The Playboy Club: Cast Reactions to NBC Cancellation

Playboy Club TV series cancellationThough The Playboy Club didn’t generate high enough ratings for NBC to keep the TV series on the air, millions of people were still tuning in each week and will surely miss the cancelled series. Those behind the scenes are going to miss it as well. Many connected with the show have taken to Twitter to share their disappointment about the cancellation and their appreciation for the viewer support they’ve received.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Bunny Janie): “I’m so moved by all of y’all messages that I decided to RT just a you all so much!” She later wrote, “Finishing out last episode, happy to be w/ some of my favorite people in the world. Everything happens for a reason..onwards and upwards :)”

David Krumhltz (Billy Rosen): “Your comments about The Playboy Club are touching. There was great stuff to come. Most shows die. Some before their time. I’ll miss Billy.” Earlier, he joked, “My show was cancelled today and this is how my cat feels about it:” Dewan-Tatum responded with, “ok that just made me laugh out loud for the first time all day. I love u krum krum”

Leah Renee (Bunny Alice): “Thank you all so much for your messages and love for TPC. I will keep you posted on where to catch the remaining episodes. Big hugs!”

Naturi Naughton (Bunny Brenda): “Thank u all…I see all ur tweets supportin #playboyclub.” She later wrote, “Up at 6:30am…still headin 2work. #playboyclub. ‘Work hard until the end'”

Wes Ramsey (Max the bartender): “Tough day… such talented and inspiring friends I’ve made… miss u all already!” To fans of the show, he wrote, “We all appreciate all the support we have had from the fans. We should have had more time…”

Sean Maher (Sean Beaseley): “Thanks for all the support. I am disappointed to say the least :(” He followed that up with, “For those of you who are asking why I’m disappointed- The Playboy Club was cancelled today. Going to miss it tremendously.” And then, “To the remarkable cast and crew. Miss all of you already.”

Riley Smith (Wade, guest in two episodes); “Fun while it lasted. My thoughts go out to all the wonderful people that were apart of making #theplayboyclub daily.”

Chad Hodge (the show’s creator and executive producer): “Was about to start writing xmas episode where Benanti rides out on a snowflake singing ‘Santa Baby’ – all I ever wanted for #playboyclub”

Hugh Hefner (founder of Playboy Enterprises): “I’m sorry NBC’s “The Playboy Club” didn’t find it’s audience. It should have been on cable, aimed at a more adult audience.”

What do you think? Will you miss the show as well? What did you like or dislike about The Playboy Club?

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  1. smartman says

    It was a good show, but the only show from the 60′s era that hasn’t been canceled because of low ratings has been the original one Mad Men

  2. Garrett says

    I am STILL upset over this show being cancelled. I, like others did not even “want” to watch it, but for some reason ended up seeing the 1st episode and was hooked. Very classy show with great acting and story line and NBC really got this one wrong.

  3. Malynda says

    I’m really going to miss the show! I was hooked after the first episode. I honestly thought the show was going to suck. I was so surprised when I found myself calling all my friends telling them they have to watch the show and how good it is. I just loved the cast! I’m going through withdrawals lol. I want to know what was going to happen next! Anyway, kudos to all who worked on this show. I really hope to see the cast members in future projects.
    As far as the those who protested… Are you kidding me? Disney movies are more sexual and degrading to women then this show would ever have been. I don’t think it was degrading. But if you’re worried about your children learning back things from he show than shame on you because what parents would be watching it with their kid?! To be honest watching Beyonce perform is more degrading to women! I’m a fan of Beyonce but let’s face it… Which would you rather your young daughter watch? lol. I just used her as an example because I know a lot of young ladies “look up to her as a role model”. Anyway, once again… good work and good luck to the cast members & all who worked on the show. This isn’t the end for you….: )

  4. valerie says

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed the show got canceled. It was great and would love to see it somewhere……….anywhere……

  5. Teri says

    I really liked this show. I loved the music spot each episode, especially the one with Lesley Gore. I wish NBC would have given it a little longer to reach more people. I think Hef is right about it finding more of an audience on cable, and I especially hope someone in the industry is listening to him. He didn’t get where he is by being wrong about what America wants.

  6. doodlebob says

    i agree with everyone else here about this show. all 3 episodes were great. i think if anyone didnt want to watch the show and didnt even give it a try, it was simply due to the name of it alone. even whither people are for or against sexuality, most people would automatically ignore tnis show just simply due to its name. this show getting cancelled just speaks negatively for society in general if you ask me. im a guy and what brought me back for every episode was the characters, both the awesome women and cool dudes, and the story more than the visual beauty of the women of even the visual beauty of the set and 60s atmosphere. i even looked forward to the stage music each episode had, 60s muaic sounded so much better than today’s pop, and im a 90s kid! this show sexualizes women? sure but is that really all it does for them ? and arent all men and women sexual creatures anyways? this show painted a far less demeaning picture of women for me than even most of the most popular shows out there (which are on basic television aswell and women watch even more than men), in fact it does the opposite if you ask me.

  7. Alan says

    I was disappointed to see that the show was cancelled. There is a alot worse on TV, the show had a descent story line and it was just getting started.
    Hef is right, maybe a cable network will pick it up, the acting was good and the girls looked great.
    I am sure if it were named something else and was in a nightclub other than The Playboy club, the bleeding hearts would not have singled it out.
    It was on late at night when most children should either be in bed or not watching TV, the Parents Council should maybe be concerned as to why children are up late watching TV instead of singling out a Suspenseul Mystery.

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