The Finder: Cancelled; No Season Two

season two of The Finder canceledBones has been a quiet hit for FOX but the same can’t be said for its spin-off, The Finder. FOX has now cancelled the low-rated series after one season.

The Finder is a procedural series that revolves around a man (Geoff Stults) with the extraordinary ability to help people find the unfindable. Other castmembers include Maddie Hasson, Mercedes Masohn, and Michael Clarke Duncan.

The spin-off debuted on January 12th to a disappointing 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.50 million total viewers. It was fourth in its Thursday night timeslot right out of the gate and lost nearly 30% of the all-important demo from its compatible lead-in, Bones. This was not a good start.

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Things picked up a bit in the following weeks, thanks in large part to the show having FOX’s blockbuster American Idol as a lead-in. Still, the numbers weren’t as high as they should have been.

After seven weeks on the air, FOX put Finder on hiatus and then moved it to Friday nights, giving its Thursday timeslot to Touch. If The Finder could maintain a healthy percentage of its viewers after the switch, it would likely garner a renewal.

But that didn’t happen and Finder’s numbers dropped like a rock. In its first Friday airing, the freshman series attracted a 1.1 demo rating — an episode-to-episode loss of 53% — with just 4.03 million viewers. The numbers for future episodes fluctuated a bit but didn’t really get any more encouraging. The network could do just as well or better by running cheaper reality programming.

The season finale of The Finder is set to air this Friday night and there won’t be any episodes after that. Hopefully the producers saw the writing on the wall early enough and won’t leave viewers hanging with any major unresolved storylines.

What do you think? What went wrong with this show? Why do you think The Finder failed to attract a bigger audience? Was cancelling the series the right decision? How would you have fixed it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tobias Bard says

    I’m on the Nelson rating now, and would have put this show as one of my favourites.
    Shame it wasn’t given a chance:(

  2. megan says

    Why does this ALWAYS happen to me, I find a great show I get all excited and once I watched everything I get depressed cause I want more episodes and then I get angry cause people back then didnt ***- watch the show. Shame on you!

    Im from Holland so these shows dont air here especially when there’s only one season I only found recently that they were airing this on rtl 4 which I will thank very much cause this is an exception, even they saw how good this show was.

  3. calvin david says

    I really liked it, it was fun and great…however I think they should have added more story on walter it should have gone further apart from only finding things…but generally they should have let it continue….

  4. Jeri Simpson says

    Instead of remaking another out-of-date series and trying to recreate the magic in a very different world, why not pick up The Finder and go forward?
    Everyone is older. Willa is grown up. Let the earlier loose ends be addressed in flashback, including the cruel loss of Mr Duncan. He must not be forgotten, but there are a others who can portray a similar loving wisdom and strength.
    I admit we all loved Saffron Burrows in the mix, but as the relationship with the second woman evolved to fit her character, we came appreciate her.
    This show has a waiting following. Netflix, please cash in on it!

  5. Jeri Simpson says

    We enjoyed the finder very much. We watched every episode. I wanted the gypsy uncle to have something really cool he wanted found, as the means of stopping the threatened wedding. I wanted the further adventures and development of the gypsy girl, and an episode featuring the story of the fiancé & his real love.
    We cared what happened to these people.
    Could there be a movie?
    Please let us know, if so.
    -Jeri Simpson, Orlando, FL

  6. Donald says

    Micheal Clark Duncan and time are the only reasons not to bring this great series back. The only downfall of this show was its time slot or writers running out of ideas. One of the more creative, clever, and humorous series of its time and since.

  7. Katin says

    I’m the same for most people here. I found this incredible show by Netflix… Which was through “Bones.” I’ll be honest, I preferred them to keep the woman they had in the pilot in the “Bones” episode, but that’s besides the point.

    Everything about this show easily caught on to me (except for the replacement, but that slowly grew on me I swear). I feel like people were too into “Bones” to fully appreciate this show. I would love it to come back just because the series was definitely made to have at least one more episode to conclude everything… You can’t just leave us hanging like that! Such a damn shame…

  8. kim8159 says

    I have to agree with several others. I did not know about the show until I found it on Netflix.
    Personally, I think it was shown at the wrong time. I I believe if it were brought back NOW, there would be a greater viewing audience. The timing was just off for it. The show has everything most people like, humor, adventure, mystery, and scenes keep us on the edge of our seats. It’s time to try it again. RIP Michael Clarke Duncan!

  9. John Schleicher says

    Somehow we missed The Finder when it aired and just discovered it on NetFlix. What an excellent series. Hope there’s a growing groundswell to bring it back for a second show.

  10. says

    The finder didn’t get the following it deserved. After watching the season on Netflix I have become hooked! Great chemistry with the cast, very well written, humorous and sexy, just a wholesome family show. There’s not much that has the well rounded appeal anymore. This show was exceptional and I can’t believe there is no season 2! Bring it back, make it a Netflix original if the networks are to chicken ****. It’s almost the same thing that happened with Firefly. Another awesome show on TV at a poor time slot or competing with something else for a good time slot. The last episode was over and it felt like I lost a friend. Now what do I do??? Great show, 2 thumbs up, somebody figure out how we do another season please.

  11. John says

    I agree that the finder need to be brought back because it is a great show with very good story lines and the season finale does leave you with a cliff hanger but the only problem I can see with bringing the finder back is that Michael Clarke Duncan is now dead and I don’t know about you but the finder would not be the same without Leo. So maybe it’s better to keep the finder at rest to honor the great Michael Clarke Duncan as his last spectacular performance

  12. stephen says

    Shows need 2 seasons. Its just that simple… And regardless of ones scifi feelings, to the critics who say Shows are bad and such I have 2 words, Star Trek. Which was canceled and went on to become a world wide hit with multiple blockbuster hits. Whats this to do with the finder? Simple. One season of a complex show like The Finder, Alcatraz, ect ect… Is not enough. Its just not. You have to give the population time to absorb the content. And see what they think. One season… While it seems like a lot of time. Its only 14hrs, if your lucky 22 to 24hrs. Thats not long tv professionals. If after 2 seasons the viewers aren’t there. I get it, i understand. But just 1? Thats not logical.

  13. Cheryl says

    The Finder was a great FIND for us. This show was so well casted and written. It had drama, suspense, love, humor and depth. The chemistry between all of the cast was perfect. Great job on the casting. Most of TV is not worth watching anymore, the quality has settled in the gutter. All these moronic reality TV shows and “so-called” adult cartoons are awful. TV has really become the Idiot Box as our parents said it would, but with The Finder it has restored a little bit of hope that there are still good writers, producers, actors, etc out there. Great story lines, that captured you expecting great things for the next show. Please we beg you to bring back the Finder. Did we say Please?

  14. Austin says

    I loved it. Its the same for me with the Netflix. Other than seeing bitts and peices of the last episode when I was little I knew nothing of it. Then I watch it on netflix. I saw one season and said this show is great why don’t they have the second season. My heart was crushed, thrown in mud and put in a fire when I found out there was no second season… then the last episode happened. It felt so inconclusive. Bottom line. BING IT BACK NOW! NETFILX ONLY, ON T.V I DO NOT CARE. I WANT IT KNOW. sorry for the “yelling” but I love this show like llllllllllllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee it.

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