Make It or Break It: Cancelled, No Season Four

season four canceled MAKE IT OR BREAK ITIt’s the end of the competition for Make It or Break It. ABC Family has cancelled the TV show after three seasons on the air.

Make It or Break It revolves around top young gymnasts who are training for the Olympics. The series debuted in mid-June 2009 to a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 2.5 million total viewers. The ratings fell as low as a 0.6 in the demo with 1.9 million but that was still enough for the cable channel to renew it for a second season of 20 episodes.

The ratings got worse in season two but ABC Family still renewed Make It or Break It for a third season. This time however, they only ordered eight episodes. According to network president Michael Riley, it was “in time to ignite Olympic fever.”

If there were a possibility of ABC Family ordering a fourth season, those chances were pretty quickly dashed. Season three debuted to a 0.7 in the demo and 1.57 million. By week two, viewership had dropped off more than 25% and the numbers fell further in week three.

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The five episodes of season three that have aired thus far have averaged a 0.5 in the demo with 1.23 million total viewers.

At least part of the decline may have been due to the losses of Chelsea Hobbs and Josh Bowman (who’s now on Revenge). Coach Sasha (Neil Jackson) also hasn’t been seen much this season.

Of the cancellation, series creator Holly Sorenson tweeted, “MIOBI nation. We all love you so much. And we are, very sadly, three weeks away from the series finale of #miobi.”

The final episode of Make It or Break It airs on May 14th.

What do you think? Were you still watching? Are you sad that the show is ending?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    What are they possibly using to track this? There are way more views for their episodes just on their website alone each week. They were really stupid to cancel the show, definitely not watching this channel anymore.

  2. Jaime says

    I love this show so much! My best friend got me to watch it and i don’t even like gymnastics. I became glued to the show and have seen every episode. PLEASE MAKE A FOURTH SEASON PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! It should be about them making the olympics and everyone would love it!!! Please take this into consideration

  3. Alyssa says

    I love this show! It is amazing an I want to know who wins at the olympics! It is so addicting as an athlete I realate to alot of the stuff they do on the show. Please renew because your getting rid of a show that shows that if you follow your dreams you might make it one day:)

  4. JT says

    Make It or Break It is a gross mis-representation of true the way of life for elite gymnasts. It sends a horrible message to the general public and promotes sex, cheating, lying, disobediences and self-gratification over anything resembling the true hard work and dedication that it takes to train and be successful even in the JO gymnastics world. I think our nations youth are better off without this show.

  5. says

    please continue make it or break it … it inspired me soo much to become a gymnast. please please please continue season three !!!!!!!!

  6. Megan says

    Please renew for another season! This show has been my favorite show on ABC Family since it began! If you are going to cancel a show that teaches the younger generation that no matter what always reach for the stars and go after your dream, you are crazy! You keep shows on the air that talk about just sex and teenage pregnancy…I feel that Make it or Break It is/was way better than half of your other shows! Please realize that we can’t always watch our favorite shows when they come on…Majority of society today is on overdrive and running around everywhere. We record the episodes and watch when we can. I will be very disappointed in ABC Family if they don’t renew this series!

  7. Renee says

    I really love the show. Don’t get why y’all say there aren’t many viewers because everyone I know watches it. I watch this with my two girls and they look forward to it every week. That makes all of us very sad. You should maybe put it on wednesdays to see if it gets better ratings that way. Please please don’t cancel the show. :(

  8. marii says

    This is seriously my favorite show. I have never been so hooked to a tv series before and really dont want to see it end. Please! Renew I really dont want it to end without them going to London.
    Please renew!!!!!!

  9. Stephanie. B says

    YES you need to renew the show.. ABC you need to STOP thinking that people don’t watch it.. We DVR the show so we can watch it when we can. My whole family watches it. This is our family time. My husband loves this show and THAT is saying a lot.. He is even made they took the show off the air.. He told me to stop watching shows that get him hooked and then they cancel it.. Please bring it back..

  10. Kendra says

    ‘Make It or Break It’ has always been one of my favorite shows. As an athlete, there’s so much about the hardships, the choices and the sacrifices that the Rock girls have had to make that I have been able to identify with. Not only that, but there is so much more to the show, the drama, the romance and the team spirit shown has been addicting and inspiring, week after week. Just as dreams shouldn’t be left hanging, I don’t think this show should be cancelled right before the girls actually go to London and compete in the olympics. I really really really hope this show gets renewed!
    Thanks ‘Make it or Break it’, for the countless special moments

  11. ashlee says

    please renew it that show is so amazing i just cant watch it on mondays im never home i have to wait til a different time to watch it!!!! it was my favorite show ever!!!!! i agree with jessica!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE RENEW IT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nadia Testroet says

    I can honestly say make it or break has changed my life. Not only in my gymnastics life but my personal life. I looked up to those three gis as role models and words can even describe how not only angry but devastated that you’re taking away make it or break it. Make it or break it taught me with hope, determination, and a team, anything is achievable. Before make it or break, I had no confidence in my personal life and my gymnastics life. I had no friends. I sat at the bottom of the totem pole. Ever since make it or break it, my life in ways I never knew were possible. I have friends. I have self-confidence, hope, determination, drive, a goal, first place finishes, and I got to meet Jordyn Wieber (U.S. National Champion). Thank you make it or break it for changing my life. I have no idea where I would be without you. Thank you for changing my life and I hope. I know you touched as many people just like me and I hope for this reason you will renew make it or break it at least until they get to the olympics. Make it or break it is really inspirational and I don’t think you should take that from young girls and teenage girls. I hope you come back and once again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nadia Testroet

  13. Jessica says

    I really love make it or break it. It was so amazing. I hate that it had to end! It seriously was the best. The season finale of season 3 was so good that it left me at the edge of my seat. Please renew it so that we can find out who recieved the gold! Pleaseeeeeee

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