Quantum Leap: Will the Movie Get Made This Time?

Quantum LeapAs Quantum Leap fans are well aware, there have been various projects in the works over the past decade.

In 2002, there was talk of the Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy) wanting to do a new pilot movie and series, essentially revolving around the daughter of Sam (Scott Bakula) as a new leaper and Al (Dean Stockwell) as her holographic helper. It was never made.

In 2007, Quantum Leap co-executive producer Deborah Pratt shopped her own movie. This project would have continued the original show’s storyline and would have included Sam’s daughter as well (a character Pratt created during the original series).

Those movie plans were supposedly stopped because series creator Don Bellisario had his own movie project in mind. Last year, Syfy was again talking to Bellisario about possibly reviving Quantum Leap.

At the A Leap of Faith—A Quantum Leap Retrospective panel at this year’s Comic-Con, Bakula told attendees that, “The good news is that Don is working on the film script and has a big time Hollywood producer who wants to do it… It’s about time. But what I always thought would happen, happened… [that he’s now too old for the role]. But Dean and I will have a part in it somehow.”

Bakula continued, “Don did say that as he was writing, he told me he was having trouble, ‘getting you and Dean out of my head.’ But I know he will do it.”

What do you think? Are you happy to hear that a new Quantum Leap project may finally be made? Are you sorry that Bakula and Stockwell won’t be playing their original characters?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Albert Mendez says

    I would love for this two back in Quantum Leap. They would still play their roles but in the future beyond 1993 or play the role of guidance for Sam’s daughter. I would give anything to watch them again…

  2. Richard Nemes says

    IT dose not matter i just liked the sires. I don’t mind if it is new cariters or old or if they continue it wit his daughter.

  3. Trapped in the past says

    I might be coming into this a bit late but I had an idea. How about if Sam leaps into Gushi and is able to go to the now abandoned project site where he works on the accelerator and manages to bring himself back. Because of the developments, sam’s family have gathered to welcome him home and somehow after he comes back as himself, something goes wrong and his daughter gets stuck in the accelerator and vanishes, with the fault that causes this also resulting in irreparable damage to the machine. Then, Sam can be the hologram to his daughter and if Dean Stockwell can manage it he can turn up from time to time. Or, as his timeline was fixed with his wife Beth, maybe it could be a side plot for the pilot with Sam finding Al and reestablishing their friendship and maybe Sam could be a bit messed up from all his years leaping and needs Al to help him recover and show how best to support his daughter while she is leaping around.

    The only drawback with his daughter being the leaper is that she isn’t very old so won’t be able to go back very far in history. She’ll be stuck in the 90s-10s which haven’t seen as many drastic changes in society as there were in the whole second half of the 20th century that Sam was able to leap around in. And the clothes were bad. They would have to get rid of the rule that you can only leap to years within your own lifetime.

  4. Autoq says

    I agree with pretty much everything ImaLeaper says – this nonsense about Sam being too “old” is rubbish. I would say Al only needs to be in after Sam returns home – remember Sam “did put it right” for Al.
    Storyline simply needs to be … new Quantum Leap project is setup 30 years after it was “closed” – Sammy Jr dusts down the cobwebs, switches it on , steps into the Accelerator… and vanishes. Eventually she finds Sam – Sammy Jr could swap places with Sam – send him back to his own time and Sammy continue jumping into a new TV series …maybe when Sam gets back he could go visit Al … or something corny like that …. When they do this, I will then buy the complete DVD collection as I’m sure many others would. Sure, the film would almost pay for itself … ( I’ve held off buying the set due to that ridiculous ending)…

  5. Andrea Willard says

    Please dont kill this for me. I loved this show. One of my all time favs. It wont be the same without Scott and Dean. The movie witers for the x files kept the stars for thier movies they can do the same here.

  6. Mike says

    Quantum Leap without Scott Bakula Dean Stockwell would be very disappointing. Magnam P.I. wouldn’t be Magnam without Tom Select. The remake of Battlestar Galactica was awful. I don’t like remakes. If you’re going to do something, do it right.

