Do No Harm

Do No Harm TV showNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: January 31, 2013 — September 7, 2013
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Steven Pasquale, Alana De La Garza, Michael Esper, Ruta Gedmintas, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phylicia Rashad, John Carroll Lynch, and Samm Levine.

TV show description:      
This TV series is a modern interpretation of the classic Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Doctor Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale) is a highly respected neurosurgeon who seems to have it all — a lucrative career, confident charm and the gift of compassion. Unfortunately, he also has a deep, dark secret.

Every night at 8:25pm, something inside Jason changes. It leaves him almost unrecognizable — seductive, devious, and borderline sociopathic. This new man is his dangerous alternate personality who goes by the name Ian Price and is in control for 12 hours.

For years, Jason has battled Ian, keeping him in check with a powerful experimental sedative. Now, his (their) body has developed a resistance to the serum, setting Ian free once again.

To make matters worse, after being suppressed for so long, Ian is hell-bent on taking revenge on his oppressor. With Jason’s career and everyone he cares about at risk — his patients, friends, coworkers and Doctor Lena Solis (Alana De La Garza), the sweet woman he loves — Jason knows he must stop Ian once and for all.

Doctor Vanessa Young (Phylicia Rashad) is the head of the neurosurgery department, a strong and determined woman who leads by example. Doctor Ruben Marcado (Lin-Manuel Miranda) is a clinical pharmacologist who helps suppress Jason’s alter ego and Josh Stern (Samm Levin) is Jason’s administrative assistant. Olivia Flynn (Ruta Gedmintas) is Jason’s former love interest who also has a son.

Series Finale:     
Episode #13 — This Is How It Ends
While undergoing a complicated brain operation, Jason finally learns the truth about Ian Price.
First aired: September 7, 2013.


What do you think? Dis you like the Do No Harm TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Paul says

    Why do they keep on doing this to us? Alphas, another brilliant programme axed.. im just waiting now for the Tomorrow People to be cancelled before i end my subscription to sky.. Someone with no sense is running a public paid service that has no idea what we the paying people want. Whoever it is should be sacked and someone with a little more vision and thought for us (the little people) put in his/her place. For once SKY do us favour and ask for a vote and let US decide if we should or shouldn’t be let down time and time again.. WANKERS…

  2. Diane says

    This show WAS great. It IS such a shame that so many of the truly good ones get the axe. I hope they bring this back some how, maybe to a cable network or netflix but unfortunately they would need new actors, as I know some have gone on to other series. Steven Pasquale and Alana De La Garza were magic and part of the reason I loved to watch. If brought back with other actors they sure would have some tough shoes to fill, but it CAN be done. If they can remake classic movies with new actors, surely a series would be snap. Especially one they definitely didn’t give enough time to get more viewers to watch so wouldn’t know the difference anyway!
    C’mon NBC! Don’t let this amazing show go the route of other greats we lost out on, like, Swing Town, My So Called Life, American Dreams, October Road, Love Monkey (just to name a few) with their deep character-rich lives left loitering the recesses of our imaginations for all eternity. How wonderful, at least, the cast of October Road felt so deeply for their fans dismay at their shows cancelation that they tried to make (and made!) a finale (with their own money!) to offer some closure for their fans about the otherwise lingering lives that networks seemingly love to leave left hanging in limbo.

  3. Meghann says

    Why do all the good shows get cancelled I am tired of seeing the awful reality stupid ass shows get renewed when you have a great piece of work drama and suspense get cancelled who the hell makes these decisions maybe I should show them how to do there job absolutely disappointed in the network for dropping a great TV series lets watch more idiotic people clam there five min of fame instead of watching what people want to see. I deal with people all day in real reality I don’t care to watch people be stupid after dealing with them all day I want my mind to be challenged and in wonder of what will happen next , this was a great show and I am sure if the network would have scheduled it at a different time then it would have been a success and maid them millions but hey lets watch the ******* money hungry five minute fame people cause that’s what we want to see what a joke , because of that I don’t watch the network Tired of seeing great shows be canceled………….

  4. Jen says

    I am so sadden to find that there is no more of do no harm. I didn’t watch it when it aired, as I didn’t have tv or internet, but was immediately hooked when I discovered this show- yesterday. I have watched all the episodes and need more. Please bring this show back.

  5. Monica says

    I can’t believe this show was canceled!!! It was so good! Way better than a lot of shows out there! I hope the producers try to pitch it to other networks. I think it just was not advertised enough for people to know about it. Anyone who knew to watch it got hooked!! PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!!

  6. megan says

    this show was awesome..not like any other show out there right now. finaly was soooo good! this show needs to be given a 2nd chance. turn it into a NETFLIX show or something. we NEED a season 2!!

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