Blood Ties: Petition to Revive the TV Series or to Make a Movie!

Blood TiesThough the vampire series didn’t attract an overwhelming number of viewers, Blood Ties has some of the most devoted fans in recent television history. This simple fact makes it so confusing as to why the supernatural series was cancelled.

The series was produced in Canada and premiered on the Lifetime cable channel. The first season of Blood Ties was made up of 13 episodes and, while they were still airing, Lifetime ordered a second season of nine episodes. The 22 episodes had actually been produced as a single season.

Despite the fact that thousands of fans pleaded for more adventures of Vicki and Henry, Lifetime opted to leave Blood Ties off their schedule. There was interest among Canadian broadcasters in continuing the series but it wasn’t possible without Lifetime’s portion of the funding.

Many fans would like to see the vampire tale continue either as a series or, at least, in the form of a movie to wrap things up. How about you?

To: Lifetime Television, Pete Mohan/ Producer, Randy Zalkan/ Executive Producer

We, the undersigned, have passionately enjoyed each episode of Blood Ties and appreciate all that you’ve done to bring the series to us.

At the same time, we are extremely disappointed that the series has not continued. We ask that you please find a way to work out the scheduling and/or financial issues so that the series may continue, or if that is not possible, a movie based on the series is produced. We are convinced that there is still a devoted audience and market for this show.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • DanielaCountry: Portugal2015-08-06 18:09:27
    I loved this serie. The ending, though, left a lot in the open.
  • Bethany shay CooperCountry: United states of america 2015-07-19 22:59:47
    Please bring this back I absolutely adore this series and really want to see what happens next!!
  • charmainCountry: uk2015-07-19 16:45:23
    Pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee do more on this
  • laura leeCountry: USA2015-06-25 23:34:45
    Please bring back the Blood Ties series for a third season or at least a movie for closure. Very enjoyable series. Thanks for all the hours of entertainment.
  • chantelCountry: chantel.28@hotmail.com2015-05-02 01:53:44
    please bring it back I need to know what happens
  • Donna Rosinski-KauzCountry: USA2015-04-29 23:18:13
    Please bring Blood Ties back. It is the most intelligent vampire show ever produced, and you left us with such a heartbreaking cliffhanger!
  • harley guidryCountry: Louisiana2015-04-24 09:39:35
    OMG loooove this show. Bring it back!
  • SarahCountry: u.s.a2015-04-22 14:10:59
    This show was phenomenal. All we ask is that the series be tied up.
  • caelynnCountry: Canada2015-04-06 14:40:24
    Please bring Blood Ties back! Amazing show!
  • CourtneyCountry: South Africa2015-04-01 18:46:50
    I love Blood Ties! its a amazing series! I would love to see it come alive again, it needs to continue with Christina Cox and Kyle Schmdt, no one else could play these roles. Please please please bring it back or at least make a movie! that would be so great! please!
  • brandy jCountry: united states2015-03-23 22:05:50
    I love this tv series blood ties!! this show definitely needs to be back on the air!!
  • vicki lanpherCountry: united states2015-03-08 23:15:51
    please!! please!! bring back blood ties
  • Tessa PaxtonCountry: Scotland 2015-03-08 21:33:20
    Please, please bring this back! I'm a huge fan of both the books and the show. The way it ended never seemed finale and I would love it if you managed to get the funding and have Christina Cox and Kyle Schmdt back because in my eyes, nobody else could be the characters that mean so much to me. I watched it when it aired on British TV back in 2007 and immediately bought the box set as soon as it became available here. Please revive it
  • Amanda SchwarzCountry: U.S.A.2015-03-08 13:24:07
    TNT should pick up BloodTies and bring it back with the original cast and writers. So many burning questions were left unanswered. The show was so good and had so much potential. It still does. If it was brought back it would do 100% times better. Or at least a Movie to tie up the loose ends. Please.
  • TeriCountry: Russian Federation2015-01-24 05:37:41
    please, return blood ties!
  • blazeCountry: England2015-01-23 14:49:40
    PLEASEEEE bring back the show. I loved it sooooo much. I watched the whole thing in 2 days,that's how much I loved the show. So awesome. I hoped that in one if the episodes vicky and Henry would FINAly make love to each other but no. Love u vicky love you henry. ♥♡♥. I would of loved to be in one if the episodes and wouldn't stop making this wonderful show. Best tv shie
  • Sue SchillerCountry: USA 2014-12-27 08:46:30
    This is the most creative and interesting series I've seen in quite sometime. It amazes me that a good series like this is not funded by lifetime but some other far less worthy content is kept on the air.
  • Daniela cespedesCountry: Usa2014-12-22 03:30:58
    I just started watch a couple days ago and I finished the series today I am in love with this show and was so disappointed and left with so many questions on the last episode more romance and really hope that they bring it back it's a lie that the veiws were bad it's 2014 and people are still watching the show I only wish that it airs again and we can rest knowing the ending of this amazing novella please bring it back!!
  • Dolly PetersonCountry: United States2014-11-18 04:56:37
    I think that Blood Ties trumps all of the other vampire/supernatural tv series of all time. I would love to have more seasons of this series because it's my favorite. Please make more of this awesome tv series.
  • Marissa CastroCountry: United States2014-05-25 05:08:13
    I absolutely loved, still love, Blood Ties. I love thee dark romance of the show along side a butt-kicking heroine like Vikki.
  • penny harrisCountry: uk2014-05-24 15:50:27
    I loved blood ties, it was the best vampire series ever, even with all the new stuff, true blood, vampire diaries etc, the gap for this vampire show here is a massive, please please consider bringing the show back, it has a massive fan base as can be seen just by logging on a computer, LISTEN TO THE FANS!
  • penny harrisCountry: uk2014-05-24 15:50:27
    I loved blood ties, it was the best vampire series ever, even with all the new stuff, true blood, vampire diaries etc, the gap for this vampire show here is a massive, please please consider bringing the show back, it has a massive fan base as can be seen just by logging on a computer, LISTEN TO THE FANS!
  • Kaitlin DifferCountry: Scotland2014-05-11 14:37:40
    I adore The TV show 'Blood ties' for many reasons, it is supernatural in nature, the historic references are so detailed and intriguing that they never fail to pull me in and keep me on the edge of my seat, the characters (especially henry, shock horror xD) are all excellent, they constantly leave you smiling. So it is safe to say that I don't understand why they would cancel such a show after only two seasons considering the potential fan base that it would have pulled in. The profits alone would have went through the roof, especially with the growing number of supernatural enthusiasts today. Please bring back Blood Ties! - That is all
  • christine gravesCountry: united kingdom2014-04-26 15:06:08
    bring it back please, they have a strong fan base and many of us want to know how it ends with Vicky, Henry and the cop ( my favorite was Henry ):)
  • NastyaCountry: Russia2014-01-22 18:36:45
    Please, give back blood ties. It was a great tv serial.