Army Wives: Is It Time for the TV Show to End?

Last episodes of Army Wives on Lifetime

As the sixth season of Army Wives is winding down, last night’s preview hinted that the TV series’ finale is in sight. The promo notes “only four more episodes until it all ends.”

The news doesn’t come as a surprise to our readers as we’ve suspected that there might not be a seventh season for quite awhile but it is the first time that Lifetime has hinted that the show is being cancelled.

For those who missed it, here’s the promo:

What do you think? Do you think there should be/will be a seventh season or is it time for Army Wives to go?

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  1. Michelle says

    I agree with everyone. A meaningful show, thoughtful writing, great acting and a show worth investing your time in. This season seemed a bit of a stretch with Claudia Joy absent and the new characters trying to replace Pamela and Chase’s presence but it still has been great to watch. I sure hope it stays around for more seasons.

  2. Diane says

    I love Army Wives. I can’t believe the network wants to cancel such a good show.
    They need to think they decision. This show is so much better than any other show that is on right now.

  3. Kara says

    Please keep this show on!!! I agree with all the above statements, it is clean and patriotic. These are characters that you invest in, feel their losses and joys and reminds all of us the sacrifice that not just the soldiers make but also their families. Again, along with he rest, I would hate to see another good show cancelled.

  4. Judy N says

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!? Why in the world would you take off such an awesome show?!!! It semis like all anyone wants to air anymore are those stupid reality t v shows. Why can’t the networks leave the good programs like Army Wives alone?!!!

  5. Karon Wheatley says

    I love this show. It is the only show I watch on a regular basis. This show makes you realize and have more respect for the family members of men and women in service and what they go thru on a daily basis. Wonderful real life story lines. It is listed as one of the number one dramas – keep it on.

  6. jo says

    Don’t end Army Wives!!!! Why is it when finally a good show comes on and after six short seasons they want to end it? Give your audience a chance to enjoy good drama!

  7. Penny says

    Please do not cancel Army Wives. I’m a Navy wife and although some of it is not accurate it is a great show. I have never missed an episode and if it truly has to end then Claudia Joy has GOT to come back soon!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    i do not want army wives to end it is my favorite show ever i will cry forever if they cancel army wives i have been watching it since it started and i love it

    THERE SHOULD BE A SESON 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. nancy says

    Why is it that whenever there is a meaningful, well played show on tv that the networks cancel it ? There is so much trash on tv anymore. I look forward to Sunday nights, sitting and watching army wives, its one of the best shows on tv. Take some of these stupid reality shows off and leave army wives alone..please.

  10. Tina says

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! IT IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER MISSED AN EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!! I love this show. My husband recently retired from the military and I love that this show shows a little of what the families go through just to be a part of something as great as serving our country. I have not ever foound a show that I like or obsess over as much as I do “Army Wives”. Why must you keep cancelling shows that are just plain good television and put on all of these ridiculous “reality” shows. You can’t show true reality in an hour. You simply show what you want us to see in order to entertain us. So, why not just keep shows like “Army Wives” which truly is entertaining!!!!!

  11. gr8fanofarmywives says

    Please don’t end it. We don’t need any more reality tv, just nice shows with great stories and a great cast.

  12. Leigh says

    I’m not ready for Army Wives to end. I truly enjoy sharing in their lives and feel like I’ll be losing old friends.

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