Charlie’s Angels: ABC Prez on the Cancelled TV Series

canceled Charlies Angels Though the new Charlie’s Angels series came into this season with an already known title and concept, it flopped. In addition to lots of bad reviews, many viewers didn’t like the idea of another revival even before they had a chance to see the pilot.

When the series did debut, it garnered a weak 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8.76 million viewers. The ratings went down from there, losing 29% in week two and then another 20% in week three. ABC cancelled the series after eight episodes had been filmed.

Last week, in the usual Charlie’s Angels timeslot, ABC reran It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Despite the fact that the animated special is readily available on DVD, Great Pumpkin nearly doubled the demo rating of the previous week’s Charlie’s Angels episode.

For those who liked the show, ABC supposedly plans to broadcast all eight installments. Episode six airs tonight and episode seven is slated for next Thursday. No word on the last episode just yet.

In a recent interview with ABC Entertainment Group’s Paul Lee, THR asked the president why the now-cancelled series didn’t work. He said, “It’s always so difficult to tell. I think we just didn’t breathe life into that idea. We didn’t catch the audience or get the momentum we wanted from the show.”

What do you think? Why didn’t the show work? Was it the casting, acting, the scripts, or has the time passed for this concept? Could a new Charlie’s Angels really work today?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Leslie says

    Who wants to root for a woman who killed someone street racing? Who loves dirty cops? Who could be sympathetic to a Park Avenue princess who steals? People love the idea of redemption, but this story strays too far from the original characters who were all “good girls” trapped by the glass ceiling of sexism. Instead we have 3 convicted felons (4 if you count Bosley) who managed to get firearms permits and private detective shields. It seems the writers were pressured into writing story lines meant to plug tech gadgets and clothing rather than something cohesive that made you want to root for the characters. Instead we got pablum. Two of the cast members (Taylor and Rodriguez) and tried to tell a story with what they were given. Their work was admirable despite some cringe-worthy heartfelt glances across the dance club, I mean Townsend Agency. Rodriguez had great chemistry with Erica Durance, but she wasn’t an angel. (and why did he have to be a man-*****?) It’s clear Minka Kelly was cast because she’s GORGEOUS, but I didn’t believe for a minute that she was a private detective or actually went to prison. The character just lacked and edge and texture that you expect a felon to emanate. Girlfriend didn’t even have a “State Walk.” Annie Ilonzeh’s character lacked that same edge. Dirty cop or not, forget that wide-eyed deer caught in headlights stare. Cops have a walk, a stare, and an aloofness that keeps them cued for what might jump off. While I admit to watching the show because I have a sort of crush on Ramon Rodriguez, I must admit that even I felt alienated by the show because the quick resolutions and glitz over substance just insulted my intelligence. A little bit of grit, bulkier character development, and an intelligent story would have prevented hungry viewers from getting their TV elsewhere.

  2. robycop3 says

    I agree with Stephen Bell’s post above. The new incarnation appeared to be a cheap imitation of the original. Had the producers put more WORK into it, it mighta fared better. Instead, it came off as a hastily-made, last-minute project that somehow seemed incomplete. They coulda kept some more things from the original, such as the above-mentioned theme song and pre-commercial jingle.

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