Suburgatory: Is the New ABC Series Worth Watching?

Suburgatory TV seriesThis evening, ABC debuts the latest addition to their Wednesday night comedy line-up, Suburgatory. Like The Middle and Modern Family, it revolves around suburban families. But, will this unusual comedy be a good fit?

Suburgatory follows divorced father George Altman (Jeremy Sisto) who decides to escape New York City and move to the suburbs, so that he can give his 16-year-old daughter Tessa (Jane Levy) a better life. The daughter is amazed to find how perfect her new home is, right down to the neighbors who welcome them into the cul-de-sac. The series also features Cheryl Hines, Carly Chaikin, Katelyn Pacitto, Kara Pacitto, Allie Grant, and Alan Tudyk.

Is this new sitcom worthy of your time? Here’s what the critics say:

LA Times: “The dialogue has a nice snap, the jokes come from just to the left of where you expect them to, and the players are all first-rate. There’s something original in the way that Chaikin lets the words ‘That’s so lame your mom died, beeee-yatch’ fall slowly from her mouth, or the way that, after Tessa and her father argue, ‘Dad and I expressed our feelings through passive-aggressive reference books': ‘Is Adoption for You?’ for him, ‘How to Become an Emancipated Minor’ for her.”

Washington Post: “Just once it would be nice to see a comedy about urbanites moving to the suburbs that doesn’t rely on a mocking and simplistically Stepford view of such places. Setting that gripe aside, Suburgatory displays a polished sense of humor and a better cast than it deserves, which makes it worth a look.”

Salt Lake Tribune:Suburgatory is wry and sometimes mean, but it has a heart. It’s sort of a weekly version of Easy A, the 2010 Emma Stone film comedy.”

NY Times: “The real problem with this series, though, is that it’s hard to figure out who is supposed to be watching it. The setup — single parent, cheeky kid — feels Disneyish, but what comes out of these characters’ mouths isn’t anything Disney-endorsing parents would want their tweeners hearing. In addition to the condom discussion, the pilot features Tessa advising one of her new acquaintances that a pair of short-shorts will show her vagina.”

Denver Post: “The acting is better than the writing, the cast more appealing than the jokes. The title, working too hard to be clever, is just annoying. Still, there’s the germ of a funny idea inside this ABC comedy.”

Chicago Tribune: “Thanks to the breakout performance of 21-year-old Levy, who many viewers may recognize as Ian Gallagher’s fake girlfriend Mandy in Showtime’s Shameless, you’ll want to visit Surburgatory every week.”

What do you think? Will you give this new TV show a try? If you’ve seen it, will you watch again? Do you think it’ll get renewed or cancelled?

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  1. florence says

    i love that show it is very funny why did they put it on so late i hate what they have on now at 830 pm iturn it right off it is so phoney.

  2. Zabster says

    I liked it but I absolutely hate the title. I understand why it’s titled like that but it’s a terrible title.

  3. Laura says

    ‘Suburgatory’ Premiere Adults 18-49
    Another show reflecting the dumbing down of America. Nothing funny about it. Rude comments taken as humor, creates bullies. It is filled with ignorant sexual remarks aired at a time where the audience is under 18 and to young and inappropriate. What is funny is we think rude, ignorant, and obnoxious is funny. Definition of obnoxious is extremely unpleasant.

  4. Anonymous says

    I don’t know where these writers live that the dad would think his daughter would be LESS likely to be sexually active in the suburbs than in the city.

  5. Anthony says

    I think you’re being rude guys.. I liked it, and I would love to see what happens! Although, The characters are more realistic that we could think at first. Thanks to the actors! Plus, the sense of humour is everywhere and plenty of subtility on the same time. Witch makes it very original and easy to get. This is usually a good match for a 20 minutes episodes! I already like it, but I guess you guys understood… ! We should not forget that the art of tv shows belongs to the art of making movies (etc.) … Peace

  6. Eric says

    Full season, HELL! Give it two, just to start with. The writing is chock-full of sarcasm, which I love. Unfortunately, that’s also the reason this show will probably fail. The “average American viewer” is too mind-numbed by years of reality shows, along with endless seasons of football, baseball, Nascar, etc., to understand and appreciate the level of sarcasm this show presents. I’ve seen almost every new show this year, and this is the first one that I am eagerly awaiting a second episode of.

    • Vinnie says

      Wow… I didn’t realize that these sports were a major contributor to the lack of understanding and appreciation of sarcasm in the “average American viewer.” Thank you for being so enlightening. From now on, I will disassociate myself with sports so that I can better appreciate caustic, scathing, satirical humor.

  7. Jeannie says

    Absolutely horrendous. Hadn’t really heard any buzz about this, but my 13 year old daughter “heard” it was supposed to be funny. So crass..and stupid. At least put it on at 9:30 not at 8:30 at night. Not appropriate at all…

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