Past Life: Petition for the Cancelled TV Show

Past LifeThe detectives on Past Life help people with their strange visions and deja vu. Unfortunately, its the same old story for this TV show. After three episodes, it’s been cancelled and pulled off the air.

There are reportedly still four unaired episodes of Past Life. So far, it doesn’t look like FOX will get around to airing them. Would you like to see them? If so, there are a few things you can do.

Sign the petition below. Write to FOX to let them know how you feel and that you’ve signed the petition. Remember to keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy. Also consider contacting some of the sponsors that you’ve seen advertise on the show. Tell them that you like Past Life and want to see the remaining episodes.

To: FOX, Bonanza Productions, and Warner Bros. Television

We, the undersigned, have enjoyed watching the Past Life TV show. It was an interesting We are very disappointed to hear that it has been cancelled and ask that, at the very least, you air the remaining episodes.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • kathy dematoCountry: usa2014-12-07 16:19:58
    Bring. It back please !!!!!!! love the show
  • CarolCountry: USA2013-09-07 16:41:46
    Here it is 2013 before I heard about the show. If it hadn't been canceled and someone knew how to advertise it would have been on still with high ratings. That was a great show. Only 5 episodes. Once again bad choices.
  • Gaby Country: US2012-01-24 09:34:52
    Love the show!O3O
  • Elizabeth OdonkorCountry: England, UK2011-07-19 19:54:11
    Well written, brilliant direction, Good acting, good pace. Some characters could have been more fleshed out, Like the chief of the institution - Malachi. Fox had a really good show there. In England they keep something going till the people get hooked, like Eastenders or Coronation street!! I am surprised it was pulled. If anyone Knows where to buy the DVD of the full series, let the rest of us know. Mean while Fox you're going to have a cult series on your hands. Get your team back and working before you lose the momentum.
  • CerriseCountry: US2011-07-06 02:04:36
    Great Show
  • FrankCountry: Hong Kong2011-05-09 20:22:00
    It is a good TV show. It might cease a lot of nightmare of a lot of people past life visual recall and stop carry on the memory from life to life. A positive message to let people to see their life.
  • Laura SneedCountry: US2011-04-01 02:34:45
    I have been looking for this show for over a year, I really enjoyed it, and would love for you to give it a second chance, you just didnt have it in the right time slot or day. Thursday is a day alot of networks aim for because it is the end of the work week, I think Monday or Tuesday would of been more appropriate . I would really like to see you re start this show it is so different from the crime shows on now.
  • ColleenCountry: Canada2011-03-05 09:41:22
    Great TV show. Wished to see more of it. Should have advertised it more. Maybe a Monday night slot would be good.
  • Cheryl CollettiCountry: USA2011-01-09 07:34:16
    Please air the last 2 episodes! Thanks!
  • Brianna clippingerCountry: USA2011-01-01 14:10:37
    Was an amazing show!! Really hope they bring it back!!
  • Mario OrdonezCountry: USA2010-12-23 05:01:23
    Please, release and or air all the Past Life program, I found it very interesting, well written, acted, and believable story line. So for those of us who liked the program, allow us to see all available shows. Mario E Ordonez.
  • NatashaCountry: USA2010-11-30 21:32:37
    I loved this show!!!Please bring it back along with MENTAL....two great shows that never got the chance to be great... Thanks
  • marieCountry: usa2010-11-17 02:25:13
    i liked this show but you never knew when it was on !!!!!how could it survived Please put it back on
  • Judi GrabinskiCountry: United States2010-11-07 15:05:28
    Are you crazy!!!!! This is probably the best new show to come out in years...You did'nt even give it a chance to get started...Television is full of crap shows that no-one wants to watch but we are forced to for lack of something better!! Do yourselves a favor and give it another try...This is the type of show that will gather a terrific following if you would just leave it alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Robert RickettCountry: USA2010-10-18 11:44:21
    Why did you cancel Past Life? I mean, WAKE UP!!! First, you canceled "Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles" then "Past Life". WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?! TSSC and Past Life were awesome shows compared to that crap you normally play!
  • Gail SmithCountry: usa2010-10-03 09:07:01
    loved the show. ...have been searching for it, finally went on line to find out what happened. ...can't believe you didn't even let us see the remaining shows. How do you expect something to do well when you change times, days etc.? One needs to get into a habit. This was a good show and not a knock off of another and not idiotic.
  • J DennisonCountry: USA2010-09-17 13:59:03
    My wife loved this show!
  • GARRY MCCLELLANDCountry: USA2010-09-15 01:11:57
  • MJCountry: USA2010-09-06 06:27:51
    Thought the show was great and that the author et al brought difficult material to life in a realistic manner. Bravo to those who put it all together.
  • David WilsonCountry: USA2010-09-05 08:28:39
    I loved the show Past Life. I was just really surprised that it had been cancelled..I thought it was a show worth watching. I would like to see it return to your TV lineup, either prime time or other time spot.
  • Endia De LunaCountry: USA2010-09-03 17:44:44
    Amazing shows are rare. This show was amazing. I want it back on so I can continue to enjoy it. Tv is not the same. Please reconsider putting it back on the air. Thanx. Endia De Luna
  • lindaCountry: u.s.2010-09-01 17:36:11
    we loved that show and was realy getting into it, than it disappeared. not happy people!! theirs not many good shows to choose from anymore.
  • SueCountry: USA2010-08-26 17:19:19
    Unbelievable -another amazing show canceled. Come on people wake up, this show was perfect. We all experience deja vu, and to see a show like this, well it just makes you wonder. Please please please give this show another chance.
  • ChastityCountry: USA2010-08-24 19:56:25
    I loved this show! This was the first show I actually made sure I watched the very first episode. I had it set to record the show every week on TiVo and was so disappointed when it only recorded 3 episodes. I waited until the fall to check into when it would come on again. I am so tired of what is available to watch and love the idea behind this show. I really wish Fox would bring it back. Reality tv is getting so old.
  • karen & georgeCountry: usa2010-08-20 18:41:34
    Once again here is another excellant tv show that we enjoyed and looked forward to viewing weekly was canceled . We loved this show ! For anyone who had been starving for a good tv show this was the one and it fed us well . In a league of its own it kept us wanting to see more . It was a great rescue from the daily diet of mindless , uninteresting , ridiculus , reality shows that range from rich housewives who make more money now , rich kids ,old rock stars , chef food we will never eat ,bug catchers etc. or you could choose the menu of repeats that range from 2000 to present or the repeats of the new shows , sweet. It was great to have a show that you wanted to watch from start to ending without your mind wandering from boredom or channel surfing while its on . Although , we found the show while surfing ,because we saw no advertising for it , may be the reason for lack of viewers ?! Very disappointed when the show just stopped and would love to see it back on ! People are craving good tv more than ever now and we deserve it . Soon it wont be worth watching a new show for the fear that you might like it , only to be taken off by the network ! This was good tv !
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