Sunday Ratings: Crisis, Enlisted, NBA Finals, Believe

Believe TV show ratingsSunday, June 15, 2014 ratingsNew episodes: Believe, Crisis, 60 Minutes, and Enlisted. Specials: Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sports: US Golf Open, NBA Countdown, and NBA Finals. Reruns: American Ninja Warrior, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, American Dad!, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.

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  1. MoJTaba-7.8.6 says

    Looks That The work is Curious! Perhaps From their viewpoint one serial ( just one serial ) for Invite people to Believe is Wrong!!!!

    is Very good that we do not in iran of This event

  2. says

    I’ve submitted two impassioned comments asking not to cancel Believe. It has everything I enjoy…moral code, love between a father & daughter blossoming , a chance for Bo to learn who her mother was, the battle between good and evil. I’m not your targeted demographic, but our group would appreciate less sellacious artificially created “reality” shows. What a bunch of crap, only proving garbage in/garbage out. Our young people deserve examples of doing good, loving in the proper setting (not unprotected sex in a grotty hot tub or skinny dipping ending with intercourse in the ocean. Feed ’em crap & that’s what you’ll get in the reality of every day life. Act responsibly and quit using “sex sells” as your programming motto. Sad to say I long for opey, Pa, Beaver & father knows best. Well I’m sure u know my demo now, so, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Or better yet stuff it!

  3. Kristina says

    It saddens me to see Revolution be cancelled without some sort of ending. The same thing happened to Jericho. I don’t see why the writers can’t write some kind of cohesive ending so that the fans can at least have some ending and are able to say goodbye to their favorite characters. So, I guess we are screwed all over again.

    • Jake says

      The problem is that they don’t get a chance to. Everything is written before the show airs, so unless they’re warned or plan that the next is their final season, they don’t really have a good way to end it permanently.

      • Why Watch says

        With Revolution’s ratings tanking as they were, the writers had to know the show was a likely goner before they wrote the last episodes.

  4. Tran says

    Sad to see Believe ending on a high note especially the ending. Shame to see the Spurs winning the NBA title for a fifth time and I really don’t like the Spurs and Tim Duncan (he’s more overrated than anybody except LeBron James, Kevin Durant and others).

    • Why Watch says

      The Revolution writers should have anticipated the show could have been cancelled due to the ratings and written a series finale that could have also been season finale. But they chose not to to the scorn of the fans.

      • Zora says

        I’m a huge fan of Revolution, I’ve been riveted throughout. I don’t feel scornful of the writers at all – I feel heartbroken and I’m sure the series’ makers are too. Didn’t the ratings tank because the network messed the scheduling up? Can’t blame the writers for hoping they’d get a chance to complete the story arc.

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