The Inbetweeners

MTV Inbetweeners TV showNetwork: MTV
Episodes: 12 (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: August 20, 2012 — November 5, 2012
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Joey Pollari, Zack Pearlman, Mark L. Young, Bubba Lewis, Alex Frnka, and Brett Gelman.

TV show description:      
High school friends Will, Simon, Jay and Neil aren’t losers but they aren’t the popular kids either — they’re somewhere in the middle. Just four friends plotting a course through the awkward and often humiliating years — the ones you never forget.

Will Mackenzie (Joey Pollari) just transferred to his first public high school. And as if leaving the comfort of his posh private school wasn’t hard enough, he’s also been forced upon a group of friends who aren’t so eager to accept him. Will doesn’t give up easily though. He’s smart, well-read, quick-witted and outspoken — unfortunately those skills don’t exactly help him in the high school social scene.

Jay Cartwright (Zack Pearlman) loves to tell of his female conquests and offer his equally absurd advice to his “less experienced” buddies. Though Jay’s outrageous plots to get laughs and get laid often end with the guys paying big time, he also serves as the glue to their four-way bromance.

Neil Sutherland (Mark L. Young) is the personification of “ignorance is bliss.” He lives in his own happy little world, which seems to be about 20 seconds behind everybody else’s. But amazingly, his blank-stared charm occasionally scores with the girls. No one can quite figure out why?

Simon Cooper’s (Bubba Lewis) been in love with the same girl, Carly D’Amato (Alex Frnka), since he was eight years old. She seems to be every bit as perfect in person as she is in his fantasies — kind, caring, and beautiful. But Carly still sees him as the boy she used to build tree forts with. He hopes to change her perception but that doesn’t seem likely to happen considering the fact that he only has the advice of his inexperienced friends to help guide him.

Mister Gilbert (Brett Gelman) is Grove High’s burnout of a high school vice principal who seems to take pleasure in his students’ misery. Whether it’s over the PA system or in a more intimate face-to-face encounter, his snarky comments seem to be perfectly timed as a constant reminder of just how difficult high school can be to the insecure masses.

Series Finale:     
Episode #12 — The Dance
Will is the chairman of the homecoming dance and needs everything to go just right in order to impress the student body (but mostly Samantha… and her student body). He enlists the guys to help him plan the night, which mostly consists of finding the perfect tuxedos to wear and repeatedly asking Neil not to spike the punch. Simon puts it all on the line in order to win Carly over once and for all, and Jay invites Brie in hopes of getting her back- too bad he didn’t count on her rebounding with Simon’s (age-appropriate) brother Todd.
First aired: November 5, 2012


What do you think? Do you like The Inbetweeners TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for another season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dazza69 says

    Mtv finally get’s something right with this program ,Funny as cast good storyline,that fat guy’s facials when he was getting wanked off by the male massuse then see’s him thats comedy .hillarious .Does the person in charge not have a funny bone .You put on **** as programs all the time . WHY did you get rid of a good one If they read this you suck ,put it back on.

  2. Gidget says

    Such a mistake!!!!!!!!! This show was realistic and hilarious! Why punish the show for MTVs bad marketing ability?

  3. Gayle says

    If MTV advertised their new good shows then more people would watch them and this show is so funny so why cancel it?

  4. Sal says

    This show was awesome, it was the male equivalent to awkward. Reminded me so much of high school. Not popular, not losers, but in between.

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