Chase: Petition and Ways to Support the NBC TV Show

Chase TV showU.S. Marshal Annie Frost (Kelli Giddish) and her team work diligently to keep the public safe from dangerous criminals. Unfortunately there’s no one to keep their show safe from the dangerous world of network ratings where many beloved shows are struck down. Chase hasn’t caught on with a big enough audience and will surely be cancelled after one short season, due to low ratings.

What can you do? Remember, the ideal scenario for NBC is for many millions of people to watch the show on their television sets, while it’s being broadcast. Unfortunately, ratings are put together based on a sampling of viewers. If you’re a “Nielsen household,” your viewing is being counted. If not, it’s not.

However, if you like Chase and want to see it continue, there are a few things you can do to help.

  1. If you’re a Nielsen family, watch the show whenever it’s on. If not, watch it on or purchase episodes online so your viewing will be directly counted. Encourage others to watch the show. You might know a Nielsen family and not be aware of it.
  1. Talk about the show with others; at school, at work, online, or wherever. Creating a buzz about a show that you’re invested in gets other people interested and might help bring former viewers back.
  1. Sign the petition below and encourage others to do the same.
  1. Write to the network. Be respectful. Everyone responds better to courtesy. Tell them how much you enjoy the show, that you’ve signed the petition, and that you want to see it continue. You can use this form or, even better, write via snail-mail to: Mr. Bob Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC, 3000 W. Alameda, Burbank, CA 91523, RE: Chase
  1. Take note of the products that are advertised during the show. Contact the advertisers and tell them that you appreciate their sponsoring the show and that you buy their products (if you do).

To NBC, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Bonanza Productions, and Warner Bros. Television:

We, the undersigned, enjoy watching Chase on the NBC network. The series has great characters and storylines, just the right mixture of action and drama.

Please find a way to keep Chase on the air. We are devoted viewers who will continue to watch the program, encourage others to do the same, and will support the series’ advertisers as well. Please keep it going, either on NBC or, if necessary, on another NBC-related channel. If that’s not possible, please find a way to wrap up the story.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • MyDearCountry: Singapore2015-04-29 12:00:35
    Please, please come back Season 2, 3, 4, etc, etc, etc ..... I LOVE THIS TV SERIES AND THE CASTS!!!!!
  • Alasiri BCountry: USA2015-01-06 01:05:08
  • Henry PalmCountry: US2014-12-06 12:36:35
    I liked the show and was stun when I could not find it NBC or anywhere. Need to bring back Kelli Giddish.
  • Ryan K AndradeCountry: US2014-03-12 11:01:11
    Great show and should be brought back...should have never been cancelled
  • Gloria LeeCountry: Canada2014-02-27 00:14:14
    I thought this was the best TV shows ever. I was so surprized when I couldn't find it anymore. Please bring back Kelli & Chase.
  • Marls GardnerCountry: Australia2014-02-26 00:00:47
    This show is so great that I record it each week incase I'm working and I don't want to miss it . All us Aussie watch it out here it's such a great show there is only 2 shows I really get into Chase and Criminal Minds please don't cancel either of these it would be a great loss to the viewers out here.
  • Angel SwainCountry: US2014-02-11 11:57:18
    Great program with a female lead. We don't have enough in this area.
  • Amy B MetzgerCountry: United States2013-12-16 17:30:57
    This was a great show and I hate it when shows stop with no real wrap up. My brother and Dad both loved the show. It always created much conversation in my family.
  • Mark 30yrs oldCountry: Canada2013-12-04 21:29:42
    Please bring back this show my wife and I loved this action packed show. Miss it even after two years !!
  • EmmaCountry: united kingdom2013-08-10 04:58:56
    I love this show I to discovered it whilst channel surfing saw the first part of episode 1 and set it there and then to record series. To many of my fave are getting cut after the first season. Ie alcatraz, ringer and other excellent shows. Please please bring chase back...........
  • Andy DunnCountry: UK2013-07-25 19:01:42
    Please reconsider renewing this show, it was one of my favourites of recent years!
  • Maria Stella AquinoCountry: Philippines2013-06-02 14:14:50
    I stumbled across the show while surfing channels and I got hooked right away. Love Annie , Jimmy and the whole team! I can't get enough of it because I am a huge huge fan! Cole Hauser is sooo cute while Annie is short, beautiful and strong at the same time. Hope there are more episodes ...
  • SarahCountry: USA2013-05-03 13:09:12
    LOVE THIS SERIES! Please bring it back!
  • MartinCountry: Ireland2013-04-04 12:49:41
    Please take chase back its the best show along with others that have been canceled and I really love chase and also my mum loves it I know 200 people who want it back !!! SO TAKE IT BACK !!!
  • NikkiCountry: Uk2013-02-24 06:56:54
    Brill show only just found it on catch up tv please do another series
  • nadiaCountry: uk2013-02-13 07:22:32
    brilliant show! bring it back please.
  • Toni DuncanCountry: USA2012-11-17 20:39:55
    Great show
  • Tom CerratoCountry: USA2012-11-17 20:37:56
    One of the best cast and show out there, loved it. Bring all the cast back.
  • Michael kinderCountry: Us2012-11-17 18:45:50
    Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Daniel S. LivramentoCountry: United States2012-11-01 00:20:10
    Would love to see chase come back on the air. Please bring it back. My neighbor across the street John Mahoney and I both miss the show. Am a big fan of Kelli Giddish on SVU, but would love to see her back on chase.
  • Crystal SpriggsCountry: United States2012-10-17 19:07:51
    I absolutely love the series Chase. Will you please bring it back. My husband and I was loving it and we were waiting for the rest of the episodes. We loved all the characters and the drama that was happening between them.
  • sjCountry: uk2012-09-04 09:00:41
    please bring the chase back, would love to see annie (boots) back in action, fantastic show.
  • JessCountry: UK2012-09-01 17:16:30
    Please bring back chase as it is really good TV show and when i had finished watching the first season i thought there was going to be a second season. A TV show can't end like that, Annie and Jimmy kiss and walk in the woods together holding hands it just gets the viewers even more curious. It gets the viewers wondering if they are be together or not. Please bring it back me and all my friends love it and we want a second season.
  • AnonymousCountry: United States2012-08-24 15:02:34
    Please bring Chase back it was such a great and amazing show! this is the second time one of my favorite shows got cancelled! Please bring it back
  • kirsty weldonCountry: united kingdom2012-08-19 15:15:24
    Please bring back chase, i loved it! So much more can be done with it as the characters are amazing, likeable and could have an interesting back story, was never bored with this programme so please please bring it back!!!!
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