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  1. Pamela says

    A few weeks ago Brian Williams announced the end of Rock Center. Why would NBC remove a program of such quality?
    Since the new airwaves system took over I get only two stations: NBC and Cozi TV. This does not allow me much choice to watch something else when I don’t like what is on NBC. I’m not one who enjoys reality programs, talent discovery shows or most comedy sitcoms. Rock Center is such a well rounded news/information program elaborating on current events, health, human interest and historical occurrence; this program was one of few high quality NBC programs of the week.
    I know the network can ‘bring back’ programs: i.e., Off Their Rockers keeps returning. As for that program, I find it very distasteful and insulting towards a generation who is to impart grace and wisdom to upcoming generations; a poor example of an active elder lifestyle. Rock center with host Brian Williams gave the network more quality variety in it’s program choices. I wish NBC would re-establish Rock Center.

  2. Jake Carr says


    I’m really disappointed that “The Firm” was cancelled. I really liked it and it definately maintained the flavour of the original movie with Tom Curz. All the actors were great. I am very surprized that it was cancelled. I thought it was a very well acted and written show. I hope someone will look at it again and put it back on for another season. Really loved the show.

  3. Karen says

    We really enjoyed the firm. Didn’t get a chance to watch it on cable when it came out but was at the store and bought the DVD set and loved it. Enjoyed the characters and script. Why would you cancel it or at least make DVD’s to continue with series. Very disappointed.

  4. awake fan says

    VERY disapointed that Awake is canclled ! Jason Isaacs Is a FANTASIC actor and was an actual series and not a stupid reality show,

  5. stacy says

    “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “America’s Got Talent” are the only two shows I watch on this channel. Now, my viewership will be even less.

  6. David says

    Disappointed that The Firm was cancelled. It was the only show on NBC we watched. Very stimulating, exciting and relatively clean as prime time goes. That leaves us with only two shows we will watch now, NCIS and NCIS LA.

  7. Former NBC Viewer says

    NBC is really out of touch with reality. Cancelling “Harry’s Law” & “Prime Suspect” means I will look to other networks for my viewing. Another season of “Celebrity Apprentice?”—give me a break.

  8. Shelia says

    I’ve been done with NBC for a while now. Was watching for Law and Order: Criminal Intent — gone. Started watching Saving Hope — gone. No reason to watch.

  9. Veronika says

    Could NBC give us a major reason why they cancelled Harry’s Law? Kathy Bates was excellent on it! Her amazing talent along with her co-stars and the ‘guest’ format were out of this world. The stories were also amazing ! The ratings for this show surpassed any of the above mentioned shows. With ratings of 10 .75 overall viewing, great family accepted show and they cancelled it. Why? This show did better than Parks and Recreation, the old ‘The Office’, the new ‘The Office” and others. It did better actually than most reality shows today. Great family show and ‘Kappuff’ Vanished! You really like the people that keep you where you are, NBC!..we the viewers! Give something back to us! Give us ‘Harry’s Law’!

  10. Allison Feeley says

    Everything on this list could be cancelled according to my taste accept for The Firm, Prime Suspect and Awake, all three which indicate are cancelled. It appears to me that if a show involves any thinking AT ALL, it gets cancelled.

    • Anonymous says

      My sentiment exactly. Awake and Prime Suspect had finally brought me back to prime time. My guess is that network executives feel that intellects do not enjoy watching television every now and then or that they have the same short attention spans as the viewers whose ratings count in their world. I won’t be tuned to this network anymore unless they are airing a football game. Dateline will always have my attention, but ID has that and 20/20 (which airs opposite) is often interesting.

  11. lyn baske says

    Very Dissappointed Harrys Law is being cancelled. NBC is my favorite network, why are you cancelling this?

  12. a says

    Hahaha, NBC is struggling!! Go Figure!!! Thats what you get for cancelling your good shows like: HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please don’t cancel any more good shows!!!!!
    You should of listened to us viewers!!!!

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