Reunion: Episode #12, Shocking Revelations

Reunion cast adHere’s the third article describing what happened in the four unaired episodes of Fox’s cancelled and much loved Reunion series. Though hardly a replacement for the complete series, you’ll find some very interesting plot twists. Stay tuned for episode 13!

Episode #12 – 1997

Aaron and Jenna
At the end of a weekend together, Pascale returns the girls to their father (Aaron) who has spent the weekend with Jenna. Pascale tells Aaron through the course of their conversation that she wants the girls back permanently.

Aaron meets with Will and Maureen Young, a law associate at Will’s office. Maureen reviews notes on Pascale walking out on Aaron and the girls and then returning just a few months ago. Aaron allowed Pascale visitation but now she wants joint custody. Maureen hopes they can settle the matter quickly and on good terms.

Pascale arrives at the office with lawyer Neil Berkman. They announce that she no longer wants joint custody. Pascale is returning to France, wants to take the girls with her and is prepared for a court battle. Aaron is very upset. Neil adds that since child support will be an issue, Aaron’s bank accounts will be frozen until they can agree on a payment schedule.

Later, while having dinner with Aaron, Will and Katherine, Jenna is served with a subpoena from Pascale’s lawyer to testify at the hearing. In court, Neil points out that Jenna has been living with Aaron for the past year, insinuating Aaron can’t take care of the girls himself. Jenna disagrees and Neil then asks her if she’s sleeping with Aaron. Maureen and Will object but Jenna is forced to answer the question.

Maureen tells Aaron that the only way to win the case is to go after Pascale. In court, Aaron relates that Pascale didn’t tell him about Chloe until she was three. Maureen wonders if perhaps Chloe isn’t his child. Neil objects to the idea of a paternity test and Maureen moves on to Pascale’s walking out on the family. She wonders if Pascale would abandon the girls again if she won full custody.

Soonafter, Pascale drops the suit and asks Aaron if she can still see the girls on the weekends. Aaron readily agrees.

Carla’s husband Peter is still battling leukemia. Peter’s oncologist informs the couple that the chemo isn’t being very effective. Carla is angry and upset. The doctor tells them that bone marrow transplants have been very effective in treating cancers like Peter’s.

Carla tries to remain positive but it’s hard. We later see her talking to an insurance officer (Gary) about Peter’s case. Peter’s been turned down for the transplant and Carla is told that the insurance company doesn’t cover experimental procedures. Carla starts to break down and Gary says that perhaps he can reword the proposal so that his bosses will approve it. He suggests that they have dinner to discuss it. Carla realizes that Gary wants to sleep with her in exchange for this favor. She angrily leaves the office, vowing to find another way.

Carla goes to Aaron for help but his assets are currently frozen from the custody battle with Pascale. Carla goes to church, talks to God about how much she loves Peter, asks for forgiveness for what she’s about to do and then calls Gary. We next see Carla and Gary in bed together in a hotel room and, after a heated discussion, he signs papers ensuring that Peter’s procedure will be fully covered. She leaves hoping never to see Gary again.

Soonafter, she receives a call from Aaron saying that the custody battle has been dropped and that he can give her the money. She tells him that the insurance will pay for the surgery after all.

Samantha, Will and Craig
Jenna and Samantha are at the park, talking, while children Henry, Chloe and Noelle play. In talking about the custody battle, Jenna admits that she loves Aaron’s girls and it would hurt a lot if she couldn’t see them anymore. Sam understands, saying that you don’t have to give birth to love a child like your own. Believing this is the only way she can live with the idea of Meghan raising Sam’s birth-daughter Amy. Jenna asks Sam if she’ll ever tell Will he’s Amy’s father. Sam says it’s too late and that Craig would never forgive her. Will overhears and finally learns the truth, that he has a daughter. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. alex says

    I dont understand why FOX cancelled this show! isnt 3.4 million viewers wnough to at least finish the 22 chapters?! it was a mini series anyway!!
    I wish they would have released a dvd with all the episodes, but they didnt even finish filming!! Its frustrating when they cancel shows as good as this one!

  2. Cindy says

    It’s now been about 2 yrs. since I saw the show. It’s still on my mind. I would of loved to have it on DVD. I think it would of sold millions of copies if FOX would of put it out on DVD with the unaired episodes. It was a great concept, I would love to see a show like this again, I’m tired of reality tv!!! Does anyone know where I can watch the old episodes online? Thanks

  3. Elle says

    I love fox’s shows. Put i hate Fox. they always start off with great shows and end it crappy or just take it off the air right before they could end it. Shows I loved but will never now what happened. Reunion, dark angle, quints and Tru calling. At least Ground for life was picked up by the WB. And yes That 70’s show was on for awhile but the last season sucked. if they new that Topher (Eric) was leaving a year before he left, they should have ended it early and with the original cast.

    and for reunion I loved the show. when I first started watching I knew that there would probably not be a 2nd season and I had no problem with that. if they didn’t have that many people watching it. they could have tried something different the next season. all they did was put a show in that no one was going to watch any way. so why not finish they one no one was watch. no one was going to be watch that time slot either way. at least then They would piss all the fans off.

    it has come to the point where i don’t want to fox and I don’t after that 70’s show went off the air I don’t. they is no point. I am just going to get rapped up in something that is not going to last or end horrible.

    I would like to end on this. For Sean Faris, you will get your day. I loved you in “life as we know it”. (as some of you don’t know that show was cancelled on ABC be for Reuion.)

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