Secret Millionaire: Cancelled Reality Show to Return on New Network

Secret MillionaireLast December, FOX aired Secret Millionaire — a reality show about wealthy people who go undercover, looking for worthy people to award money to in distressed areas.

Though a version has been running successfully in the UK for four cycles, the series wasn’t a ratings winner in the US. FOX cancelled it after a six episode run.

Apparently ABC believes that they can do a better job with it. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the alphabet network has picked up the show for six episodes. It’s believed that it will be a better fit for ABC whose reality shows tend to have a more positive angle.

What do you think? Are you more likely to watch a show like Secret Millionaire on ABC than on FOX? Does the network make that much of a difference?

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  1. Grapevine says

    Watched all the episodes on FOX and was upset that the show cancelled, but was surprised to see it on ABC – watched 4 episodes so far. It was quite heart-felt, I know people are claiming it’s all staged – I feel from what they have captured it’s real feelings and the haters can’t generalize that this is the first time they opened up a checkbook; many give to private charities without the camera rolling.

    It’s about time we have more positive shows on TV, if anything kids could watch this show and see what poverty is really like and that giving back to the community, big or small is a good thing. Keep up the good work ABC – too much trash on TV these days, not enough of shows like these. Glad to see a comeback…

  2. muzi says

    Is it possible to get any kind of professional assistance on the production of the show,we could be very happy to get any person from Fox or ABC, to provide me with contacts.

  3. NET says

    I absolutely loved this show! I’ve watched all 6 episodes and I had tears in my eyes at the end for all of them. It’s about time, that finally there is a show that is positive. We need more TV shows like that one. I’m looking forward to watching it on ABC.

  4. DEBI REILLY says

    HOW DO YOU SUBMIT A RECOMENDATION FOR THE SHOW? I am sure the story I have to tell would effect many. Please provide any info appropriate to honest, real life ,heart breaking stories only. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

  5. JC says

    So first off, this was not “original” programming for Fox either. It was first done, as the article notes, in the UK. I’ve seen that show and it is done much better there. First, I don’t like how Fox makes all the millionaires stammer and stumble on their way to apologizing for lying to these people (that they were poor). It comes off as staged, contrite and not very “real” at all. I seriously doubt that any of these people have issues with coming clean. Secondly, the UK version makes them live in the community for more than a week. A week? Are you kidding me? There is no way that someone could possibly get to know a community and their true needs in one week. Finally, I do think it is sad that people with this much wealth have to have a reality TV series to go on to wake up to the fact that they should be giving back. I’m no millionaire, but I feel that I am doing better than some people in my community and I give my time and my money to help. Watching some of these folks, it is very apparent that it never dawned on them to open a checkbook until it was presented to them that they could have a 60 minute reality TV spot to show to the world how great they are. Too bad we don’t have a reality show with millionaires who give their money without the need for spotlight and fame attached to it.

  6. Lori says

    Stumbled onto this show (reruns) on Fox while channel surfing yesterday. It’s AWESOME! Don’t know why Fox didn’t do a better job of promoting such an inspiring show, but we’ll be looking forward to seeing it on ABC.

    If ever there was a time for some inspiring tv – something that shows -people giving something back, NOW is the time! I know a few kids with “entitlement issues” who’d benefit from watching this show!

  7. Patrick says

    I just started watching the reruns on Fox Reality Channel. I never knew that this show existed (great marketing Fox). This is a very powerful show. It makes people wake up to what really is important in our lives. Many people just need a little help and a little hope. The show reminds us that there are people in our own back yard that struggle to make it from day to day. By make it, I mean food, clothing, medicine, a job, a place to sleep and so forth. Many of us have no time to think about others because we have our own little problems…like should I buy a Lexus or BMW. Maybe what fine restaurant should I dine tonight. How about your neighbor just bought a nice expensive watch or latest cell phone and you must top that. You know, important things like that. Yes, we forget what really is important and this show brings us home. I for one am ashamed.

    I have read elsewhere that some people think this show is a fake because no one is asking about the camera’s. I for one don’t think for a minute that this show is a fake, plus in the beginning they tell you that people are told that it is a documentary about poverty. Now either these people can’t read or worse, they don’t get it. Regardless, people like that are missing the message and that in itself is sad. Now those people I really feel sorry for.

    I am glad that ABC has picked it up and hope they market the show and put it in a good time slot. This is a very important show with a very powerful message. I know it has inspired me to do something. It doesn’t matter how little but I will do something to help someone less fortunate. That is a promise.

  8. robycop3 says

    If a show stinx, people won’t watch it regardless of the net it’s on. And that show STINX.

    No wonder ABC has had so many flops lately. And raiding another net’s garbage can isn’t gonna help them, either. Are they gonna dip into the CW’s cemetery next?

    Can’t they come up with enough ORIGINAL programming?

  9. ND Mitchell says

    I actually enjoyed this reality series and am glad to read it will return. FOX was not the bext but with ABC, I think it might be a hit. Welcome back Secret Millionaire.

  10. WolvenSpectre says

    Considering the way FOX infamously treats the properties it developed and broadcasts and the way this show (which I did see and I thought with some reworking would have worked) jives better with ABC’s style of reality programming.

    Lets face it, most of the reality programming in North America falls into 3 catagories

    1) Documentary/investigative Reporting
    2) Educational/Enquiring/Service/Improvement
    3) The Freak Show : During pre revolutionary France it was common to use money and Power to use the poor and disenfranchised as entertainment to laugh at and feel superior to. There were aristocrats that would put on shows not dissimilar to Fear Factor using poor randomly pulled from the streets and told they could have enough money to eat for a couple of months if they took part, or be beaten. Many of these spectacle and drama filled “Reality Shows” are not diffrent,

    Ricky Gervais said it best in character on the show Extras. Here is a link to it on YouTube:

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