SurvivorNetwork: CBS
Episodes: Ongoing (hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: May 31, 2000 — present
Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Jeff Probst (host)

survivor past TV show

TV show description:
In this reality competition show, cameras follow sixteen to twenty contestants that have been dropped off in a remote area of the world. Using their wits and available materials, each tries to survive the elements and each other’s strategies in order to win a check for $1 million dollars.

Hosted by Jeff Probst, participants are usually divided into two tribes. Tribes are then separated from one another as they work together to build a camp and gather food and water. Every third day, they are reunited to participate in either a luxury or immunity challenge. The luxury competition pits the tribes against one another in order to win such comforts as food treats, flint for making fire, matches, rain gear, blankets, or even trips away from the island. In the immunity challenges, teams compete for immunity from elimination. At the end of each episode, losing tribe members participate in the Tribal Council and vote out a fellow tribemate.

When there are eight to ten participants left in the game, the tribes merge and everyone plays as an individual. The final group of contestants who’ve been voted out of the game remain at an undisclosed location, form the final Tribal Council jury, and silently observe Tribal Council ceremonies.

In the end, the jury members vote individually on which of the final two or three surviving contestants should win the million dollar prize — the person who not only survived, but thrived in the process.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Chas says

    Enough – !! It’s like a soap opera. Fighting and bickering. I’ve watched every season of Survivor so far, but I’m really tired of them bringing on players that have already had a chance and players that already should be worth a million dollars or more but probably spent it all already. It was great when they had John Doe nobody on the program and gave him a chance to win a million dollars, but these guys have already had the chance. Bring back the show with green blood – people who NEED the money. So for me I’ve watched 2 episodes and will not watch any more this season. It’s like a soap opera and I could watch a zillion of them during the daytime. I’ll check it out NEXT season and see if it’s worth watching. If not then I’ll just delete it from my watch list and move on.

  2. says

    I didn’t start watching this until my sister coerced me in 2006. I have since been appalled, discouraged, infuriated and at times frightened by my own desire to commit murder, which would mean I am dangerously close to joining the other side. But, I will admit that I am also addicted to the beautiful locations, the challenges that I am now too old to imagine playing and the silly hope that the good guy/lady will persevere to the end without compromising their integrity. I have been rewarded on a few occasions, but even Lisa from “The Facts of Life” failed to carry the torch will full grace. So I suppose it is true, money is the route of all evil. Will I watch Blood and Water? I am sorry to report that I will. This means that I am indeed a sick puppy. I think the powers that be are running out of ideas on how to bring ugly to Wednesday nights. Now they are going for family member against one another. Gee, what shall we call this, modern day Civil War? I think this show is looking to do the most damage they can before someone yells … enough!! Could this season end a marriage, destroy a relationship, cause a war on the home front that we only hear about when it ends up on the 11 pm news? Yes, and maybe that is what they are looking for. Shame on me for getting involved.

  3. Denise says

    I really dislike the whole concept of Survivor – it is everything bad about human beings shown as winning the game. Ugh!

    I am old-fashioned – I like honesty, manners, generosity and other such relics of society. Silly me!

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