Tuesday Ratings: Killer Women, American Idol, Winter Olympics

American IdolTuesday, February 18, 2014 ratingsNew episodes: Killer Women and American Idol. Sports: XXII Winter Olympics. Reruns: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, The Vampire Diaries, Star-Crossed, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Person Of Interest.

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  1. says

    ABC mishandled Killer Wonen. It was a good show put in very competitive time slot with little consideration given to the impact of Olympic coverage. And who decided Mind Games would be an improvement?! KW should have been given more opportunity to establish its followers. Every theme in KW sent a good message,…, loyalty, family, respect, and doing your job to protect and serve. ABC bailed on a good show when it should have been promoting it. Bring it back, please.

  2. Crystal says

    ABC sucks! I can’t believe they canceled another good show. Killer Women was my new favorite show! I am tired of networks putting garbage on TV and when they get a great show, they cancel it. Putting a brand new show up against the Olympics and other shows like Justified (that has an established fan base) is really not fair. How in the world are they going to get the ratings to survive. It seems like a lot of shows that have women in prominent roles get cancelled!! Do they count DVR ratings? Because that’s how I watch all my shows, I am never home when they air. I wish another network would pick up this show and continue it!!!! ABC shame on you!!

  3. Deenise says

    I agree…..enough with all the reality shows. My husband and I both really liked Killer Women and exactly to whoever asked if they count the people who dvr the show because lots of people watch the show after its air time. Another stupid move ABC. Tired of all the good shows being cancelled. I don’t think I’m going to start anymore new series because they all wind up being cancelled.

  4. Cindy says

    Why do the networks keep canx’ing the good shows and leaving dumb ones on? I really like this show but can’t watch all my shows durning the week because I’m in the military…so I DVR most shows and catch up on the weekend. I just watched the Feb 18th episode, and 1) thought I missed an episode, and stopped to check on demand then had to get on line to realize they skipped it, and 2) really this is how it ends? STUPID….bring it back ABC, there are so many other shows that you should easily ditch!

  5. maureen says

    I totally agree with all of these comments. At my age (67) it is hard enough to up with
    all of the shows we watch. But to just skip an episode then leave a cliffhanger for the finally really does suck. You could have at least let it end with a happy ending. I don’t
    understand the process for all of the networks. How can they keep crap like Brooklyn
    nine nine on and cancel good shows.

  6. AD says

    I’m glad people mentioned about the episode; thought I was losing it. While it might have trouble cracking the normal line-up, it would make a great summer replacement show. That’s how Scandal started out and look what happened. Get on the ball, ABC!

  7. Angry!! says

    This sucks! The only show I watch on ABC now is Modern Family. Take away some of those STUPID reality shows and put Killer Women back on. Are you counting those of us that watch it online the day after it airs because the time or the Olympics have been on????

  8. pam says

    ABC – you dumb nuts… Killer Women was a good show, we watched each week… and to skip an episode… one more mistake in you pocket… hope it explodes soon… dopes!

  9. monieet says

    Why, why, why cancel KILLER WOMAN!. ABC you suck and whoever is making these decisions is an idiot. First BCB, The B in apt…, and now Killer Woman. I watch less and less of your network. Now I am down to 1 show Modern Family, when it goes you channel will be blocked from my box. ABC you suck so bad..

  10. Jennifer says

    I agree completely about the cancellation of Killer Women. Unfortunately, I’m not of the demographic the networks prefer either. I find that disappointing because most often, the shows I like aren’t the same shows the younger crowd cares for.

    Sandy, I was thinking the exact same thing! I sat down to watch Killer Women this week and thought “Woah! Did I miss an episode somewhere?” because I did not see a single thing out of that “previously on Killer Women” teaser at the beginning. A lot happened in between what we saw as episode 5 and what aired as episode 6.

    • AnnoyedViewer says

      Jennifer I totally agree — I too went crazy figuring I deleted or my stupid twc dvr deleted an episode, so I checked the on-demand and nope I saw all the episodes listed

      They should not be canceling Killer Women , it was a great show with different stories with the one show.

      First of all, this show was competing against the OLYMPICS guess what people WATCH the OLYMPICS.. Second of all, you keep Bachelor/ette on year after year, that show is STUPID .. CANCEL Bachelor and bring back Killer Women..

      .. ABC you are getting as bad or worse than NBC… As for demographics, cutting out people over 49 is not a smart idea. We do most of the buying and recommend to others. So you take away our shows, we don’t buy your ad products ..

      WE don’t want or need more non-Reality shows. they are all fixed.

  11. says

    I disagree with ABC TV and its decision to cancel Killer Women. I am 65 years old and I love this show. Your ratings do not include my age group, which is unfair. You always use the younger viewer for your ratings. What about the “baby boomers”, don’t we count especially when you do your ratings? I wish you would reconsider your decision and bring back KILLER WOMEN.

  12. says

    Was last night the finale of Killer Women? And didn’t you miss a show that we didn’t see air? Last week at the end Billy was getting out of that truck and in the beginning last night they showed previous things that happened and alot of that stuff we never saw, like Molly telling her family she had been abused by her husband.

    • monieet says

      I thought something was off. Glad to know I was not loosing my marbles. ABC skipped an episode, like we are too stupid to notice. A key episode. Again, why. ABC again, you suck!

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