Nikita: Renewed for a Shortened Fourth Season

Nikita renewed for fourth seasonThough the show’s ratings are very low, The CW has renewed Nikita for a fourth season. Word is that it will be a shorter season than usual — likely between six and 10 episodes.

Starring Maggie Q, Nikita has been averaging a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.15 million viewers. That’s way down from last year’s 0.5 rating and 1.54 million averages.

Still, Nikita is relatively close to having enough episodes for syndication. At the end of season three, there will be 67 installments and a shortened fourth season won’t bring it to the 88 episode mark (a number considered to be the minimum for syndication).

Other genre shows have done just fine though with a lesser number (the original Star Trek’s 79 installments come to mind) and Nikita has a small cult following and is popular on services like Hulu. At the very least, a fourth season will allow the cast and crew to give the show a proper series finale if this is actually the last season.

What do you think? Are you glad that Nikita is coming back? How many episodes should they make?

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  1. says

    My son and I have watched Nimitz from the very beginning. We would be very disappointed for the series to end. There are so many shows that we could watch, but we watch Nimitz instead. We look forward to seeing more episodes for years to come.
    Thank You

  2. Sarah Gatewood says

    I think we need to see Michael and Nikita married and Amanda dead. I agree that Alex should have Sean. I still cannot believe he was killed off. The show is so close to ending they should have kept him around. I wanted Alex to be happy with him.

  3. Kymberli says

    I am one of those fans you speak about when you say this Show has a Cult following. I’ve watched from the very beginning and cannot conceive of this Show ending until 1) Michael & Nikita are finally married 2) That Amanda ***** is finally killed, hopefully slowly by Alexandra, 3) There is once and for all no more black boxes hiding in various secret places on the planet 4) Allow me to back track a second? Did the guy Alex was in love with get murdered by Amanda? If not, the two of them deserve to be together and get married 5) Birkhoff is a badass character!!! And the cute little geeky romance we’ve watched unfold also deserves a happy ending. 6) Perhaps it could be a triple marriage ceremony, and Nikita could have a series ender showing flashbacks of how they all arrived at that particular point, still together, united, as not only friends, but a new family. 7)Followed by a look into the future, to see that they all live normal lives.

    That is easily another 2 seasons. With maybe 12-14 episodes per season. And then when it comes time to wrap up the series…a nice 1&1/2 hr to 2 hour series finalle would be awesome!!

  4. Tammy McClain says

    Please bring back Nikita I love this show & you can’t just leave us hanging with what happened between Michael & Nikita. We ALL deserve to have a finale at least. Hopefully even LOTS of episodes would be even better. THANKS!

  5. smarybling says

    Love the characters of Nikita. Love the storyline and believe more episodes could be written with so many twists and turns leaving viewers wanting more.

    • says

      I love nikkita can’t get enough of the show leaving me wanted more. I can’t believed that the show may not return are they crazy or what. I normally don’t watch a lot of regular television but, Nikita I just love that show one of the most entertainment on t.v. and they are going to take it off. This is just nonesense. What can we do to get it back on. I can watch this all day long and never get tired of it.

  6. Loyizy says

    I Luv the CW and I love nikita am happy its coming back and 10 episodes should b ok or 6 or any amount the CW wants am in and ok I just want a finally

  7. Loyizy says

    Please make sure this series dose not get cancelled please let it have an honourable finally please my trust my love don’t let me down like ABC did.

  8. Loyizy says

    I love the CW its the best not like others where half of all the series always end up cancelled I can’t trust the CW

  9. chewie says

    I have watched the entire Season 1, and am so addicted, I can’t wait to watch Seasons 2 and 3, which are split between my puny Comcast DVR, and my computer’s hard drive in 720p and 1080p downloads from Usenet, which FOX has been having removed within hours after they are posted. They are stupid for doing that, I pay $225 a month for Comcast subscription with the smallest DVR of any Satellite or Cable provider in the U.S. (I only have 1 HDTV and 1 Desktop computer, no laptops or tablets), and ONDemand programming which removes episodes from viewability prematurely, or never posted at all, or posted erratically by lazy Comcast employees. I rely on Usenet to get 1/8th of my TV in spite of having HD-DVR and OnDemand, Comcast needs to upgrade their DVRs to record the HD content which they are barely putting out, and in low quality when they do, with DVRs that are incapable of HD 720p or 1080p storage capacity because the hard drives are too small. Comcast subscribers have no choice but to turn to Usenet binaries if they want the programming they pay for from Comcast, nobody can be sitting in front of their TVs all the time when all this programming made available is happening. And the nielsen ratings need to take this into account. that people watch their scripted series television (and reality television for that matter) after broadcast, and if they wish they can force viewers to sit through advertising like Comcast ON Demand does, the advertising dollars are still well-spent by the sponsors, and the programming is being viewed by much larger numbers than are being counted. Get with the technology Nielsen ratings, nobody sits in front of their TV at broadcast time anymore, or few are able to due to erratic work schedules and erratic lifestsyles, we have to resort to DVR, On Demand, and Usenet (if networks weren’t so afraid of technology and removing their shows as they are posted, all the clubs are going invitation paid subscriber only which means I can’t find the numbers to get the shows anymore since I don’t know anyone who can pass me an invitation code, so the people who get private invites are getting the downloads of your shows anyway idiots, and because you have forced it underground, your sponsors are left out of the equation, you did it to yourself CW, FOX, you have fools for counselors and attorneys and are being choked out of viewers by your own greed.) I don’t believe for a moment that a portion of those cable fees I pay every month, all $225 worth just for basic cable and 2 premium channels, one internet address, and one each TV and Computer, that my local network affiliates aren’t getting some royalties and fees from the cable company, and it filters it’s way back to the networks one way or another, why do you think cable has raised their fees so much? I imagine the reason Dish dropped AMC and those other (1?,2?) channels last year is because they wouldn’t agree to pass over-valued versions of these fees on to their subscribers. What else could they mean by, “they couldn’t arrive at an understanding or agreement?” What else about carrying a channel from it’s source to subscribers is there to agree about . . .?

    I would love to see 2 more seasons (4&5), with 23 episodes each for Nikita, but it sounds to me like CW already made up their mind.

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