Southland: To Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Six?

Southland season six or cancelled?Tonight, TNT airs the last episode of Southland’s fifth season. Will the cop drama be cancelled or renewed for a fifth season instead? How are the ratings?

Southland follows the lives of a group of police officers who “serve and protect” the residents of Los Angeles. The ensemble cast includes Michael Cudlitz, Benjamin McKenzie, Regina King, Shawn Hatosy, C. Thomas Howell, and Tom Everett Scott.

The fourth season of Southland attracted an average of 1.84 million total viewers with a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That was down from season three which averaged 1.99 million and a 0.7 in the demo.

Season five dropped even lower. The nine episodes have dropped 24% to 1.4 million with a 0.5 rating. Dallas, which has been airing on Monday nights, has done much better — averaging 2.67 million and a 0.8 rating.

TNT has taken great pride in airing Southland but these numbers are not good and they could easily choose to cancel it. Or, they could bargain to give the series one final season for closure.

The cast and crew have produced just 43 episodes over the five seasons and unfortunately even one more season won’t give them enough for much of a syndication package.

If TNT does cancel the show, viewers may not have long to miss some of the show’s stars. McKenzie, King, and Hatosy have all signed on to star in new TV show pilots. If Southland does continue, they’ll return to TNT.

What do you think? Should Southland be cancelled or renewed? If tonight’s is the last episode, do you think it’s a satisfying ending to the series?

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  1. Leigh Gonnet says

    Please renew Southland! Can’t leave with John shot and bleeding on the driveway! The stories are compelling, complex, and real. Much better than the vast majority of brain dead nonsense that passes for television. One of the very few truly interesting things to watch on television. Hard to believe Dallas, a silly soap, offered any competition.

  2. janice says

    I think you should have the 6th so there is closure. You can’t go by the viewers because we was watching it on tnt and our cable comcast changed channels on us and we don’t get tnt anymore. We have to wait and get it on nex flex. I am sure this happen to a lot of watchers. So l would like to see closure for Southland even if l have to wait for net flex. Thanks

  3. Deb Freiwald says

    I had no idea that SouthLand was to be cancelled.. I was at Best Buy today and went to see if they had the 5th Season on DVD, and i come across the DVD 5th and final Season…That was a shock to me.. The season finale was horrible if that was the Series finale.. I did not buy the 5th season from Best Buy because i don’t support how the Series ended.. Please consider a Season 6 for a better closure for one of the best TV shows. The cast worked very good together.. I hope to see Southland back on TV soon…

  4. Nadine says

    Followed it from its original station to TNT, definitely was looking forward to finding out what is going to happen. Good stories and like watching the perception change of life and job.

  5. Deanne says

    BRING BACK SOUTHLAND! This is an excellent show. Of the crap that is on tv and the reality shows that emerge daily, viewers deserve one good cop drama!

  6. Linda says

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW! I also DVR because I have crazy work hours. This show has been a longtime favorite. This is one of the few police dramas that is the real deal, and the writers use real incidents that happen in the LAPD to shape their episodes, unlike stupid made-up junk like Rookie Blue. I don’t know why we are at the mercy of stupid programming people who keep cancelling good solid shows like this one…(just my two cents!)

  7. Bob says

    I am a retired law enforcement officer from the bay area and this is one of the best I have watched. Don”t cancel.

  8. Jennifer Knoght says

    Still mourning the loss of Southland. Best TV series I’ve ever seen. Didn’t miss an episode. Maybe it was too smart for folks. I hope a major network picks it up and gives it a chance.

  9. Bryan says

    Yes.. bring back southland; It shouldn’t end like this. I want to know what happens with cooper or sammy as well. This is one of the best shows on Tv that I watch… Please bring it back. I DVR it… and look forward to seeing it when I get home from work and on weekends. I’m sure the majority of folks DVR it to watch at a later date.. doen’t that effect the ratings? Take into consideration that… most probably don’t watch live.. they watch it later after recording … like I do.


  10. Rose says

    KEEP IT!!! I love this show. My only problem is the time it airs in the west coast. I find myself having to watch it on demand on saturdays but other than that, it’s WAY better than those STUPID, IDIOTIC so called REALITY shows like no talent KARDASHIANS, or the EVEN DUMBER housewives shows..

  11. Denise says

    please bring back southland. please don’t let the show end like this. we will never now what happens with cooper or sammy. we need one more season for better closer. This is one thte best shows on Tv for the acting, writing and director and it its own way it is one of a kind. Please bring it back.

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