Passions: The Soap is Really Over This Time

PassionsSince DirecTV announced that it would not be renewing the Universal Media Studios-produced soap for another season, fans have been hoping that another solution could be found to keep the supernatural storylines going. Unfortunately, those chances were layed to rest last week.

At the wrap party on Friday, execs told the cast and crew that the soap’s run was indeed over. Though they’d been searching for a way to continue Passions via another channel or the Internet, their efforts have failed.

On her website, McKenzie Westmore (Passions’ Sheridan Crane) wrote an emotional message to her fans, “I guess I never posted before about a farewell to Passions because I didn’t really want to believe that it was over until we actually filmed a final scene. Well my friends, that day has come. It was a very sad day in Harmony, a town in which we all must say goodbye to. The last and final episode was shot today and emotions were very high as we were all so upset to say goodbye to one another and our second home of 4024 Radford Ave.”

She continued, “I will never forget my days in Paris; filming in Oxnard; the boat (and of course the tango) with Galen; and so many more memorable scenes. It’s still not completely sinking in (but the tears are) that this is all over. But, all good things must come to an end and I want to thank all of you for your amazing love and support through the years! You have been the best fans a soap could ever ask for and your loyalty to me as an actress and the show has always been appreciated!”


Though there’s been no confirmation from the studio as yet, Universal and Premiere Props have announced that they will be holding a two-day sale of Passions props and costumes next weekend.

The soap won’t immediately sign off as enough episodes have been shot so that Passions will continue to run on DirecTV through August 2008. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    i am so suprised that passions is over and i didnt even get to see the last episode!! ive been watching passions for 4 years maybe you guys can start the re-runs so i can see the beginning but i am VERY SAD!! : ( it was truly the best soap out there and the best part was the magic that made it so enticing to watch. i wish there was a revival!

  2. Felicia says

    i cannot believe that you could cancel Passions!!!!!!!! the other soaps were ok i guess but they never grabbed my attention like Passions did.!!!!!! i have decieded to never watch any kind of soaps ever agian SO IF YOUR RATINGS GO DOWN IM NOT SORRY AL ALL

  3. Tommie says

    Cant beleive you would cancel a soap that is so good. It different then the other soaps. Its funny at times, and sad other times, it keep you on watching just to see whats going to happen. I VOTE to keep it on. How about the rest of you people out there?

  4. says

    well yea i was online 2day n just found out that passion was removed from direct 4 good because of the today show, forget today show i hate that show anyways. But passion was my show i really loved watching passion, i had lots of memories just sitting there watching passion.I had 2 main favor actors that played in the show. Ethan n Theresa they was really made 4 each other when theresa would cry behind ethan i would cry, i would laugh n smile when they would see each behind Gwen’s back because she didn’t deserve Ethan that was Theresa man. please bring passion back i cant make it threw the day without watching my passion. so please be caring n bring it bak 2 me n those who love passion.

  5. stacey says

    i mean…how can you all do this…i am very upset to know that the show is done…when they took it off of nbc i changed from cable to directv, just because of passions…how can you just stop it when it was at its best…here i am wondering now what will happen and now anit gonna know…i don’t know how stupid it may sound to some ppl but i look forward to getting off work ever evening and watching passions…i really think that whoever and whatever should be able to do something about this…

  6. upset in atlanta says

    ARE you freaking kidding me???? NO warning what so ever! I thought this was a dream or something!!! COme on! DirecTV better be lucky I have them or I would yank it out of the wall and throw it in the road! I’v watched since the start, BRING IT BACK! this sucks so bad!!!!

  7. karlene says

    Can you believe I am 59 years old and have not missed a day of passions. I am sick it has ended. Sounds funny but it has been a big part of my life. At least could we be told what some of the actors are moving onto?

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