V (2009)

VNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 22 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: November 3, 2009 — March 15, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Lourdes Benedicto, Laura Vandervoort, and Scott Wolf.

v (2009) past TV show

TV show description:
This science fiction drama is a re-imagining of the 1983 mini-series of the same name. This series follows the arrival of a technologically-advanced alien species via giant spaceships over twenty-nine major cities. The “Visitors” have sinister reasons for coming, yet tell the people of Earth that they have come in peace.

Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) is among the best agents at the FBI’s Counter Terrorist Division and is a single mom of a teenager. She gets caught up in the conspiracy after the Visitors arrive and soon finds herself fighting for her life and all of humanity.

Her son, Tyler (Logan Huffman), is at a difficult point in his life, and is captivated by the Visitors’ message. It’s because of them that Tyler starts down a more positive path. Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), a recruiter for the Visitors, encourages Tyler and others to become “something bigger than themselves” by joining the V Peace Ambassador Program.

The Leader of the Visitors, Anna (Morena Baccarin), is stunningly beautiful and very powerful. She is offering friendship to Earth’s citizens, yet she is also manipulative and rules her people with an iron fist. News anchor Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) wants very badly to make a name for himself in the TV business. His moral standards aren’t very high to begin with and he finds himself in a position to spread Anna’s propaganda. While this would be beneficial to his career, it leaves him feeling uncomfortable. Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) takes a different road; instead of just trying to save people’s souls, he starts fighting to save their lives as well.

Valerie Stevens (Lourdes Benedicto) is a psychologist who’s dealing with her relationship with Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut), a man with a mysterious past. The arrival of the Visitors causes the relationship to take an odd turn and puts the pair on even shakier ground.

Series Finale:     
Episode 22 — Mother’s Day
The time to remove Anna from power is now. Erica and her team stage a fake kidnapping of Lisa. The plan is to lure Anna away from her security team long enough for her to be eliminated by the one person she’d never expect capable of betrayal: her daughter.

News of Lisa’s kidnapping totally ticks off Anna. Always the romantic, she had believed that tonight would be the night that Lisa and Tyler would mate. She heads down to Earth where Jack provides an envelope with a location for where Anna is to go. Lisa will be set free once the Fifth Column gets its hands on the Visitors’ supreme queen.

Anna’s top tracker takes a whiff of the envelope. He quickly discovers Lisa’s location. She’s alone and Anna wants it to stay that way while she makes an oh-so-altruistic speech. She lets it be known that she’s off to trade her own life to save her daughter. Anna then wants Lisa’s location leaked to the FBI. Chad Decker needs to know about it, too. Anna’s never been one to let a primo PR moment slip away.

Anna makes her way into the abandoned warehouse where Lisa is being held. A cluster of police and press wait outside. Unbeknownst to Lisa, Anna catches a glimpse of her daughter holding an immolation gun. She starts playing the role of the worried mother in order to tap into Lisa’s human emotions. The ruse works. Lisa ditches the gun, having no idea that she fell right into her mother’s trap.

Cheers come from the crowd as Lisa steps out of the warehouse. More applause accompanies the stunned looks of the Resistance as Anna steps out, too. Erica makes a quick call to Ryan, who snuck aboard the mothership to free Diana. They need to abandon the prison break plan. The only problem is the former V queen refuses to go back to her cell. Diana says, “Gather my people.”

Diana addresses her children to tell them that the human soul is a gift. Diana says, “Together humans and Visitors can live side by side in peace. Your rightful queen has returned to lead you on a new beginning. From this moment on…” TWACK! Diana’s voice is silenced as Anna’s tail skewers her from behind. Moments later, Diana is dead. Anna steps over to a horrified Lisa. She says, “Now that’s how you kill your mother.”

Amy is growing up so fast. No, really! She’s jumped several years in just a few weeks. Ryan won’t leave the ship again without her. But Amy doesn’t want anything to do with him. Anna has her convinced that she’s her mother and that Ryan had abandoned her. Amy wraps her scaly tale around Ryan’s neck until it snaps.

Erica makes a frantic call to Tyler revealing what she knows about the Visitors. A hidden camera in Erica’s house lets her FBI partner, Chris Bolling, and her boss, Paul Kendrick, know that she’s privy to V secrets. The hits just keep on coming when the team realizes Hobbes has skipped out on them. Later, Erica is kidnapped. She’s being held by Lars Tremont (guest star Marc Singer), leader of Project Aries.

Anna’s queen egg hatches, bringing a hideous new lizard into the world. She orders skin be put onto her newborn daughter to make her look exactly like Lisa. Breeding will take place, as the fake Lisa assures Tyler that the Vs aren’t anything like what his mother told him. Anna provides Lisa with full video coverage of the mating session from her new home in Diana’s old prison. Lisa’s sick feeling over the lovemaking quickly turns to one of horror as her lookalike sinks her razor-sharp fangs into Tyler’s neck.

Anna discovers that Chad Decker was one of the Fifth Column members in on Lisa’s kidnapping. She orders him brought to the ship. Anna then tries to impose her Bliss on all of humanity. But the blood coming from her eyes are a sure sign that this act will kill her. Amy steps in to do Anna’s work for her.

There are a few humans who haven’t been affected by the Bliss. That’s because they are in an underground command center about a mile below Manhattan. Lars Tremont informs Erica that Project Aries is a cabal of high-ranking military and government leaders who have long suspected the Visitors are not of peace. Lars says, “This, Agent Evans, is humanity’s last best hope for a future.”

Erica is relieved to see that Paul and Chris are part of this project. When alarms sound, Erica heads back up to the surface to see white beams enveloping everyone in sight. Humans everywhere are in a trance from Amy’s Bliss. Erica is devastated to see that Jack is among those being held spellbound. Back on the ship, a bloody-eyed Anna holds Amy’s hand as they gaze out into space, where many other motherships are now on the move.
First aired: March 15, 2011.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. karen says

    I loved this show and thinks it sucks they cancelled it. Why not cancel the stupid shows and leave the well written ones. Oh yeah, they are marketing to the dumbest not the smartest. Typcail TV executives.

  2. Ron Gahr says

    This show was excellent, what genius cancelled the show? I guess sometimes
    your just to good for the common folk!

  3. Marco says

    Still one of the best SciFi Shows in the past 7 years next to “Invasion”. It would be nice if networks did not get their viewers sucked into a show and then pull the plug. Start writing shows with an ending, maybe people would enjoy it better. Side note – The ending to Lost sucked and we knew they were dead after watching the first season.

  4. mmmmmm says

    dear abc thank you for cancelling v (NOT) and airing great shows like dancing with the stars (NOT) never watched it never will the bitchlorette and the basterdorlette ….ditto dispecable housewives 666 park ave zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ect ect

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