‘Til Death: FOX Sitcom Cancelled, No Season Five

Til DeathLaunching a new series these days can be really tough. It either hits really big, or you’re out. FOX’s ‘Til Death got more chances than most but the axe has finally swung. The network confirmed today that it was indeed cancelling the show.

‘Til Death debuted on FOX back in 2006 with veteran sitcom stars Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Joely Fisher (Ellen). They play Eddie and Joy, an “old married couple,” who have annoyingly optimistic newlywed neighbors, the Woodcocks (Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster).

Each subsequent season then seemed to change its focus. The second season brought in a new character, Kenny (J.B. Smoove), Eddie’s friend from the Big Brother program. The next season had Kenny moving in with Eddie and Joy. Season four brought their daughter (Lindsey Broad, then Kate Micucci) and her boyfriend/husband (Timm Sharp) as they moved into a trailer in Eddie and Joy’s backyard.

Truthfully, the series has never been a ratings hit, but FOX kept it because of the economy of putting it on the air. Sony Pictures TV gave the network a big break on the license fee so that the studio could keep producing episodes to build the syndication package.

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The show’s ratings have fallen so low recently that many have wondered how FOX could afford to keep it on the air, even with the deal from Sony. Garrett, with his typical deadpan delivery, told Zap2It, “The other night, we got a 0.9 … Once your mom stops watching, you’re a 0.4″ He told the network if they gave him another month, he could take it down to a zero. Not surprisingly, there was dead silence on the other end.

Garrett says the others that were involved in the show have already moved on to other projects, “After year two, when you’re getting beat by Telemundo, it’s time to go home. I mean, even the show my housekeeper watches was beating the show that was paying her salary. I’d come in the room, and she’d quickly turn off Telemundo.”

FOX has since officially confirmed that, after 80 installments, the sitcom has been cancelled. Episodes will continue to air as scheduled with the last installment running on May 9th. Because FOX has frequently used ‘Til Death as filler, 37 episodes will have aired this season by the time it’s over. Most of the installments are from this season while others are holdovers.

For Garrett, he’s not sure what’s next for him. He wouldn’t mind another series, but admits it could take him awhile to commit to one again. He says ‘Til Death was a learning experience, as the show ended up being very different than how it was originally been presented to him. He said, “What this last experience did was to make me more picky than ever.”

What do you think? Are you sorry to see that the show’s finally been cancelled? Do you think changing the focus and cast helped or hurt ‘Til Death? Which version is your favorite?

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  1. Mary says

    I thought the series was hysterical, with great acting by Fisher. Way better the Everybody Lves Raymond. Lacked consistency, but many very funny lines

  2. Anonymous says

    I loved this show. found it by accident on netflix. I laughed myself to sleep every night. its so refreshing to see good comedy. so sick of all the crime shows murdering and raping women, body parts everywhere. all the filty trashy shows on tv today with better ratings is crazy, no wonder our kids are so screwed up! so sad this show was canceled. good clean comedy has become a thing of the past.

  3. says

    I only started to watch ” ’til death” recently. At first I thought it was quite funny. However, after series one, these two people started to annoy me and get on my nerves. They actually are two thoroughly nasty individuals, whom I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be like. She’s shallow and basically absolutely nuts, and as regards the ‘cleavage’, you see so much of it so often, it actually becomes revolting. Always talking with their mouths full,making smacking noises really makes me sick. Many episodes are just ridiculous eg. the one about the new bedroom lamps. By the way ,who told Brad Garret he could sing ?

  4. says

    The show kicked ass, maybe they should stop letting a select amount of people (Nielson Ratings) decide what we ALL watch! Can’t tell me with technology as it is that they couldn’t find a way to tell, like maybe a poll, I’d like a say sometimes, way too many shows I’ve liked are gone!

  5. D&D says

    My wife and I love’d that show. Unfurtunatly we never got to see it until it was on Netflix. We just finished watching the last episode and will miss it. The show is much better than Everybody Loves Raymond. Bring on Season 5-10

  6. Sharon Dodson says

    Well good grief, if the show had to go at LEAST LET US BUY THE ENTIRE SERIES on a DVD Boxed set!!! I agree that the ORIGINAL CAST had better chemistry and why the change? Anyone know? Now that I’ve mentioned it, maybe I’ll just look for the episodes that included the Woodcocks…those ARE the best! And P.S., it was and is (on reruns of the show) terrific to see Brad achieve a complete 180 from Robert Barone! He and Joely had fabulous chemistry and were totally believable as a couple!

  7. Joe says

    I discovered this show in 2013, several years after it was cancelled. Seasons 1 and 2 were great and I don’t understand why they had to trade the Woodcocks for Kenny and his wife. The writing was always quite good and certain episodes like “Vintage Eddie” and”Performance Anxiety”were standouts. Thankfully, the show is on Netflix.

  8. Ruben says

    Its cool. I thought the show was funny no matter how many times it was retooled. Brad Garrets one liners and Joely Fishers cleavage and funny faces made it all worth while. Plus Kate Micucci showed up as the daughter in the 4th season. Even better. I love her!

  9. Bill says

    My wife and I love’d that show. Unfurtunatly we never got to see it until it was on Netflix. We just finished watching the last episode and will miss it.

    I too don’t understand the imbicilic thing with the daugher and boyfriend and his believing he was in a sitcom. What did they do ask an elementry school what should be in the script? The Woodcocks were great. They should never have veered off that path. Kenny was funny too just not as much. Season 4 did give us the psycho principle which I did get a good laugh from.

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