Brotherhood: Showtime TV Show Is Really Over, No Season Four

BrotherhoodWe’ve suspected the bad news for months but now, it’s been confirmed that the Brotherhood series has indeed been cancelled by Showtime.

Brotherhood revolves around the lives of two brothers in an Irish-American neighborhood in Rhode Island. Tommy Caffee (Jason Clarke) is a family man and local politician while his brother Michael (Jason Isaacs) is a professional criminal who’s involved with the Irish mob. Others in the cast of this gritty drama include Kevin Chapman, Annabeth Gish, Fiona C. Erickson, Brian Scannell, Kerry O’Malley, Fionnula Flanagan, Madison Garland, Billy Smith, Frank Ridley, Matt Servitto, Ethan Embry, Brian F. O’Byrne, Tina Benko, and John Fiore.

The series debuted on Showtime on July 9, 2006 and, despite some very positive reviews, Brotherhood didn’t attract a lot of viewers; just 450,000. Showtime nevertheless renewed the show for a second season — albeit one made up of only 10 episodes. They started airing in September of 2007 and the premiere brought in just 370,000 viewers.

Brotherhood won a Peabody Award in 2007 and continued to garner critical attention. Situated behind Dexter, the show attracted its best ratings with 650,000 viewers on November 18, 2007. The pay-for-view cable channel continued to stand behind the show and renewed it for a third season.

Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt said, “Brotherhood is one of our shining hours at Showtime — a drama series that is among the highest-quality shows offered anywhere on television, and we’re proud to keep it firmly in our portfolio.” In November 2008, the season three debut attracted just 305,000 viewers.

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Earlier this year, rumors started to circulate that Brotherhood wouldn’t be returning for a fourth season. Showtime execs wouldn’t say one way or the other and the actors, as well as viewers, were kept in the dark as to the show’s future.

In January, Greenblatt said, “It’s a show that we love, and we’re just trying to figure out what the future might be. We have a finite number of slots for shows, and we’re in that difficult place of trying to make that decision.”

Lost actress Flanagan told EOnline in February, “We’re on hiatus, and we’re waiting to hear what Showtime’s pleasure is about that. It will all have to be balanced with what else Showtime has on its roster for this next year. Usually the shooting season was the summer, so I should imagine that we’ll know soon.”

The show’s future began to look especially grim when Australian actor Clarke was cast in U.S. Attorney, a new drama series for CBS. Though the show was not picked up for Fall, it may end up on the network’s midseason schedule.

Now, the speculation about Brotherhood can finally be put to rest. Showtime and Paramount Home Entertainment have officially announced the DVD release of season three and the title is Brotherhood – The Final Season. Things don’t get any plainer than that. The set will be released on September 22nd and can be purchased now at a pre-release discount. (Please note, the title on Amazon hasn’t been properly updated as of this writing.)

Some have expressed that the third season finale gave closure to the series. Tommy became the speaker of the house and Michael left Providence once again. Do you agree, or are you just left wanting another visit to The Hill?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Pattie says

    I just came across this series my daughter was watching it one day and i sat down to watch it and i was hooked i watched every show dissappointed it no longer is on. I believe there is more , love to know how Tommy does as speaker and his wife how things go with the new baby and all and his 3 girls what becomes of them , and Michael just how long does he stay away ,so much more can go on and lets not forget mom .

  2. Kathleen Downs says

    I was very disappointed to learn that the third season of “Brotherhood” is the final season. s This is acting at its best. Thanks for such great entertainment.

  3. Finn says

    I loved this show. I wonder if the viewership numbers represent a downward trend in cable television in general as Netflix, iTunes and other Internet formats take over. I mean I just started watching this series and with Apple TV and Netflix I would never pay money for Showtime but was willing to pay 1.99 an episode. Too bad they didn’t consider that in those figures.

  4. Bowman! says

    I agree with the sentiments of the previous comments. Brotherhood was an excellent show. I just finished season 3 on Netflix and I am totally bummed there is no season 4. The final scene did provide some closure but, it feels like there should be another chapter somewhere down the road. Maybe a season 4 10 years on? Here is to hoping…

  5. says

    Just watched season 3 and so sad to hear its at the end.One of the best shows i have watched in years,very disappointed its finished. Great writing,great actors and so much more to give.

  6. Mirror says

    Too bad. Very good show. While it’s understandable that such a decision is purely “business”, it is tough to reconcile when you consider Showtime’s investment in and commitment to weak and vapid series like The L Word and now Shameless, which by the way is not “based on the UK Original”……it is the UK Original with horrible fake Chicago accents.

  7. Bob L. says

    I think I have had it with Showtime .Every F’n time I find a series that I really love and look forward each week to watch Some F******’n g Imbocile decides to cancel it.Now I can cancel Showtime ,,Thanks for stringing me along you Pricks!!

    • j says

      Boy, Bob L., you stated exactly what I’m thinking right now. I can’t believe they cancelled Brotherhood and have some of the crap on their channel instead. I only kept the channel around in hopes that it would be revived at some point, as well as Dexter. But now that Dexter is in hiatus, goodbye Showtime.

  8. Diego. B says

    Brotherhood was indeed a great show, however the quality of the show is not what caused their ratings to drop. The truth is Showtime does a terrible job with their marketing campaigns. Hbo has some of the shittiest shows on cable but yet they manage to maintain their ratings which is why you rarely see anything get cancelled there. As far as craigs’ comment on piracy, he’s right. ******** such as myself do prefer to download content illegally simply because we rather steal than pay bloodsucking cable companies such as “Time Warner” a red cent. If “Showtime” and “Hbo” continue to allow these cable companies to overprice their viewers for content, then they deserve to go under. Networks need to smell the coffee and catch up with technology. If and when they realize it is in their best interest to cut out the middle-guy such as “Time Warner”, and offer direct subscription online, only then shall series’ like Brotherhood survive. Until then, good look keeping us “Pirates” form thiefen, “YEBE WARNED”, lol.

  9. Ellen Reeves says

    I am very upset with SHOW TIME for canceling Brotherhood because it so good it made
    HBO nowhere channel next to yours…anyway thanks for nothing …it was a very bad move
    in your part!!!!!

  10. Craig says

    Yeah, this sucks. My mother and I and watched it since the premiere…
    It’s sad because there’s a ****** reason why it was cancelled. It’s the same problem that all of the pay channel shows have. It’s internet piracy. There are a bunch of low-lifes out there that are downloading it for free instead of paying for it. And it doesn’t make sense for Time Warner or Infinity to produce these shows… so they cancel them…
    Eventually these pricks are going to put HBO and SHOTIME out of business.
    On a positive note, the actor that played Tommy Caffee, Jason Clarke has a new show coming out on FOX called The Chicago Code.

  11. Brian says

    This is extremely disappointing. I just netflixed the most recent season thinking I hadn’t seen it and was rudely awakened that the show had in fact been canceled. This was one of my top 5 favorite shows and I was really looking forward to Michael coming back. The last scene from season three when he lost it was one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever seen on tv. This show was the definition of drama. R.I.P.

  12. Siv says

    Just sad that is cancelled. We just discovered this show not realizing it was repeats and were so excited about a great series. We loved Deadwood and the same thing happened with that incredible series.

  13. Michael Byrnes says

    I love this show. Very dissapointed to hear of its cancellation. I have all three seasons and watch them over again from time to time. :-(

  14. Helen Byrnes says

    brotherhood is the best show I have seen in a long time. please tell me if there is a chance it could come back.

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