The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Episodes: 2,027 (hour)
Seasons: 10

TV show dates: January 3, 2005 — December 19, 2014
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Craig Ferguson, Richard Malmos, James Adomian, Philip McGrade, Josh Robert Thompson, Joseph Bolter, Ryan McGowan, and Shadoe Stevens (announcer).

the late late show with craig ferguson past TV show

TV show description:
A late-night variety show starring TV’s Craig Ferguson, a comedian best known for his previous role on The Drew Carey Show.

Each episode features Ferguson’s largely improvised monologues and interviews with celebrities from movies, television and other areas of pop culture.

Comedic skits include Ferguson answering fictional viewer e-mail questions, mock interviews with celebrity and political impersonators, and parodies of other TV shows.

Series Finale:     
Episode #2,027
The episode begins with a video montage and performance of Dead Man Fall’s “Bang Your Drum” — featuring Ferguson singing, numerous clips, and lots of past guests banging drums. After the commerical break, a speedy montage is shown that features clips of Ferguson from the opening monologue of every episode. Ferguson enters and thanks the audience and all of the people behind-the-scenes. He makes it clear that he’s leaving this show but isn’t retiring.

Ferguson runs through a final round of Twitter mail, jokes with Geoff, and introduces a new character for the final episode — Pipey McPiperson. He receives an impromptu call from “Bill Cosby” who assures the host that he’s just fine and sorry the show’s ending. Ferguson admits that the show is actually not “live” but then, shows like Game of Thrones aren’t either.

Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno serves as the final show’s sole guest — “just two guys with nothing to do.”

In the show’s final minutes, it’s revealed that Secretariat has been played by Bob Newhart all along. Ferguson then suddenly wakes up in bed next to Drew Carey as the pair reprise their roles from The Drew Carey Show in a “it was only a dream” sequence (ala Newhart). They turn out the lights and go back to sleep. The camera zooms in on a snow globe (ala St. Elsewhere) as “Don’t Stop Believin'” plays in the background (ala The Sopranos) and the scene suddenly ends, cutting to black.
First aired: December 19, 2014.


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Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Judy says

    Clever, creative, humor. He was funny and was still nice to people. I loved hearing about Scotland & his ‘colorful’ experiences. A mistake to let him leave. Will really miss him & ‘energy’.

    • Judy says

      Replying to my own comment… meant to say that I will really miss him AND his ‘energy’. There’s no one like him … he came on stage with enthusiasm, like every day was his first day on the job – ‘he was glad to be there! That made him ‘fun’ to watch.

  2. Jocelyn armstrong robinson says

    He is the best talk show on TV. Hands down.. Jimmy Fallon follows close behind. Craig is an honest success story. He is real and in the ridiculous face of reality TV, who is more real than Craig? You are a bunch of idiots. Life is hard and he lived a hard life and succeeded. If that itself isn’t enough to grace your network I don’t know what is… Up the ladies of Beverly Hill’s? You call those ladies and a TV show but cancel. CRAIG? whomever you have hired to make these decisions, fire them. My dog could make better choices, if I had a dog. You have lost me as a viewer and many many more. The choices that you have made to keep or cut are mind boggling in their atupidity5or perhaps you’re just calling the American and Canadian viewers stupid and bending to their low IQ or so you would have us think.

  3. mk says

    Please correct your “performers include” section. In addition to Craig it should include Josh Robert Thompson, Joseph Bolter and Ryan McGowan (who played Geoff, the front and the back of Secretariat respectively). Those other people were not performers. Shadoe was the announcer but never seen on camera.

    • mk says

      Sorry, I should have said they haven’t been performers on the show for a very long time whereas the three I named were part of the show nightly, and Tim Meadows was a guest (though he helped in sketches from time to time).

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