The Assets: ABC Pulls Mini-Series After Two Episodes

The Assets canceledTo no surprise, ABC has pulled its very low-rated mini-series The Assets from the Thursday lineup.

For the next three weeks, the 10pm timeslot will be filled by Shark Tank reruns. It’s unclear what will fill the timeslot after that. Scandal is expected to return on February 27th.

It’s unclear what will become of the remaining six episodes of The Assets.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the series? Would you like to see the leftover episodes released online, on DVD as part of a full series set, or aired on Saturday nights?

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  1. Marty says

    WHAT! – cancelled only after two episodes!!! It was really an interesting series – please bring it back – really “Shark Tank”? I would rather watch a true story about our country instead of mindless dribble from rich people!!!!

  2. Marty says

    WHAT? only got to watch two episodes – now that it got my attention it’s gone, could you please air the remaining episodes, would rather watch it than “Shark Tank”. At least it’s a true story about our country and not mindless dribble between rich people.

  3. Barb says

    I was really interested in the series and am disqappointed that it was pulled. Airing it on Saturday night would be great.

  4. tracy says

    Feeling ripped off. It was 8 episodes. Couldn’t they have just aired them? Too much reality tv not enough intelligent programming. Air on Saturdays or at bare minimum release on blu-ray

  5. says

    I definitely want to see the remaining episodes. I think you should continue to air them. It’s not fair to begin something this interesting and then just cancel it. It is American history and a well done show.
    If you won’t finish airing the remaining episodes on TV…put them online under your program section…announce on TV that they are availble…and leave them there.
    As far as its ratings…I have no idea why they were so low. Perhaps it was the time slot you chose to air it.

  6. AssestFan says

    So bummed! I really liked this show and I’d like to see the full 8 episodes. Not really sure why they can’t just show them.

  7. Elaine Fitzpatrick says

    I enjoyed the tv show Assets and could not understand why it was cancelled. Please bring it back. I can’t understand why anyone would rather watch repeats of Shark Tank over Assets.

  8. Dawn says

    I really enjoyed the show. There was a lot of interviews with the real people. Lot if previews. Makes me wonder why it was really pulled??

  9. DCB says

    I liked the first two episodes. I was really curious to find out how it all came to light and ended. I would really like to see the remaining 6 episodes. I really like these mini series networks have been doing….something different to watch, no worries about a long drawn out series that you don’t always have time to watch in the summer months. I record everything so I don’t worry too much about missing an episode.

  10. MGMan says

    Sorry the series was discontinued…we enjoyed the first two episodes and was looking forward to the rest. But guess the “kiddies” won out on this one! How about a dvd with all the series shown??

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