SeinfeldNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 180 (half-hour), nine seasons

Show dates:
July 5, 1989 — May 14, 1998

Performers include: Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, and Jerry Seinfeld with Estelle Harris, Wayne Knight, Len Lesser, Barney Martin, Phil Morris, John O’Hurley, Liz Sheridan, Jerry Stiller, Heidi Swedberg, and Patrick Warburton.


Series Description:
One of the most popular sitcoms of all time, this show about “nothing” follows the adventures of four self-involved New York friends: easy-going Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld), neurotic George Costanza (Jason Alexander), assertive Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and wacky neighbor Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards).

The series is also home to a wide variety of strange minor characters. The most frequent were overweight postman Newman (Wayne Knight), George’s girlfriend/wife Susan Ross (Heidi Swedberg), George’s overbearing parents Frank and Estelle Costanza (Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris), Jerry’s eccentric parents Morty and Helen Seinfeld (Barney Martin and Liz Sheridan), Jerry’s crazy Uncle Leo (Len Lesser), Elaine’s airheaded on-again-off-again boyfriend David Puddy (Patrick Warburton), Elaines’s eccentric boss J. Peterman (John O’Hurley), and Kramer’s lawyer Jackie Chiles (Phil Morris).

Series Finale:     
Episodes 179 & 180 – The Finale (parts one & two)
NBC executives contact Jerry and George and decide to add their old pilot Jerry to the fall schedule. The two plan on moving to Los Angeles but first decide to vacation in Paris with Elaine and Kramer.

The NBC private plane experiences turbulence (because of Kramer) and is forced to land for repairs in Massachusetts. The four friends see an overweight man getting robbed and mock him rather than trying to help. They’re later arrested for breaking the Good Samaritan law. Many former series guest stars testify during the trial about the foursome’s past selfishness and lack of caring.

By the end, the judge sentences the four to a year in prison.


What happened next?   
There’s been no news of any plans to revive the series or characters.


Behind the Scenes

A one-hour retrospective aired prior to the finale episode.
The last episode was criticized by many as being too harsh and vindictive towards the characters. Others appreciated the inventive way of resurrecting a great number of minor characters from past seasons. The finale episodes boasts 60 guest stars.
Seinfeld’s was the third most watched TV series finale in history, behind MASH and Cheers.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jeremy Rynek says

    It’s popular for a reason. This is my favorite sitcom. It was funny back when it was on and I still watch the show and laugh today. A friend of my moms made a good point. Would this show be as good without Jason or Michael? He said it was them that really drove the show and really made it funny. I’m about 50/50 there honestly. I Mean those two were very funny. I’m not saying Jerry or Juliya weren’t. It was quite like Will & Grace without Sean and Megan or Friends without Matt and Lisa, but somewhere along those lines. I loved the show and still do. I will always remember the very funny storylines. Bt I think towards the end the storylines kinda got stale a little, liek The maid where Jerry essentially is hiring a prostitute. But that’s just me. But just like the rest of the planet I HATED the finale. It was stupid honestly. I understand you didn’t just want Jerry to just become a big shot, but still bad ending. This will definetly always be a classic. I honestly don’t think it’ll ever get old. But I heard that the show wasn’t canceled, Jerry just didn’t wanna do the show anymore. I wonder why honestly. If you got comments good or bad let me know please. Or you just wanna give your perpective on the show I welcome that.

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