Underemployed: Is the MTV Series Essentially Cancelled?

underemployed on MTV canceled soon?MTV has quietly shipped their Unemployed sitcom off to Saturday nights, an evening when their target audience is likely out doing other things. Is this a bad sign for the show’s future?

Underemployed follows the lives and relationships of a group of young people whose lives haven’t worked out as they’d hoped. The cast includes Diego Boneta, Inbar Lavi, Jared Kusnitz, Michelle Ang, Sarah Habel, and Charlie Weber.

The sitcom has been under-performing in the ratings and this season has been averaging just a 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 490,000 viewers. Last week’s episode hit a new series low with just 340,000 viewers. (You can check out the week-by-week ratings.)

For comparison’s sake, the last season of Teen Wolf averaged a 0.7 rating and 1.69 million viewers.

The Inbetweeners, another MTV sitcom, only fell as low as 530,000 viewers and that show was cancelled last week.

So yeah, it looks like Underemployed is doomed to be cancelled. On the positive side, there are five episodes left.

What do you think? Do you think that Underemployed should be cancelled or renewed for a second season? Is it a better show than the ratings indicate?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I Love it the TV Show is the best show i ever see and tomarrow is i can’t belive in the Final on Bicknight i have see all episodes on english but it gives not really i mean wy i like thhat oky Daphn
    ( Sarah Habel) and brak up with tood but that is for me the first best and coming together with Mails
    (Diego Boneta) im so göade for they but i find they would a really cutest Coupel ever i find they belong easy together i have neber see a Love Coupel in a Movie or TV Show they so romantic feelings have and so acting as was really together i mean we can all see how Sarah and Diego See to today something I have never seen before harmony feelings kisses love declarations the goosebumps felling alive and no deception so I buy them not from that they not really are a coupel we can see how they talk with each other and the way they talk, the way they smile at itself only who you today I tell you something I can find mutually replied love through the TV feel something Can only real and right be i wish me they are together or soon i have neber seen so a beautiful, cutest Dream realationship ever for Infinity
    I really had then pure goosebumps moment when she finally kammen as close as I’ve always liked since I found the mails loves to Daphewish i me that they finally get together the latest you realize as daphne says what we are doing now and the mail says I pay for the dental and Daphne says no, I mean you and what we do we are friends right and Flatmate we’re friends she mean’a with them

    we are friends but want we really do

    But Mails say only daphe and you now what in this moment happen Mails came close closeryet closer and Daphne goes slightly backwards as a reflex but then the finally decisive turning mails touching her hair and plays easily with him then he gets even closer and fainaly he touches her kin and quite samft at the next moment he touch He very carefully their loved ones and feel the passion and love for Daphe is unstoppable he loves her and he wants to also prove to her when he indulge fully and with greatest Passion and his feelings for her to pass through him, and he kisses her and pressing Libevoll with even more passion and Daphne can not help but to give in and his kiss 3 times to Dahne stop and

    Mails say what

    Daphne say but i’m together with Tood

    Mails say i know

    Daphne say But i can not do this and anything think i c’ant

    Mails says no more talk please

    Mails promise want daphe to kissing but this times, they get their feelings run free and kisses him, he turns it over, and is now on her kiss continued, and he stops to say I love you and I Dapne reciprocated love you and they kissing more and then we can see how the camara scream down and the scean is finish and i love the son that we cab hear in the backround all you are and it Fits just great to the situation in the Daphne finally realizes that she has fallen in mails for me the most beautiful love scene and the same time the explanation I’ve ever seen so that not necome belive that tey nothing feeling for each other they are the perfect coupel ever now back to the Fiale scean Lou want againe together with Raviva but Raviva not with him that i find bad
    and than the badest ever after Mails quitting quitting Daphne to and want go that i find perfect and want go wit him together after Mailan Italy but sorry that is so worst she say before they flay after Italy i can’t sorry and Mails want she married but she say go allon and say by but mails came to her and give you a last romantic kiss before he say by and say i like not the go but i become go daphne she goes first to Deb and can i againe working here she can and goes to Raviva and Lou becauae she can’t not lost Chicago and her friends i’m so glade that she not go back to Tood thaht’s would even worse is the end then really bad mails can not do that and decides against Milan and leaves the airport and then it ends. I would have at least another 10 or 20 minites longer than would mails at least gone to Lou and Raviva and thus also to mails they had reconciled together and it would have ended as it had begun a month later we see Daphne and mails as they waking together in a bed see how lou and Raviva coming together see Sophia and a girl coming together and say how they meet at the eavening to toast to the success of Sophia’s book which is known throughout America and finaly all the coupel kisding eachother and the camara scream to the sky and the finsh is Sasion bit thos not a Happyend it’s a Badend i hope you see that so
    at least have to be clear that mails and Daphne are dasRaviva together and Lou wiedr together the Sophias book throughout Amrika is known and it is with a girl together everything else is not right, it finished by the end I hate open ends so my Lernaussahe is I wish nothing sehenlichers than 2-3 more episodes or even better that they again try it on with a defently to sesion in my country Swizwrland warchings many peopel also made a tow Sesion otherwise I will create a second plan and it must go ahead and I’ll let nobody stop me The End

    To not from stupide quotes

    Good night Nicknight Underemployrd goes

    further with you or without you, but certainly with me

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