  7. Andrew says

    Loved the show as a kid, however, I always thought a better explanation for Sam leaping through time would be that in each leap he had to change peoples lives so that the overall changes in the time line would result in the technology being created to bring him home. I always thought the higher power thing was silly for a time travel show.

    • Jeffery Benjamin says

      The higher power part was what made the show extra great. It was one of my favorite parts about the show. It made the show more original and unique from other time travel shows.

  8. joel says

    I liked the show very much. It was well acted and the show was well written. I am sad that the original sam and al will probably not reincarnate there original roles. I am happy they are still keeping the same original names in the new script because al and sam were the only leapers. If there is a chance sam coud get back home that to me would be the ultimate closer in a series. All he would have to do is act in no more than 3 episodes unless they make the movie about him finally getting home.

  9. says

    I was 7 years old when this Series first aired in 1989. It wasn’t until 1996 when I first saw the show on the USA Network. I was shocked when my mother told me and my sister that we were watching “reruns” because the show aired on TV from 1989-1993!!!!! Who knew!!!! I thought I had stumbled onto something new! I had the pleasure to watch the complete series on NetFlix streaming Instantly to my T.V. this year. It is an amazing Sci-Fi Trip into the world of Time Travel. If you love The Back To The Future Trilogy, then you will love Quantum Leap. “Putting Right the things that Once went Wrong”!!!! How can you not love that!!!! The movies and Shows Today are missing that 80’s sparkle and flair. Action,(minus the unnecessary violence)Good Actors, A positive message, and A good story line is all that is needed for a good successful Series and Movie. The World needs Project Quantum Leap so please bring it back someway somehow. In my opinion, Lost is the only television series that came close to the Brilliance that is Quantum Leap. There is just absolutely nothing good on Television anymore. If video killed the Radio Star, Reality T.V. will eventually Kill Us All.

  10. Nan Ballas says

    Please leave The Good Guys on the air! I’m sick to death of fake “Reality Shows”and the CSI gore . Also being in Dallas I enjoy looking at the background and figuring out where the scenes were shot.

  11. Dave Sharples says

    The way Donald Bellasario originally wrote the story makes it difficult for Sam to return home. Over here in the UK we have a ‘Time Traveller’ in Dr Who, I always thought Sam could have jumped into him and while sorting out whatever problem needed to be fixed, (Big Storyline) The Time Lord, (Dr Who) back in the waiting room could actually reverse the ‘Leaping’ process bringing the ‘ORIGINAL’ Sam home and getting an actual Happy Ending.
    So a similar storyline with a Time traveller could pull it off. Al (Dean Stockwell) could be retired with his 12th?? wife and send a video greeting on Sams return.

    • QL watcher says

      Dave, remember that on the last episode of the series, Sam leaped by to that April Fools Day (see episode M.I.A.) and told Beth that Al is still alive. This changed their lives and Beth never remarried and waited for Al. They were still married at the end of the series and did have children. Maybe Sam’s daughter and Al’s child can carry on where their parents left off.

      Although it says Sam never returned home, the new series could rewrite that little ending. “Sam never returned home….until today” :)

      • Ima Leaper says

        The thought of a Quantum Leap movie without Al and Sam or at the very least – some insight into what has happened to Dr. Beckett, would not only be tragic – it would be a sad waste.

        I hope DP reconsiders his position on the characters, and brings both Al and Sam back to finish what the networks back in ’93 didn’t give them a chance to do right. Then – something new could be introduced that they could bring back to TV. I mean with all the crap that is on these days, why not?

        Seriously – look how old the guys from Star Trek were in all the movies after the series ended (and that only lasted half as long – the original).

        Quantum Leap was the greatest TV show in history – period. It deserves better than to be schlepped off to other actors in a lame effort to try and answer that which can never be answered – less Al and Sam.

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