Medium: CBS Airs the Last Episode; What Did You Think?

MediumTonight, CBS aired the final episode of Medium. After seven seasons and 130 episodes, it was time to say goodbye to Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette), her husband Joe (Jake Weber), their children and friends. The series finale of Medium is called “Me Without You.”

As the episode begins, we see Allison having an evening phone conversation with Joe who’s at the start of a flight home from Hawaii. Later, Allison is awoken by another call from Joe. His flight is arriving early and then it hits turbulence, and crashes into the ocean. The episode flashes forward seven years and we learn that Joe indeed died. Allison is now a lawyer involved in a big drug case. Her boss, the district attorney, is killed by the leader of a drug cartel who’s on trial. Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) is the mayor and Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) is the chief of detectives.

Allison begins to dream about Joe and realizes that he’s actually been alive in Mexico with amnesia. The drug lord has been using him to transport narcotics across the border. She ultimately decides to throw the case so that she can reunite with her husband. She and daughter Marie drive to Mexico and she is reunited with him, finally.

Unfortunately, it’s a dream. She awakes back in the present and Joe is there, as a ghost. He did die in the crash and he tried to send a message to Allison about how good her life will still be, even without him. Unfortunately, her mind couldn’t accept it and concocted a way for him to still be alive. Joe tells her how much he loves her and that the loss will hurt for a long time but it will get better. Though she pleads for him to stay, he needs to go.

The scene flashes forward to 41 years later. We see a very old Allison, surrounded by photos of her children and grandchildren. She dies peacefully. Allison appears as her younger self and looks at her now dead body. Joe appears to her, just as he had been. He waited, of course. She asks, “Do I get a kiss?” He replies, “From now, until the end of time.” The two embrace and kiss. They are together, forever more.

The episode ends with brief scenes from the show’s seven year history and each castmember silently saying goodbye to the camera and faithful viewers.

What do you think? Was this a satisfying conclusion to Medium? What did you like or dislike about it?

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  1. says

    Last episode was sudden, emotional, probably as good as it could be under the circumstances — but what happened to that Mexican Bad Guy? Allison got him off and got away with it??????? Humph!

  2. Heather says

    Medium never should have ended. I am re-watching the series on Netflix and it was the best show ever and the actors were very talented. The crap that they put on television today is total garbage and full of bad acting.
    Sad to see it end with no possibility of coming back.

  3. Jarett says

    I enjoyed the show and I felt the children and Joe were portrayed very close to real people. Allison’s character to me was grossly annoying for several reasons. Here is the short list of said reasons: Allison’s dreams occur at times very convenient for the plot so much that by season two it’s cliché, Allison is constantly wrong about parts or entire dreams yet has trouble accepting this far into the series, Allison frequently recommends legal action based on incomplete dreams instead of waiting until the dream is complete to announce the killer, Patricia Arquette can not fake cry to save her life in fact many times it sounds like she is laughing rather than sorrowful. Again this is the short list, so excellent job on Joe and the kids, hated that he died though.

  4. Sandra says

    I also finished watching Medium on net flix bringing over a few weeks. I had saw some during its airing on CBS, but was excited to find it all on Net Flix! Could nit believe the abrupt ending, going through withdrawal it was such a believable family unit. Wish it could be pulled together again, sigh! Wonderful job folks!

  5. Mary Drachen says

    My husband and I never watched the show when it originally aired. We started watching Medium on Netflix a month ago. We really enjoyed Allison and Joe’s love for each other and how they interacted with their children. Their love was so beautiful and if that was a soulmate is they nailed that concept! My husband and I related to their love story and Joe reminded me a lot of my husband even with his career. We didn’t feel the 7th season had a real strong storyline and it could be partly because it was the final season and their oldest daughter was off the show in college. It lost the depth of the family unit a little more. Well last night I watched the final episode, but I watched it by myself. My husband was asleep and that was a huge mistake. It was the saddest and a very emotionally draining episode. I was so relieved thinking Joe was alive then have my heart ripped out realizing she was dreaming.. When Joe’s voice was telling Allison to wake up I started to just cry. I felt the connection I felt the love lost the FEAR of not having your love your significant other with you in old age. How could life’s journey be so cruel? How could two people who are so perfect and souls are combined be separated like that? I’m still very emotional typing this. The ending well was an ending… them together as souls was beautiful… So yes, in a way it was really good because if it was able to entwine so much feeling and emotion it did a good job. The cast at the end waiving to the camera was also very touching. I warned my husband how sad it is this morning, and he is now going to watch it tonight. I’m dreading watching it again but interested on how he feels.. I read a post by another commenter about how she is a widow and how after her husband died she would dream he was still alive. I cried reading that, big hugs to her if she’s reading this. The cast was amazing bravo to them and congratulations to Patricia on her Oscar win!!!

