7th Heaven: Will Camdens Reunite for Last Episode?

Will the family reunite for a 7th Heaven farewell?It’s been less than a week since word leaked out that 7th Heaven had been cancelled and would be saying goodbye — for real this time — at the end of the season. Will there be a special reunion including Camden family veterans Jessica Biel, Barry Watson and David Gallagher?

Unfortunately, no — likely due to the timing. When production wrapped on Heaven’s 11th season in early March, the cast and crew were unsure if they’d be back. A CW spokesperson did describe the series ending as both sweet and definite. The May 13th series finale, entitled “And Away We Go,” will also be dedicated to the memory of executive producer Aaron Spelling. Heaven is the last series on the air to come from the prolific TV producer.

Haylie Duff (who plays Sandy Jameson) confirms that the series ending will be a satisfying one. She told TV Guide “There is a lot of resolution, and a lot of new beginnings, as well.” Duff went on to say that, although she’d only been with the series for two years, it’s been an honor to be part of “a show that will go down in history. Everyone’s experience was so wonderful and we took away from it everything we wanted to, which I think is special and important.”

Beverly Mitchell (Lucy Camden) had this to say about filming the episode, “It was definitely sad! We love doing it for you [the fans]. But if it is [truly] the end, my deepest gratitude to the amazing people I have shared the past 11 years with, and thank you to the fans for giving me the best job in the world!” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Carrie says

    I have been a fan of this show since the beginning however I do feel that the show has run it’s course. It would be nice to see all of the original Camdens reunite for the finale so that we fans could atleast have one last walk down memory lane with the characters that we grew to know and love.

  2. Randi says

    Please bring back Seventh Heaven for one more season. This time please bring back the Camden kids, Matt, Sarah, Simon and Mary and their oldtime friends. I want to see what happened to them. Lets not forget Eric’s Dad. He was soooo cool. I love this show soooooo much.

  3. Randi says

    I was very disappointed with the last show. Wanted the all the Camdens to reunite. I also wanted Ruthie to end with her oldboyfriend Peter. He was perfect for her. Well Bye Seventh Heaven

  4. Micki says

    The symbolism of the last episode was awesome. The family leaving material possessions to “blindly” follow Eric & the symbolism of God at the end telling Eric to keep his hands on the wheel and he would guide him and this it will all be OK. And even Eric’s question “why do I think you’re someone other than who you are?”.

    Wow! Thank you for all these years of this wonderful series

  5. aggie says

    i think it should go on for as long as possable… ruthie needs to be with martin plus when will the camdens find out that jane is george’s ex-wife to be. funny she is a part of a family that really is family. you are leaving us with a lot of unanswered questions. please come back

  6. Ericka says

    I wanted to say I am sooo sad to see 7th Heaven end, it made me cry. I felt I was a part of the family! I loved it so much and looked forward to each and every episode.

  7. Debbie says

    I am going to miss this show as I have watched it since the very beginning. It is hard to find good wholesome tv on anymore but 7th heaven fit the bill.Good luck to the actors and future ventures

  8. Patrick says

    I was wondering if that man who got on the bus last was Death, and was there for the final ride, or G-d, and there for the ride. Or something else altogether.

  9. Janettee Story says

    PLEASE put it back!!! Have one of Aaron’s children or a close friend write the stories! Why let his final legacy die? Why not let this one thing remain in his memory? I was hoping that with the RV would come stories of their adventures on the road. They referenced good news and a possibility that Rev. Camden could die on the last show, and I was hoping to find out what would happen. Ruthie and T-Bone referenced getting married… Now we’ll never know. I really liked the Crossroads town part-I wanted to see how it turned out!

  10. MIckee says

    I have watched 7th Heaven from the beginning and totally adore the show. I don’t think it should end at all. I go back and watch previous season and it is just an awsome show. It is truely what the world needs now. That is why it was pulled back for an 11th season because of such high ratings. That does not show me that it needed to be cancelled. A spin off would be nice, but not the same. But the traveling in the RV thing could be a new twist too. It could have specials periodically, not like a weekly show with people they encounter and help, etc. It could have an underlying hope for like visits or reunions, where they could travel to visit each of the kids in their own state/home with their kids. I see a lot of possibliites they could act on, but probably won’t.
    I am deeply saddened to see it go as is my whole family.

  11. Steph says

    7th heaven is my favorite show, but I think that last year it just wasn’t their time to go, but this year was. There was only one thing wrong with the show, Ruthie and Martin didn’t get together.

  12. olivia says

    im just really sad.
    what else am i going to do on my sunday nights?
    im gunna miss ruthies bad acting.
    im going to miss tbones cornyness.
    im just really sad.
    im going to miss lucys spazz attacks.
    sad isnt it?

  13. Linda says

    There must be a 12th season on 7th heaven!!
    Everybody in the family must reunite before the ending, & they won’t in the 11th season finale so there’s only one option: another season!
    Please!!! I love 7th heaven, I’ve watched all the episodes.

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