Fear Factor: Reality Show Cancelled; No Season Eight

NBC canceled Fear FactorSorry Joe Rogan. It’s time to say goodbye to Fear Factor again. NBC has cancelled the TV series for the second time.

A reality competition that challenges contestants to do some scary and disgusting stunts, Fear Factor initially ran for six seasons and 144 episodes on the peacock network, from 2001 until 2006.

The show was revived this season and performed well for the network, averaging a 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.08 million total viewers. It was usually either the first or second highest-rated show in its timeslot.

Did the donkey episode get Fear Factor cancelled?

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Until The Voice returned, Fear Factor was the highest-rated non-scripted series on the network. As we wrap up the season, it’s the third highest-rated show on NBC, beaten only by The Voice and The Office.

There was some controversy surrounding the sixth episode, titled “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!”, and featured a stunt that required contestants to drink donkey urine and semen. It was initially scheduled for January 30th but the network ultimately pulled it and ran a repeat instead.

The last original episode ran on February 12th, supposedly leaving three episodes unaired (including the donkey one). The show was expected to return to the schedule later in the season but it never did.

Though Fear Factor is one of NBC’s highest-rated shows, the network has cancelled it. It’s hard to say why, unless, despite the ratings, the show was a tough sell to advertisers. It certainly wasn’t helping NBC’s image.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Fear Factor’s been cancelled again? Do you think the donkey episode was the cause?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. good says

    america and their stupid ass shows…..they would have to pay me 1 million in advance to participate in this crap and even then i’m not sure i’d do it.

  2. John Skipper Jr. says

    It was foolish of the Network to cancel one of their highest rated shows. It obviously sold to the viewers who must not have minded the content too much or else they would have changed the station.

  3. Cheryl says

    I really like the show, it had great ratings, it was great to see what people would do for $50,000. Too bad the show.got cancelled yet again, so trash the donkey episode and make some new episodes, its that simple of a fix.

  4. toni says

    we’ve always loved FF and were really disappointed to see it disappear AGAIN!
    I would never, ever do some of the things the contestants are able to do and eat and that’s

  5. Grandizer says

    Not surprised at all.
    TV moguls have ZERO clue what works in their own industry.
    There were sponsors that paid to be advertised during the show.
    They caved to the minority that B*tched and moaned.
    They need to grow a pair like JCPenny and others that decide for themselves what is best.

  6. walker says

    This is silly…if the reasoning was this donkey episode, then this cancellation is surely silly. Once again, one of the highest rated shows on a channel gets removed. It was one of the rare reality shows I found interesting and now it is gone; again. NBC, you knew the content of the show you greenlit. I’m pretty sure you are aware of the stunts before they air…so who exactly gave the okay for this episode and then later decided it was a bad idea?

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