS execs were no doubt disappointed that Person of Interest didn’t perform better right out of the gate. We’ll have a better idea of the show’s future in the coming weeks as we see what percentage of viewers return episode after episode.

NOTE: Updated ratings for the 2011-12 season are now available.

What do you think? Did you watch Person of Interest last night? Will you be back? What’s your gut instinct? Should the series continue or should it be cancelled instead?

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  1. tyler says

    “Person of Interest” is great! I think it is just getting started, and it just needs to be promoted by us the viewers. I have two friends that didnt watch it. I can understand why they wouldnt cause its confusing, and didnt have faith that it would be good. Even I had my doubts. but i watched it, it impressed me and i let my friends know its worth watching. the only way this show has a chance is if we the viewers do something about it. promote! promote! promote!

  2. bruce says

    I agree with “MK.” What sort of numbers, FOR A FIRST EPISODE PROGRAMMED OPPOSITE ESTABLISHED SHOWS, are they looking for? 8.0? Do they realize that some people aren’t home at night, and record shows to watch later? Or, maybe they’re watching some other show on some other channel, and are recording this show to watch later? Do the network exec morons know there are DVRS now? Did they even know about Vcrs? You know you can watch one show while you’re recording another one? hello? God.

    If a 3.1 “fast rating” is “bad” when MOST new shows (and many old ones are doing a 1.9, I don’t know what to say.

    Idiot networks. Sums it all up.

    • barbara hope says

      I think it is great took a little getting uset to but record it every week in case I have to miss it KEEP IT ON

  3. MK says

    I seriously think the nets need to get their heads examined! Since when is 13.2 million viewers a failure???? At it’s best Walking Dead did 6m and Mad Men does 2.3m. The suits seriously need to get something other than Nielsens to tell them who’s watching. I loved it and it better not get canned. What they ought to do is shift it to the slot before H5O.

    • Kat says

      Standards are higher for broadcast networks than for cable networks, as far as ratings go. CBS, in particular, is a very watched network overall, one of the biggest, so I’m not sure what their standards typically are… But the show was in fourth place in its timeslot, only beating out the smallest broadcast network, the CW. So that can’t be good. I seem to recall they cancelled “Smith” pretty quickly; it premiered with 11 million viewers and fell to 8 million viewers by the third episode. I remember thinking that 8 million was still a lot and, I agree, on any other network, 13 million would be fantastic, but this is CBS. Sigh. I agree that it’d be well paired with Hawaii 5-0, though!

      • Kat says

        Although, apparently, 13.22 million viewers was #1 in its time slot; the fourth place bit was for the key demo (18-49 adults). But you’d hope beating everyone in total viewers would count for somethin’.

  4. Cindy says

    Of the new crime shows (unforgettable (which was forgettable), Prime Suspect (average)) this actually had twists to the plot and grabbed your attention.

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