Which Bubble TV Show Should Be Renewed? You Said…

CastleWell, after three rounds of our “tournament” and nearly 7,000 total votes, you’ve decided which “bubble show” you’d most like to see return next season. Did your TV show win? Will it be renewed?

In round one of the game, we asked you to select from a list of 30+ shows that were of danger of being cancelled. It wasn’t easy but more than 1,600 people made their choices and we came up with six clear favorites: Better Off Ted, Castle, Chuck, Fringe, Medium, and Trauma.

In the second round, three of those shows — Better Off Ted, Medium and Trauma — were all left in the dust.

Castle was the clear winner of round two. Chuck narrowly beat out Fringe for the number two spot but Fringe was actually renewed as we closed out the voting so Fringe fans didn’t have much to be sad about.

It came down to Chuck vs. Castle. We suspected that the sci-fi fans who’d voted for Fringe might switch to Chuck and tip the scales but it didn’t happen.

Castle has won our tournament and is officially the show our readers would most like to see return next season. It beat out Chuck by a very wide margin.

Though we don’t control the networks, it seems fairly certain that Castle will be renewed for next season. It’s been holding up well against some tough Monday night competition.

Chuck hasn’t been doing as well and last week, came in fourth place in the key demographic and total viewers. While the peacock network is struggling and has lots of airtime to fill next season, Chuck is far from a shoe-in for renewal.

At the end of this season, there will be 54 episodes of Chuck in the can. It seems likely that Warner Bros. would want to keep it going for at least one more season for the syndication package and might make a deal with NBC. If the ratings remain the same or moderately improve, I suspect Chuck will be renewed for 13 episodes.

So, what do you think? Are the results of our game a surprise? Do you agree with the results or was there another show that’s more deserving of a renewal than Castle?

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  1. Kathleen Comeau says

    I love Castle but Medium and Trauma should have stayed as well.
    I am thrilled to hear that White Collar Crime will return.
    What about Raising the Bar – that was a great show.

  2. Pam says

    I love Castle. The cast on there is great. I love all those people and the story lines. Please keep this show going!!!!

  3. Grace says

    Yay Fringe lived. 😀 I’m EXTREMELY limited in my choice of good television so this is definitely good news.

  4. Debi says


    • gina M says

      Im with this one i love trauma it means alot more than all those other shows it is more real and the story of the peoples lives are truely amazing and shows reall life but not reallity tv BRING BACK TRAUMA BRING BACK TRAUMA 3RD TIME IS A CHARM THEY WILL ROCK !!!!!

  5. BoomerFT says

    Sorry Chuckfan38, I tried watching Chuck since it was on prior to Heroes – the only redeeming character being the sexy female spy protecting the idiot. So go back to Waner Bros and NCB where ever they are. The rest of us would like like a more intelligent breed of action/Adventure/Sc-Fi all rolled into one. Sorry bachelor/bachelorette fans no room for them either.

  6. xServer says

    I like “Chuck” but I like “Castle” more. After the heartbreak of losing Nathan Fillion’s “Firefly” I am just happy to be able to watch him on TV again. The only way I would want “Castle” to be canceled was if Whedon had someone ready to produce new episodes of “Firefly” (with the original cast, of course).

  7. Todd DiNezza says

    The show “CHUCK” definitely deserves to be renewed!!! It would probably benefit from a better time slot & on a different day. For example, it was a clear mistake to have it air on Monday night
    opposite Monday Night Football (and the preceding pregame show) on ESPN!!! It would be MUCH
    better to air it on a Tuesday or Thusday night as a great 9:00 PM show!

  8. says

    I love Chuck! Okay, mabey parents don’t understand how funny it is but it’s funny. It’s about a spy that works at a Buy More! I had to look everywere just to find season 1 of Chuck but it was worth it. You really understand if you watchit from the beginning. Every Monday I always watch Chuck. I think Chuck should be renewed FOR SURE!

  9. says

    No offence but CHUCK is the most awesome show I have ever watched. I think Chuck should go on Forever! I’ve been on the Waners Bros. studio tour and I was told that Chuck is one- fourth of the population of NBC. So what would they do withOUT Chuck? It may not look interesting but you have to at least watch the first episode. I may just be one person but I’m a person who will ALWAYS love Chuck. CHUCK ROCKS!

  10. Will says

    Sorry to all those who this may offend but, screw Chuck and screw Castle. Better Off Ted is one of the best shows I have ever seen and to let it go for these horrible sitcoms is a travesty. But a travesty I will have to endure as I live in a country that salivates over shows such as Jersey Shore, American Idol, and Desperate Housewives. The people of America are rotting their brains with junk like this and really need to stop. I guess this is what will continue to happen until the brilliant Mike Judge’s movie Idiocracy comes to fruition and becomes our actual lives. Booooo ABC. Thankfully there is Netflix!

    • silverwillow says

      Yes, I agree THANK GOD FOR NETFLIX!!! I would rather watch an old, but beloved (and cancelled) TV show from Netflix, than watch some of the shows on tv. Show’s I think should be cancelled: the amazing race, the bachelor, dancing with the stars, the biggest loser, survivor, the bachelorette, american idol, america’s got talent, just to name a few.
      BOOO “Reality” TV!!!!!

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