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7th Heaven: Petition to Reunite the Camdens One More Time

7th Heaven The family series 7th Heaven ended after an incredible 243 episodes and 11 seasons on the air.

Many original castmembers like Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, and David Gallagher had left the show by the time the series came to a close in May 2007. Because of the timing of the episode, the whole family wasn’t able to be reunited one last time.

Now that the series is over, what about a reunion?

To: CBS Paramount Network Television and Spelling Television

We, the undersigned, have enjoyed the many episodes of 7th Heaven and love watching the Camden family. With the series having ended, we miss seeing them week after week in new stories. Please consider reuniting the cast for a TV movie or even a holiday special. With millions of faithful 7th Heaven viewers and a great need for new family programming, how could it not be successful?

Thank you for your consideration.

392 Entries - 16 Pages
  • PrincessCountry: United States2014-04-24 01:35:53
    Please bring back 7th heaven for a 2-3 hour movie just to catch up on where the Camdens are now
  • Linda HudsonCountry: USA2014-04-09 13:53:52
    I would love to see a 7th Heaven reunion. I watch the show daily on the UP channel but would love to see everyone come back together. I with they would continue the series!
  • amandaCountry: united states2014-04-09 12:11:26
    please bring back this show even if you have to bring back the older kids just as a guest star to shw whats going on with the younger ones now maybe a wedding or somthing can bring them back together put please no death dont kill off any of the camdons they are all so wonderful and i hope we get to see this soon all the kids and grandkids and memories wow what a show it would be maybe a movie better yet how about just bringing the show back so that we dont have to say bye again we will always have the new and old shows to laugh and watch and make memories with like all my family did new years eve night 7th heaven marathon was great
  • L LamneckCountry: United States2014-04-04 21:08:44
    I would love to see a 2 hour reunion show. I loved this show.
  • Jenny OrvedahlCountry: USA2014-03-25 22:18:30
    Bring back the Camdens!!!!!!!
  • Diana CarrCountry: Australia2014-03-14 19:28:49
    So so miss this show. Australia has now gone back to the beginning again, which is not fun. The life messages that the storytellers were able to convey were so meaningful. When life for whatever reason has not been able to teach or show you how to think about a situaton that may arise, 7th heaven did help alot. Thankyou thankyou
  • Ema RoseCountry: USA2014-03-04 02:03:39
    I would Love to see a 2hr. reunion special of how their lives ended up.
  • Jennie FullerCountry: United Kingdom 2014-02-24 15:23:43
    Please bring the Camden's back for one last time 😊
  • Steve CrispCountry: USA2014-02-16 07:53:15
    Please Bring Back 7th Heaven
  • KimCountry: United States 2014-02-11 01:42:06
    I think you should bring it back for a 2-3 hr movie the catch up on everyone an everything that is going on with ALL the Camden's b/c would not a reunion with out all of them and you need something like that on tv nowadays with the violent and other show's it would be awesome and really cool
  • NatashaCountry: Ottawwa2014-02-01 17:49:39
    Yeah could you please bring back 7th heaven I would to see all them again. Just make a tv movie of them . It would be really cool to see them .
  • We need closureCountry: United States2014-01-16 21:52:49
    Too many unanswered questions in the (2nd) finale. The 1st one was over-the-top with all the pregnancies. The 2nd one, much better, but: would love to see all the cast members together again. We need answers like, did Simon get married? Did Ruthie get married? Did Eric live? How could Eric & Annie and Kevin & Lucy just walk away from their homes? How, when they've lived on a strict budget did they suddenly have plenty of money to travel to ??? You could leave out the 3 goober people who pushed their way into the Camdens' home. They were annoying & unnecessary. It'd be great to see how they all look 7 years later.
  • AndreaCountry: America2014-01-10 17:48:37
    Please...please let it happen.
  • DavidCountry: England2013-12-30 06:38:20
    Bring it back it's my favorite show. Im the only one in the UK
  • KimCountry: America 2013-12-20 23:53:04
    I would love for this show to air again
  • MarieCountry: USA2013-12-03 12:18:39
  • mary pulskampCountry: USA2013-11-11 11:54:05
    A reunion would be AWESOME!!! I wish the series never went off the air - each episode was heartfelt, sincere.
  • Eric CamdenCountry: United States 2013-10-15 23:08:18
    Fans deserve a reunion
  • shellyCountry: united states2013-10-12 12:57:55
  • SharonCountry: United States 2013-10-09 01:38:25
    Please do a 7th heaven reunion, I never missed an episode. Would love to see what the characters our up to now and the actors as well. This was the one of the best family show that believed in Faith and I would like to them to come back.
  • florence ogdenCountry: united states of america2013-10-08 14:45:59
    Please, Please do a 7th heaven reunion, I never missed an episode. Would love to see what the characters our up to now and the actors as well. Thank you Florence e. Ogden
  • Brittani raimondoCountry: USA 2013-09-29 17:11:06
    We need a reunion!!! Who is Simons girlfriend. Who does Ruth's end up with? How do the twins turn out? This was the best show ever. I watch the reruns with my kids all the time.
  • STEFANIE BAMBERGCountry: USA2013-09-27 16:32:23
  • AngelicaCountry: USA2013-09-23 02:33:19
  • TeresaCountry: United States2013-09-22 21:59:26
    Please. We need updates. And to see where everybody is now in their lives.

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