Judge Alex: Syndicated Court Show Cancelled

Judge Alex canceledLong-running court show Judge Alex has been cancelled. The cancellation was confirmed by Stephen Brown, executive VP of programming and development for the Fox Television Stations.

“We would like to thank Alex Ferrer as well as executive producer Kathy Sapp and the entire staff for producing a strong daytime court program,” said Brown in a statement. “Alex’s extensive police, legal and judicial experience combined with his great sense of humor made for compelling daytime television for nearly 10 years.”

Judge Alex debuted on September 12, 2005 and features cases that are presided over by Judge Alex E. Ferrer, a former police officer, lawyer, and Florida judge.

The series is the lowest-rated of the five remaining court shows and will continue airing original episodes through August.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Ferrer said, “It was not my decision to end the show. I enjoyed doing the show and would keep doing it but, for many reasons, the company that produces the show wanted to move on. I am grateful that I was able to work with really amazing people like my EP Kathy Sapp and Associate EP’s Tera Roberson and James Glover; Directors Eddie October, Michael Dimitch and Art Bergel; Bailiffs Mason Burroughs & Victor Simon, my makeup, hair and wardrobe help that changed me from hideous to tolerable; incredible producers and associate producers who found great cases for me to try and so many others in our 100 person staff and crew who made the show a success. I’m also grateful to have so many great fans and friends, many of whom I got to meet; and I’m sure that I’ll still get to meet more of you at other events.”

He also hinted that he may return to television at some point in the future.

What do you think? Did you like Judge Alex? Are you sorry that it’s been cancelled?

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  1. Suzy says

    Watching Judge Alex on a 48 hrs program on ID and realized I hadn’t seen his program for awhile nowI know why. If he comes back to TV I’ll be sure to watch!

  2. Shelly Blanchard says

    I think judge Alex was a very fair show I think it should come back I am sorry it was cancelled I miss it. .

  3. says

    I liked judge Alex and never missed a show.He was very entertaining and just when you may think he was too soft on some one he quoted the law and closed it out and banged the gavel.I wish he’d come back on .If he’s on Fox I don’t miss it just to see him. .Im 81.

  4. G. Grapes says

    Sorry to hear that the show was cancelled. He was one of my favorites and he had a wonderful sense of humor.

  5. Terri Klein says

    again i agree

    i like judge judy but she is very very nasty. people could say things as what she is saying, but be a little more less nasty about it.

    yes she is smart and good at what she does, and she earned it the hard way, but, be a little more compassionate.

    • History Teacher says

      I do understand your position on Judge Judy and her caustic remarks but I have to admit most of the time, the litigants deserve them. However, every once in awhile she does go overboard but not often in my view. The people that come on any of these shows want TV face time and when they lie and say absurd things in their defense, someone needs to call them on it. Nonetheless, I appreciate your thinking that she is too tough on some of them and often too sarcastic. That is her trademark and she does have the highest rating of any judge show.

      • Terri Klein says

        but she sure does get her point across and shows that she is not taking their guff. that i don’t blame her as you said, some of the litigants are not playing with a full deck and they do deserve her back talk, but she snaps at ones that cross their hands, or just hold them in their pockets, that all she has to say kindly is, please take your hands out of your pockets or please uncross your arms. it’s like please and thank you is not in her vocabulary. but otherwise, i do like her and i like her because she is not afraid to speak her mind.

        • History Teacher says

          You are totally right in that example. Judge Judy has no patience with people who dress inappropriately for court or who slouch or put their hands in their pockets.
          I had to smile. She is like a rough sergeant snapping at the new recruits. ^0^ She sure does speak her mind.

          • Terri Klein says

            now you got me smiling. i guess being the way she is, she is getting the attention. that attention is keeping her on the air.

            anyway judy will always get my vote but they should bring judge alex back. i miss him.

            it is nice chatting with you.

            what grade do you teach?

            • History Teacher says

              I agree on Judge Alex. Since the show was canceled, I have seen him a few times on Fox News. I tutor home school students remotely and edit and proofread books but when I was overseas I was teaching in schools for the Department of Defense, I taught high school history: world, European. American, etc. — 10th grade, 11th grade mostly. Nice talking to you too.

  6. Lois Turchioe says

    Really miss judge Alex…thought his program was fair, entertaining and often very amusing. don’t understand how the phony Divorce Court is still running or the awful Judge karen (who isn’t even a judge).

    • Terri Klein says

      I agree. I really miss Judge Alex and wish to have him put back on.

      Even though the other Judge shows are on and some are good as well as bad, Judge Alex was real and you can tell. He was stern but yet had a sense of humor about him without much sarcasim.

      We should all write in to the network – perhaps this will get him back on.

    • History Teacher says

      I agree for the most part. I kind of like the Divorce Court judge but cannot stand the litigants and their shallow justifications for self-centered behavior. Same with Karen who has a phony judge show. However, I must add, even though I miss Judge Alex and liked him a great deal and watched his show regularly, I now do watch Hot Bench that some viewers did not like. It took awhile–maybe four or five shows until I got a flavor of each judge’s personality and legal attitude and then I began to enjoy it and it is a reality judge show that resolves legal issues.

      Lots of viewers do not like Judge Judy but she is my favorite partly because she controls her courtroom and the litigants. I have no patience with a judge that lets the litigants rant and rave–scream at each other like a Jerry Springer show–glare at each other, etc. Judge Judy won’t accept all that melodrama and I appreciate that. Plus she is witty and incisive and does have a nose for a liar.

      Close behind Judge Judy is People’s Court which was the first judge show I ever watched. Judge Milian controls her courtroom too. She is animated, passionate and funny as well although rarely as acerbic in her put-down’s of litigants as Judge Judy.
      A new show for me which I watch occasionally, and is a reality judge show, is Judge Faith.

  7. Larry Bidwell says

    Just another thought, Yae S. I guess my problem is that I don’t see “color”; just people.

  8. Candy Garcia says

    I liked the television program Judge Alex. I am disappointed that it was cancelled and would like to see it aired again.

  9. Cynthia Hills says

    I loved Judge Alex’s show. I really wish it would come back. I learned a lot from the many legal issues covered. He knew his stuff!!

  10. Yae S. says

    I did not even miss his show until I saw his name in an article, and wondered, “Oh Yeah, what happened to that guy?” When he was on he would always bring on black women who had very little class. There were lots of black, lesbian women on the show…as if only black women are lesbians. He never brought on Hispanic lesbians, at least I never saw any. I just think he stereotyped black people by only showing one “type.” Even Jerry Springer brings on “trash” in every color. No, I do NOT miss him.

      • History Teacher says

        I don’t know about that but I never saw any episodes that had one type of character regardless of race. Maybe the animosity is political?

        • Anonymous says

          Nah, I think just shooting off the mouth like some my students? I spent over 40 years teaching the geosciences mixed with lapidary

          • History Teacher says

            ^0^ You’re right. It could very well be. Those are advanced skills: geosciences mixed with lapidary.

    • Larry Bidwell says

      I find your comment interesting, Yae S. I guess my problem is that I don’t see “color”; just people.

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