The New Adventures of Old Christine: TV Show Cancelled, No Season Six?

New Adventures of Old ChristineAfter being on the bubble for several seasons, CBS has finally cancelled The New Adventures of Old Christine. There’s a chance that it may be saved by another network but odds would have been better if this had happened in previous years.

The New Adventures of Old Christine follows the challenges of Christine Campbell (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) , a neurotic single mom who has a hard time finding a relationship and juggling her responsibilities at home and work. Others in her life include her low-key brother, Matthew (Hamish Linklater); best friend and business partner, Barbara (Wanda Sykes); young son Ritchie (Trevor Gagnon); irresponsible ex-husband, Richard (Clark Gregg); and his current love, “New Christine” (Emily Rutherfurd). Often popping up to make “Old Christine” feel even more incompetent are “mean mommies,” Marly and Lindsay (Tricia O’Kelley and Alex Kapp Horner).

After being part of CBS’ Monday night line-up for two seasons, Old Christine was used to help establish a second comedy block for the network on Wednesday nights. Unfortunately, the experiment wasn’t a big success. Old Christine was barely renewed last season. As there had been in the past, there was talk that ABC might pick it up if CBS had actually cancelled the show.

This season, Old Christine’s numbers have gotten worse and CBS decided to abandon the Wednesday night comedy hour. As a result, the network decided to finally cancel Old Christine.

In past years, Old Christine was attractive to ABC because they weren’t having much success with their own sitcoms. This time around, they already have a well-established night of sitcoms and several new options waiting in the wings.

Still, there is some talk of ABC picking up the series. As of today, the execs at ABC and Warner Bros. are trying to work out the numbers. The deal that Warner Bros. can offer is likely being impacted by how much profit new episodes will bring in syndication.

Last summer, Warner Bros. sold the Old Christine syndication package to Lifetime for some ad time and about $350,000 per episode (compared to 30 Rock episodes which went for $800,000). The sitcom was also sold to local stations in most of the US markets.

Reruns will pop up on cable and local stations in the fall. It remains to be seen if new episodes will be on ABC.

What do you think? Should ABC rescue The New Adventures of Old Christine? Where would you put it — with The Middle, Cougar Town, or someplace else?

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  1. Kate says

    BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!! Can’t get enough, and it just can’t end with them having a baby. We need more!!

  2. kay says

    I can’t get enough of this show we have every episode and I literally watch it till 4 in the morning every night and wake up in the morning and turn it back on I am incredibly disappointed that the show ended which just keeps happening to almost every show the least you could do is shorten amount of episodes and at least let is know how everything ends up . I hate getting into a show and then there not being any ending . Why would someone do something like that ? Every book needs an ending .. you can’t write a book with 340 pages and stop at 200 pages and think it will be published . BRING OLD CHRISTINE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Steven says

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!! I just came across this show staying up late one night and its awesome. Just finished watching all 5 season and I am so sad that its cancelled. Definitely should bring it back.

  4. kentuckywoman2 says

    There’s such a dearth of good shows on TV these days, especially comedy. This show was one of the BEST on TV. I sure wish they’d bring it back….

  5. Anonymous says

    I absolutely LOVE The New Adventures of The Old Christine!!! It’s my favorite show!! It is by far the BEST combination of actors/ actresses! I can’t get enough of it ! I’m absolutely DEVASTATED about it being cancelled I would skip work to see a.New.episode!! I am truly sad … I’m going crazy looking for the DVD collection of EVERY EPISODE…Tear*

  6. joan says

    Yea for sure put it back on. It was a strange sitcom but I dug it. Hated to see it go. All the characters were great. Christines brother was a hoot.

    Dam I hate when shows get cancelled that i was use to watching

  7. Richard says

    Worst sitcom ever. The absolute worst writing. I never saw an episode where I couldn’t already figure out the punchline minutes before it was delivered. The fake laugh tracks would go on howling at even the most juvenile attempts at humor. Dreyfus should be ashamed to be a part of this train wreck. All the characters were unlikable, self centered morons, especially Dreyfus. She was so bad in this show that I can’t watch Seinfeld without thinking about how bad this show sucked. The fact that it lasted 5 seasons just goes to show how hard up the networks are for quality. Bury all tapes of this show in a toxic waste dump.

    • Deb says

      Richard how wrong can you be!! this series was one of the best ever!!! it was so funny had me howling every time …your sense of humor is clearly non-existent. Many sitcoms have fake laugh tracks and so what??? Take a look you are the only one who dislikes this show what does that say? I’ll tell you that we are all fun loving people who know a very good sitcom when we see it (except you). PLEASE BRING IT BACK SEASON 6!!!

  8. karin bellante says

    CBS are fools for dropping this series. i love this show. I watch it over and over and over.. it never gets old and always makes me laugh. its 100x better than anything on TV now. how could they let this show slip away and not even with a series finale. it just dropped them in the middle of a plot. barb, christine omg they were so funny together and the quick-funny-dialougebetwwen matthew and christine and her husband… i could go on and on. Bringing on that guy from will and grace as christine’s boyfriend was a brillant addition. i would have loved to see where that went. they had great and chemistry and were brillantly funny. At least i have the re-runs… thank god.

    • nicole says

      I agree karin i fell let down by the ending! at least i want to see old christine ride off in the sunset in some way! i loved her charecter.

  9. says

    Hey Christine fans lets go to TvLand and the OWN network and ask them about getting the show on there channel. The fans of the cancelled show The Game got it back on air on BET!

  10. Claire says

    LOVE THIS SHOW PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BET brought back a cancelled show called The Game, after five years of cancellation. If not maybe TvLand or OWN can pick it up. Come on fans lets get together and get our girl Christine and her crazy world BACK ON!

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