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Trevor Kimball is the senior editor and creator of TVSeriesFinale.com… and doesn’t like talking about himself in the third person. I’ve worked in Los Angeles and the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and have seen a lot of great TV shows come and go. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and spending time with lots of talented people, both behind and in front of the camera.

I love television and always have. The site began because, like many, I like closure — both in life and in my television shows. I’m a sucker especially for TV reunions and last episodes. I’ll tune in for either one, even if I rarely watched the series during its run. I don’t collect many things but have a very large collection of series finales, reunions, and revivals. That comes in pretty handy as you might imagine.

Conversely, I can’t stand unresolved cliffhangers — Soap, Benson, Reunion, Las Vegas, Tru Calling, etc., etc., — they all drive me crazy. It’s my hope that I’ll be able to get some resolution for the shows that so many viewers have enjoyed right up until the very

Tim Campbell’s been writing professionally for more than two decades. His portfolio is brimming with pieces created for newspapers, and communication and PR departments across the country but writing for TVSeriesFinale.com is definitely his best gig yet. He’s intrigued by the unpredictability of the success and failures of TV shows and the perks are great! Watching the boob tube during the day is now research, and his cable and Netflix bills are considered tax deductions (he hopes). Tim’s favorite shows include Dexter, Bewitched, SNL, and (almost) all of the Star Trek series. A little known fact: Tim has a secret crush on Betty White, and one of his most thrilling moments was to interview her at the TVLand awards.

Jessica Fraser is a TV history geek and is unashamed to watch more chick shows than you can shake a stick at. Jess began writing as a child; publishing a comic fanzine at the age of 10, B.I. (before Internet). Jess has made a career writing about comics and television, and loved the concept of TVSeriesFinale.com the minute she found it. Aside from being sucked into shows like The Bachelor and Big Brother every year, Jess is an avid fan of Lost, 24, Dexter, and Supernatural. Past favorites include The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Life Goes On, and The Muppet Show. Jess’s all time favorite show – Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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