Cancelled or Renewed CBS TV Shows — updated 07/11

Bleep My Dad SaysCBS has the largest number of TV shows of all of the networks. They keep their schedule pretty consistent but it can still be a challenge to keep track of your favorite TV shows. Have they been cancelled or renewed? When will they be back? Below is a list of all of the regular CBS series that have aired (or are expected to air) during the 2010-11 season (which we consider roughly June 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011).

Using this list you can tell where your favorite CBS series stand; how many episodes are in the current season, when shows will be back and, of course, if they’re already renewed (yea!) or cancelled (boo!).

If you can’t find a particular CBS program on this list, it may have been cancelled last season (2009-10) or perhaps the one before (2008-09). For a list of cancelled shows from all networks, you can go here. It may also be possible that we missed something (horrors!) so feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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Here are listings for the other networks: ABC | The CW | FOX | NBC

  TV shows Current/latest season Status  
  $#*! My Dad Says 1 (18 eps, aired) cancelled  
  48 Hours 24 (unknown eps, aired) renewed for season 25  
  60 Minutes 43 (unknown eps, aired) renewed for season 44  
  The Amazing Race 18 (12 eps, aired) renewed for season 19  
  The Big Bang Theory 4 (24 eps, aired) renewed through season 7  
  Big Brother 12 (unknown eps, aired) renewed, returns Summer 2011  
  Blue Bloods 1 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 2  
  The Bridge 1 (10 of 13 eps unaired) cancelled in US & Canada  
  Chaos 1 (13 eps, aired) cancelled  
  Criminal Minds 6 (24 eps, aired) renewed for season 7  
  Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1 (13 eps, aired) cancelled  
  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 11 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 12  
  CSI: Miami 9 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 10  
  CSI: NY 7 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 8  
  The Defenders 1 (18 eps, aired) cancelled  
  Flashpoint 4 (13 eps, aired) Moved to ION  
  The Good Wife 2 (23 eps, aired) renewed for season 3  
  Hawaii Five-0 1 (24 eps, aired) renewed for season 2  
  How I Met Your Mother 6 (24 eps, aired) renewed for seasons 7 & 8  
  Live to Dance 1 (7 eps, aired) cancelled  
  Mad Love 1 (13 eps, aired) cancelled  
  The Mentalist 3 (24 eps, aired) renewed for season 4  
  Medium 7 (13 eps, aired) cancelled  
  Mike & Molly 1 (26 eps, aired) renewed for season 2  
  NCIS 8 (24 eps, aired) renewed for season 9  
  NCIS: Los Angeles 2 (24 eps, aired) renewed for season 3  
  Rules of Engagement 5 (24 eps, aired) renewed for season 6  
  Survivor 22 (16 eps, aired) renewed for seasons 23 & 24  
  Two and a Half Men 8 (16 eps, aired) renewed for season 9  
  Undercover Boss 2 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 3  
  Last updated: July 1, 2011.      

What do you think? Do you see any surprises on this list? Which CBS TV shows do you think won’t be renewed? Which should be cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carol Crawford says

    I read in the St. Louis paper that The Golden Boy may not be renewed. We and all of our friends who watch this show were shocked. This is one of the better new shows now on. Why wouldn’t CBS renew it for next season? There’s not another show on that compares to it.

  2. Maria Searle says

    I can not believe that the American shows that i like are all being cancelled. I will in future look to see if a show has been cancelled half way through before beginning to watch Alcatraz and Criminal Minds Suspect Behaviour….bear in mind i live in England and can do this as the series are aired later here than in America….it is very disheartening to become embroiled in a series to have it cut short or left on a Cliff Hanger and never knowing what happens!!

  3. BiggEdd says

    As is always the case, and that which has already been pointed out, the Hollywood executives have done their darndest to @#$%^% screw up the schedule It is bad enough, the show had limited long term engagement. I mean, how long could these people exist on a far off Island, where some kook was running things (very happily, I might say) until the sub and crew started on their rendezvous with the future of man. I will have to, as will you, sit back and wait for the mid-season replacements to come out. And there will be one or two that make the cut. For now, I have started enjoying the Food Network, DIY, and other cable schedules shows and movies. What used to be GOOD shows on the major three stations, is now a rug roll to the finish line and in some cases and schedules They very seldom even exist.

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