The Simpsons: FOX TV Show Renewed for Season 23

IMAGEThe citizens of Springfield aren’t going away anytime soon. The Simpsons has been renewed for a 23rd season of primetime craziness.

So far this season, the animated series has averaged a 3.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.81 million viewers. It’s the second most popular animated series on the FOX schedule (behind Family Guy) and the fourth most popular show on the network, right behind House.

Here’s the press release about season 23…


FOX has renewed THE SIMPSONS, the longest-running comedy in television history, for an incredible 23rd season, bringing the series total to an impressive 515 episodes. THE SIMPSONS airs Sundays (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

“Like many 22-year-olds, THE SIMPSONS is extremely happy remaining at home, on FOX, and hopes it doesn’t have to go out into the real world for many years to come,” said Al Jean, Executive Producer, THE SIMPSONS.

This season, America’s favorite family continues to entertain us with their wild and outlandish adventures as Maggie goes missing, Homer becomes a premier hairdresser, Moe’s Tavern is converted into an ultra-trendy bar and the family debates the best way to spend the holiday season. Guest stars paying Springfield a visit in upcoming episodes include actors Halle Berry, Paul Rudd, Ricky Gervais, Rachel Weisz, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Alyson Hannigan and Joe Mantegna; basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; lifestyle guru Martha Stewart; and pop sensation Katy Perry, who appears in a live-action sequence alongside SIMPSONS puppets. Additionally, the World Broadcast Premiere of “The Simpsons Movie” will air Thanksgiving night, Thursday, Nov. 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), on FOX.

THE SIMPSONS immediately struck a chord with viewers across the country over 20 years ago as it poked fun of itself and everything in its wake. With its subversive humor and delightful wit, the series has made an indelible imprint on American pop culture, and the family members have become television icons.

In January 2010, THE SIMPSONS celebrated their 450th episode and the conclusion of the “Best. 20 Years. Ever.,” a year-long global 20th anniversary celebration culminating 20 years from the original series premiere. In May 2009, THE SIMPSONS were commemorated on 44-cent First-Class Mail stamps. In 2007, the long-awaited “The Simpsons Movie” was released and went on to gross $526 million worldwide to date. Additionally, “The Simpsons Ride” opened in May 2008 at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, and Hollywood, CA.

THE SIMPSONS was nominated for five Emmys in 2010, including Outstanding Animated Program and Outstanding Children’s Nonfiction Program for “The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: In 3-D! On Ice!” produced and directed by Morgan Spurlock, and took home two awards, including one for guest voice Anne Hathaway for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance. The critically praised series has been bestowed with numerous honors, including a Peabody Award, 27 Emmy Awards, 27 Annie Awards, five Genesis Awards, nine International Monitor Awards and seven Environmental Media Awards. THE SIMPSONS holds the Guinness Book of World Records titles for Longest-Running Primetime Animated Television Series and Most Guest Stars Featured in a Television Series. Recognized as a pop culture icon, Homer Simpson’s annoyed grunt – “D’oh!” – is an official word in the Oxford English Dictionary, and THE SIMPSONS has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With record-breaking retail sales, THE SIMPSONS reigns as one of the best-selling TV DVD properties of all time.

THE SIMPSONS is a Gracie Films Production in association with 20th Century Fox Television. James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean, Ian Maxtone-Graham and Matt Selman are the executive producers. Film Roman, a Starz Media Company, is the animation house.

What do you think? Glad to hear it’s been renewed? Are you still watching? How long can it go on?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. iamurmstr says

    I have watched every single episode released on TV
    I have been watching the reruns at 7:00pm on Fox practically every day
    (And I don’t plan on stopping)
    Some people (EXTREMELY ANNOYING PEOPLE) will tell you: “Oh the Simpsons is a bad show and i wouldn’t dare watch it)
    How dare they say that
    I want to congratulate Matt Groening on the best show in HISTORY!
    (Besides The Office (american))
    I Will never stop watching the Simpsons

    Yes, even if my life depends on it

  2. Kevin says

    The Simpsons is the greatest animated half hour on television. Remember, Family guy and Southpark owe their success to the Yellow four fingered ones. Besides, the latter two programs focus a lot of their comedy on toilet humor. The Simpsons have class.
    Besides, after being on the air so long they have become like family. Except I actually like spending time with them.

  3. Luis Aquino says

    I been watching The Simpsons since I turned 2o years old and I really enjoy watching it. Sometimes I watch it on TV Online on Frecuencia Latina from Peru and TV Online on TV Azteca from Mexico in Spanish and I really like that show very very much but sometimes I don’t have time to watch The Simpsons on syndicated because I go out for a walk with my mom but I’m happy because The Simpsons will air Season 23 and I can’t wait to watch it but I’m sad because The Simpsons will end in 2012 but I hope it will air on cable. They are cable networks to choose to air The Simpsons like FX, TBS, Adult Swim or Comedy Central. I like Family Guy and American Dad too because they are funny shows better than King of the Hill and I like it that much. I know Family Guy, American Dad and King of the Hill airs on syndicated and cable but I wish The Simpsons will air on cable and I hope The Simpsons will air on cable networks either on FX or TBS or Adult Swim or Comedy Central in 2011 so I can watch the full seasons before the long-running series ends in 2012 on Fox.

  4. matt says

    I’ve become bored with the Simpsons. I dont know if its that the show has lost its edge or what but I just dont enjoy it as much anymore.

  5. Chris says

    Not watching anymore.. here and there i cannot resist and watch an episode, but they are all so disappointing nowadays. The stories are lame and repeating, the fun left many seasons ago. People are just watching because “it’s there”,.. not really a good reason to watch a show. The producers are just in for the world record. I say it’s enough. Please stop. Or at least go check on Family Guy. They are showing what a cartoon show with balls is all about. Maybe it would also help to cut every new Simpsons Season down to 7 Episodes. There is a reason why South Park does only 14 Eps a season. Guess why 😉 .. on a sidenote: South Park still rocks. Not everytime but still more than Simpsons. It is sad that people are still supporting a long dead horse.

  6. GOTFLAVA1 says

    Still watch! I actually DVR it but still watch. The show could literally go on forever. Matt will be the one to decide when the show will end. There are enough seasons for other networks to run reruns for a very long time. I remember first watching it on the Tracy Ulman Show. I strictly watched the show for the Simpson skits which were hilarious at the time. LONG LIVE THE SIMPSONS!

  7. Jeremy Rynek says

    Yes I’m still watching. It can go forever and ever if Matt and Fox wants it to honestly. I mean it’s just like Law & order, they couldn’t come to a deal for the 21st season, now it’s canceled. So really it’s up to them. They already got the fans that are still watching. The ball is their court.

  8. Anthony says

    Will there ever be a time when the Simpons will not be on air? It has to be the most successful television show of all time. Not just animated either. I could be wrong, but it will be around at least 23 years(and longer than that if you count the shorts that were on the Tracy Ulman show).

    I have grown up with the show and to this date it is still one of the shows I watch regularly every week.

    I dont like a lot of Fox programming, but the Sunday night lineup is always watched in my household. Im hoping one day that I can sit my kids down and watch some of the shows when they will be old enough to understand them. Since some of the stuff on the shows are very mature.

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