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Persons Unknown: Could There Be a Second Season?

Persons UnknownNBC has been promoting Persons Unknown as a mini-series and that the show’s mysteries will be answered by the end. The show has not performed well in the ratings so hopefully the network will let all 13 episodes air.

If they do pull the series early, the show is scheduled to be put out on DVD. According to Amazon, it’s scheduled for an August 31st release but that’s likely to change because NBC won’t have aired all of the episodes until early September.

Some readers have noticed that the DVD set is titled Persons Unknown: The Complete First Season. Why? Because, though NBC has promoted it as a mini-series, Persons Unknown could continue for a second season.

Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon recently told Collider that, when they were shooting it, they did so believing it would be an on-going series. Though they wanted it to go on, he made sure that they answered all of the questions by the end of the first season, to make it a satisfying story for viewers.

Could there be another season? Aubuchon said, “It’s not unheard of, in the course of life, that if there’s enough interest in it, we could consider going a second season or doing another chapter. I keep looking at it as books in a series, and this season is the first book. I feel confident that we will have a beginning, middle and end, in this season, and it was wise of NBC to then call it what it really is, which is a mini-series.”

He continued, “24 is a really good example, in that there was a definitive beginning, middle and end for the first season. They had a slightly different format than we have, but the second season just retained Jack Bauer and a few other players, with the same basic format and idea, but it was a completely different show. I’m not saying that that’s exactly where we’re going, but certainly I think that there’s room for saying, ‘Hey, look, we told one story of a continuing saga.’ You should be able to pick this book up and get to the last line of the season and go, ‘Wow! Well, I hope there’s a second season, but at least I feel satisfied that I got to see all of this. They answered it all for me.”

Unfortunately, it looks unlikely that NBC would be interested in another season but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t return on another channel or in another form.

What do you think? Would you like to see Persons Unknown continue in some way?


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Disappointed April 16, 2014 at 10:44 pm

Just goes to show you something with great character as this series is put down by some producer….vastly disappointed that it did not continue. Although I will say that I am happy that I found it on Netflix with no commercials. … and a note about the story why didn’t Joe just take out the higher ups? If there were a second season I would hope that it took that direction…. disappointed that no season 2.


Caitlin April 9, 2014 at 4:09 pm

New season! new season! This series was awesome! I was scrolling through netflix trying to find something to watch and I found this! I loved it, it was mysterious and yet thrilling. Everything tied together so well.


Jenn c April 2, 2014 at 5:25 pm

Honestly wish there was a second season! Great show! Great concept! Great actors! Great everything! I love the plot and the mystery behind it. Not many shows can capture my attention as well as this show has !!! Love it! Hopefully they’ll add a second season soon


Alan A March 31, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Wish there was a second season. I loved it on Netflix and was disappointed that it won’t continue.


Frank Stephen March 24, 2014 at 5:25 am

You have to be kidding me!! This show was great and had great potential to keep you coming back for more. Why, why, why are there no more?

I said to my wife this would have been an awesome movie. But they keep churning out the garbage that will never get me to a theater.

Great show and I love Netflix!! I got rid of satellite after getting Netflix. Wish they would do more shows like this even if I had to pay a few bucks extra per month.


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