    • Ann says

      I felt the same as you about the relationship between Joe and Allison. I don’t like watching the crime scenes but Joe reminds me so much of my husband. It broke my heart to watch Allison cry when Joe told her he was really dead. It broke my heart when she cried, ” Who is going to talk to me?” She didn’t think she could live without him. Joe’s personality was so much like my husband’s that I cried to watch him die. I cried for Allison because I lost my husband to sudden heart attack but I never got to say goodbye. It has been over two years since I lost my husband and the thought of 41 years is painful. I feel as if my husband is still here waiting for me, so the ending was hit me right in my heart. I am still crying one day after watching that final episode.

  6. anon says

    I never watched this show when it was on tv. I recently “binge watched” over the past few weeks, the entire 7 seasons. I think the last episode was a major disappointment. How many shows before this have used the dream theme to wrap up years of a previously good show? The answer is too many. There was Rosanne, who claimed the entire 9th season was a dream (because it sucked so bad). There was one of those night time soaps I never watched, I think it was Dallas, although it could just as well have been Dynasty. My point is that it is hardly an original idea and a major cop out. I thought writers were paid to come up with original and thoughtful ideas. Boring.

  7. Siren says

    The last episode where in the spirit of medium. But I have som questions:
    1. What happend whit Bridget, Lee and Devalos?
    2. Why did Allison turn into her young self, that have never happened in the show before?
    3. What was that last line: The real Allison and Joe lived whit there family in Southernsomething.. Did Joe not die? Did they in death live that life?
    Please, somebody tell me the answers to this question.. I´m left with more questions then I started with…

    • Mary Drachen says

      The 7 year look forward in her dream was Joe giving her a message how life would be without him. So at that point Bridget was probably in college and Marie was the only child left at home. Joe did actually die in the plane crash. The 7 year look forward was a dream Allison was actually having not a reality, Joe was trying to send her a message in death that she would move on and be a layer and have a good life. But Allison was manipulating the dream and making it that he was alive (at that point Joe (spirit Joe) had to wake her up. Allison is then back to where the episode started after Joe died in the plane crash going back 7 years. She sees Joe’s ghost and she starts to realize OMG he did die. =(

      Then they go like 41 years in the future and show that Allison looks like she lived a full life and so did her children and she dies. I believe Allison turned into her young self to match the age her true love (Joe) died. Joe could not age in death, so that’s what I’m thinking. I actually thought that was real beautiful. Wahhhah gosh so sad still typing this. I hope this helps and this gets to you!! xoxo

    • Anonymous says

      this show is based on a true story… there really is a Allison and a Joe and they have 3 children. They are all alive. that’s what the show meant by in the ending credits.

      well we know that Allison is a great grandmother so i’m assuming that Bridget it married and has children.

      Allison probably turned into her young self because of Joe….but honestly who knows its a show

  8. Madison says

    Just watched the first ep to the last over the last 5/6 weeks and just finished the last ep and could not stop crying (i would of cried no matter what, I hate last episodes). I get why they killed Joe off but :'(
    I just put friends on to make me happier. until i get to that finale then Ill be sad again.

  9. Tani says

    I LOVED Medium more than almost any show on TV ever. And that’s over many, many years. I have no idea why good shows don’t last and trash continues to be shoved down our thoats. The last episode of Medium was fine, very touching but it should not have been the last episode. So many people loved this show. Why did it have to end?

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