The Bridge: CBS President Talks About Cancelled Show

The BridgeBy putting The Bridge on the least-watched night of television, it was clear that CBS didn’t have much faith in the Canadian TV show from the start. After just two weeks, three episodes, and low ratings, the series was pulled from the schedule.

At this week’s press tour, CBS president Nina Tassler explained, “The show wasn’t delivering the numbers that we needed… Generally, our summer strategy works, and I think we’ll continue to look at other ways to do other Canadian productions and other kinds of scripted shows during the summer.”

The Bridge continues to be popular in Canada and CTV has already ordered a second season.

Unfortunately, there’s no such luck for US viewers. CBS hasn’t announced any plans to air the remaining 10 episodes of season one or to release them online.

A CTV representative also tells us that there are currently no plans to release the series on DVD.

What do you think? Do you want to see the remaining episodes? Would you consider buying The Bridge on DVD?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kyle says

    I had already decided to stop watching, but I hate when the networks do this–2 weeks is hardly enough time. There needs to be some kind of law forcing networks to air all episodes of a series once they start! That’s one nice thing about how other countries use taxes to pay for tv–at least you know they will air all the episodes they paid for with you tax money. How can reruns and junk like Americas Funniest Home Videos possibly do better than new stuff–I mean they already paid for these shows–why not air them?! There’s nothing on Saturday anyway.

  2. Barbara says

    I don’t think anyone wanted the show to succeed, sticking it into the Saturday schedule. They should at least air the remaining episodes online or on DVD. It was a good show….I guess if you’re not parading your dirty laundry on TV or choosing a partner or a wardrobe, it is not deemed good enough to watch.

  3. Algernong says

    It was a damn good show. I just happened to stumble on it, and was caught up in the drama from the start. I liked the show so much that I google searched TV cop union leader and stumbled upon this site… next Ill be stumblin to an internet site to watch the episodes I missed.

  4. Mary says

    I enjoyed the show. I particularly liked the male lead. He was a refreshing change from the tired American retreads. I am surprised that they cannot launch something on Saturday nights. I would imagine that a lot of people are not out and about on Saturday nights.

  5. Diane says

    Excellent show. Well done ~ good story lines. I was shocked CBS canceled it. What’s with that? Hopefully it will come out on DVD so I can watch the entire first season. Or perhaps move to Canada! Seriously, such a good show. I understand CBS is running old Cold Case re runs instead.

  6. LASD says

    SHow was excellent! CBS.. you should have aird this on a Weeknight early week. Your rating would have skyrocketed. This reminds me of the Hunter TJ hooker days.

  7. Fred & Martha says

    In our 70’s and looking for a good cop show we thought we were in luck.
    Darn it, perhaps we should move to Canada? We’ll just have to wait for NETFLIX to pick up the DVD’s!

  8. Sharin says

    I had recorded the 2 hour first episode and finally got a chance to watch it. I really like it and hope they change their minds. Saturday is not a good time to air a new show!! I hope it continues somewhere.

  9. SUE says


  10. diamonk says

    CBS just did not give this show a chance. This show is very good and CBS USA needs to give it a chance. Saturdays are so boring for tv, I was glad when I happened on The Bridge, while channel surfing. It was not a repeat, but a free new show with amazing characters and actors. This show and Flashpoint are my two new best shows.

  11. Bobbi says

    Too bad. I really enjoyed the show. And loved the main character, Frank. Wish it was still on. There are so few good cop shows on CBS didn’t even give it a chance. I told friends about it and then it wasn’t there. Made me look silly. Who rates these anyway?

  12. Patricia says

    I have never left a comment prior to this but The Bridge was a good show. It should have been put on Monday or Wednesday evenings prior to the CSI programs since there is nothing else on interesting in these slots. I”m sick of 2-3 hours of stupic sitcoms and want to watch something interestring. Programming should try to coordinate shows instead of putting something in a slot to outdo another show. If another show is that well loved, nothing is going to top it. Learn from past mistakes!

  13. Anonymous says

    Why wasn’t this show started on Monday or Wednesday evening before the CSI shows instead of on Saturday night when no one is interested in anything but sports? Extremely poor planning. Too bad. The Bridge was an interesting show but stepped on a lot of toes, and probably the reason it was cut. There is a lot of corruption everywhere and it is only brought to the public eye by TV shows like “The Bridge.” So many shows have been destroyed because of programming slots that were designed to but against high-rated shows instead of smart programming to put these shows into slots where they fill a need. Why can’t anyone learn from these mistakes? Case in point – “Without a Trace.”

  14. Hemitom says

    I think it was very unfair to cann a tv show too early only after 3 shows. I think if they would have put it on another night it wouls have took off. Flashpoint is doing very well…as far as i can tell…if they try moving one of the CSI’s around and put The Bridge in their spot…it might have made Sat night a little more interesting and The Bridge one top show….

    hell, CBS doesnt give new shows a chance…

  15. EllieB says

    Too bad they started it on Saturday nights. Why did they even bother putting it on all. Was meant to fail. Why? Hope some other network or cable network picks it up@@@

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